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FIELD EXAMINATION: UNDERSTANDING THE ESSENTIAL PARTIES AND THEIR ROLE WITHIN A NEGOTIATION Recommendations: For uses of this task, assume that you are the arbitrator peacemaker who is requested with a salary (on contact time, stage increases, overtime for boat captains and majors) and benefits (insurance whilst employed, insurance after pension, accrual of leave period, retirement multipliers) dispute between a large city and county county using a strong creciente and the sheriff’s department intended for the county. You are negotiating the contract on behalf of the sheriff’s office.

The objective of this activity is to give you an opportunity to create a field analysis on your romantic relationship with a certain other negotiator.

This tool needs to be helpful once negotiators need to consider multiple parties”on their particular side and on the additional side”who may affect a negotiation outcome, and whose needs and passions must be regarded. YOU/YOUR TEAMOTHER/OTHER’S TEAM 1 . Who is on my team within the field? (A) “Me “The Sheriff’s office 2 . Who is on their crew on the field? (B) “Large municipal county Mayor three or more. Who is in the sidelines that can affect the enjoy of the video game? (C) “Back up players (Captains, Majors, Retirees, Insurance carrier, Community Agencies, National Sheriff’s Association, Court docket Agents) a few. Who is on the sidelines who can affect the perform of the video game? (C) “Back up players (Unions, Workers, Councilmen/Freeholders, Business Owners) four. Who is during my stands which can be involved and interested, both directly or indirectly? (D) “Residents “Business Owners “Employees “Media 6.

Who is within their stands which might be involved and interested, both directly or indirectly? (D) “Residents “Business Owners “Employees “Media 7. What factors outside the arena have an interest hanging around, or can affect our game in positive or unfavorable ways (E): “Depending upon how a Sheriff is appointed, an selection can +/- affect the rules in our discussion, “Change in climate can come from community support and national connection lobbying “Concession from the gran and municipality “The authorities department could be a competitor. What elements away from stadium are interested in the game, or perhaps can affect their very own game in positive or perhaps negative methods (E): “Depending upon how a Sheriff can be appointed, a great election can +/- affect the rules within our negotiation, “Negative media protection highlighting the mayor the moment there may be a huge constituency in favor of the Sheriff’s point of view, may change the local climate “Other competitors may include a mayoral applicant seeking to gain support and using the transactions as a system to garner support

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