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As every person is moving into a competitive world management skills are important for effective business. Leadership referred to as direct people to execute a particular task. In a business world, if someone wants to just do it in the field he may need specific skills which may give a way to be a good leader.

Simply, it allows a person to rise up the organization ladder. Therefore leadership can be viewed as as one of the primary assets an effective manager must have. Management worries about a powerful and effective way to achieve organizational goals through organizing, organizing, staffing needs, directing and controlling organizational resources. Whereas leadership is one of the components of leading function stated earlier. This means that leadership often from the role of the manager or expert. However , leadership and management will be two separate roles which are confused by many people people. Only a few managers, for example , are leaders, and not every leaders will be managers. A large number of researchers include studied management in a quantitative and qualitative way and seen that it can be far more sophisticated and intricate that the leadership concepts talked about in the popular leadership literature.

Leadership may be represented as being a process whereby someone affects the thoughts, attitudes and behavior to obtain an company goal. Consequently, leadership could make employees well informed and educate them to boost productivity through building trust and friendly atmosphere making employees to feel safety of their careers which will help to boost the productivity. In an business there are relaxed leaders without tittle, simply no authority, zero position power, but they can increase personal power.

Today, most of the companies agreed that management with out leadership is definitely an unproductive activity. The resources of the organization cannot be managed without proper command. In addition to that with out leadership corporation may maneuver too slowly and which can result shed their organization too. Head is the one who is a trustworthy, self-confidence and fulfill pledges made and consider the job seriously. Different people are having diverse attitudes and so, they give an answer to a particular problem/conflict in a different way. Therefore , most suitable decision should be selected when conflict comes up. Therefore , management is a task to obtain other people to accomplish right things. Therefore , the necessity lf choosing better innovator for an organization has become a tough task. Therefore, by having proper team with fully encouraged staff and great management qualities may enhance the status and efficiency of the corporation.

Some analysts commented management as a personality perspective for example a trait or behavior although others believe leadership is usually an information control perspective. Consequently , in this analysis it is going to become analyze whether leaders will be born or can made.

Are commanders born?

Inside the real world there are several self-made commanders who turn into success in the industry. It is a controversial issue whether they become top rated by created or experience gained during their life time.

When considering Trait theory (Ghee , Draft, 2004) explained that “traits are the distinguishing personal characteristic of leader including intelligence, credibility, self-confidence, and appearance. Which means the Trait theory primarily emphasis that leaders are born.

Nevertheless , this is suspect to see if people are born as a innovator. In that case, it is also needed to research people who are not really born cannot be a leader. Vien tik Goleman (1998) reveals that five facets of emotional intellect such as self-awareness, self-regulation, inspiration, empathy, interpersonal skills can be learned and offer. However , this concept is almost like the Trait Theory. Therefore , almost all of people argue that the qualities are important in the development and deployment of people skills.

Most of the people argue that leadership is born the moment consider a few characters such as artists and players. However , they have noticed that leadership is definitely not given birth to. Therefore , subsequent examples illustrate the above matter.

Tiger Woods- Golf Champion

This individual has created with some talents of sports activities. His dad worked hard from his early age range to make him Golf safe bet.

Mozart- Musician

This individual also has born with selected musical ability. As his father wanted to make him as a musician from his childhood having been trained to employ instruments and so forth

Hendry Honda ” Car leader

His parents were the indegent who arrived at America with the expectation of new start for their lives. When he was obviously a child, quite often he spent with his mom. He is quite and inward looking. In his young age, he mother passed away. He was functioning as a low-level mechanist in numerous places not having enough money spend better life. This individual didn’t have any assets such as birthright and reputation that could generate him a born head. But , finally he became as the best leaders the organization world at any time seen. (http://www.businessworld.in/index.php/Columns/Are-Leaders-Born.html, 14/03/11)

Individuals examples provide evidence that their all-natural talent and qualities improved through effort of many years. In other words they may have improved their particular influencing potential.

“Leadership is as a process where an individual effect a group of individuals to achieve a company goals (Northouse, 2010)

Above description reveals leadership as a process which means not necessarily trait or perhaps characteristic of leadership, but something deferent between innovator and the followers. In addition to that that tells that leadership is definitely not a thready event, nonetheless it can be considered as being a communicating celebration. Therefore , this emphasizes that leadership is available to everyone. In this situation, it is vital to discuss about whether leadership may be made or perhaps born.

Leadership is Made:

A prosperous business needs proper commanders, but not managers to run the business to a leading position on the market. Therefore , to achieve this, managers can be a real commanders. Some argue that good market leaders are made not really born. If someone desires to be a leader he can be an effective leader by enhancing leadership attributes such as goals, values and concepts.

Bateman , Snell (2009) shows a leader who have keeps focus on moving the corporation towards its ideal future, motivate these to overcome no matter what barriers lay in the way. Therefore , leaders have to motivate other folks and build interact personally with these to achieve company goals. Basically, leaders need to make friends instead of enemies. Further, smiley and friendly approach will be the asset to reach to get the achievement. In order to be a successful leader who needs to gain better teaching to harvest the success. The best can develop positive thinking which may be enhanced by positive thinking and better training. Therefore , one’s own abilities and traits are not enough to become successful leader.

In a actual, “he comes into the world to be a leader or “he is a all-natural leader is usually used expression. It advises the Attributes perspective takes major component in the leadership. Further, that says which a particular person might have inborn characteristics or perhaps qualities which supports them to turn into leaders. However , figure 1 shows we have a difference involving the Trait concept and Process concept (Northouse. P, 2009).

Figure 1- The difference between the Trait and Process concept

The Attribute leadership explains to that people with special, inborn, talent can be quite a leader. A few of the traits will be identified as level, intelligence, fluency and etc. Whereas, the Process idea suggests that command is interaction between market leaders and fans and makes it available to everyone. Further, this says that leaders want followers and in addition followers need leaders whom are closely linked to speak each other to stay relationship.

Northouse (2009) suggests that according to Douglas Mc Gregor (1960) theory, leadership can be worried in two aspects just like Theory Times and Theory Y. Theory X emphasis if personnel are shy, they need to monitor, direct and control by the leader. On the other hand, Theory Con concerns that some people consider responsibility and organize themselves to achieve company goals. Relating to theory Y, workers can be conveniently motivated. However , this concept was taken into account old age and Black and Mounton (1964) developed “Managerial Grid (Northouse, 2009). Through this grid this individual suggests two aspects of management behavior just like production and concern of people.

Production- this kind of aspect matter about job oriented patterns such as making clear roles, organizing work, and measuring outcome.

Concern for people- this emphasis on building trust, camaraderie and a friendly atmosphere. As this is more matter about the folks, it helps to motivate employees in order to attain defined pair of vision, tactics and objectives of the firm.

Consequently , all the ideas mentioned above uncovers that leadership is accessible for everyone. Northouse (2009), suggests that market leaders should concentrate on vision, goal, core principles and the composition to translate them to take better business decisions. Consequently , it is essential that most level of workers needed to stimulate to achieve the company targets. A large number of researchers such as Mc Gregor’s (1960) theory and vroom’s (1964) expectancy theory determination reveals that followers are able to achieve goals of the organization with the impact of leaders. In addition to that, in expectancy theory it also suggests that different people concern different things. Therefore , different motivational needs will be required. Hence, to understand different circumstances and different persons within the organization the need of training and learning skills required for an effective and efficient innovator. Further, commanders should have several attributes and qualities to motivate staff or the staff in the corporation. Therefore , an efficient leadership is a crucial asset for the organization while great frontrunners create wonderful business components of business achievement through delegation, direction, inspiration, evaluation and conflict resolution.

Bateman and Snell (2009) claim that leadership can be learned and improved by coaching or perhaps mentoring. Consequently , better training will enhance the leader to self-motivate and hence, he or she can encourage the team too.


Inside my concern, leaders can be made which means it really is accessible for any people and is learned as being a behavior. There are no given birth to leaders. However , all human beings born with unique strengths and this enable to become successful head. Leadership is known as a skill, an appropriate leader needs to have and can be superior with practice. As a person gain more and more practice his or her leadership features improve. In some situations, the company may include leaders but not identified their particular potentials. In that case, they can generate a better innovator by giving these people better schooling and performance evaluation. This demonstrates that people are generally not born frontrunners. In my perspective, someone may born with a few personal features and characteristics that makes it less difficult. When the responsibility is given to a person it gives an opportunity to receive broad abilities and staying coached by someone to encourage them. Hence, they can be encouraged and carry out on their own abilities and understanding to succeed the company.


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