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McDunn Persuasive speech outline Consuming Fast Food Intro Relevance: You all have probably experienced take out sometime of our own life. Credibility: The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning take out is junk, oily, harmful garb, however most of us consume junk food on a daily basis anyway. There are over 300, 000 distinct fast food restaurants in the US.

Persons frequent them because of convenience (quick and generally cheap). In such a fast-paced society, people are consuming more fast food than ever before (Stefanov, Sebastien).

Purpose: To convince people not to eat junk food. Preview: I am right now going to inform you about what junk food is, how typical food contains, for what reason fast food is unhealthy. Physique I. A. What is fast food? 1 . Take out is any food that is quick, easy, and usually economical (Fast Foodstuff Facts). a. Fast food is definitely the term provided to food that can be prepared and served in a short time. The term “fast food” identifies precooked foods such as fries or lasagna that typically must be used in a few hours, or they become dried up and unpalatable (Ali, Sam). b.

Fast food places just like McDonalds, Burger King, Jack-in-the-box, Wendy’s, Whataburger, etc ., are all deemed fast food restaurants. II. A. A typical meals and some facts 1 . In line with the “Nutritional Facts” that are posted on McDonald’s site, one Big Mac is made up of 540 unhealthy calories and 30 grams of fat, which is 45 percent of the countrywide recommended daily value based upon a two, 000-calorie diet, according to McDonald’s. 1 large order of french fries contains 500 calories and 25 grms of body fat, which is 38 percent with the recommended daily value. The 32-ounce Coca-Cola Classic provides another 310 calories (Ali, Sam).. Gathered potatoes have about 80% water. Why is them into fries is definitely when the majority of this water is eliminated and replaced with fat. Americans, on average, consume 30 pounds of these fat-enriched potatoes annually (Ali, Sam). b. The new KFC Dual Down sub, which first showed in The spring, features two fried chicken filets instead of bread, two pieces of bacon, two dissolved slices of Monterey Plug and self defense jack mozzarella cheese and Colonel’s Sauce. The Double Down contains 540 calories and 32 grams of body fat. It also features 1, 380 milligrams of sodium (1, 430 milligrams grilled).

Which approaching the American Center Association’s advised daily limit for adults of just one, 500 milligrams of sodium (Ali, Sam). 2 . Facts about fast food a. Did you know that many Americans each day burgers every week and that 81% of Americans take in junk food when driving? It comes as hardly surprising, since people spend more time on the highway nowadays (Stefanov, Sebastien). b. Each day, you in some Americans visits a fast foodstuff restaurant (Fast food facts). c. McDonald’s feeds more than 46 , 000, 000 people a day , more than entire population of The country (Fast foodstuff facts).

Change Sentence: Take out is very hazardous towards your health and can lead to a large number of harmful effects. III. A. Why fast food is bad 1 . However , while the products might look appealing and tasty, that they contain a wealth of hidden heath hazards which are not only dangerous if enjoyed in large quantities tend to be a major reason behind obesity, specially in children (White, Janice). a. You are doing the following things to your body by consuming fast food (White, Janice): ¢ Raising the blood pressure Raising the levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol ¢ Delaying the metabolic rate (the rate at which you digest, procedure and eliminate food) ¢ Weakening your immune system ¢ Destabilizing your blood sugar levels ¢ Reducing the ability of your intestines to function correctly b. The effects of fast food incorporate nutritional deficiencies, overweight, increased lipid disorders levels, heart problems and many other threatening heath hazards (Manohar, Uttara). c. Eating junk food can also lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. d.

Ingesting fast food and leading a sedentary life-style leads to obesity. Obesity leads to other issues like increase in the hypercholesteria level, preventing of the arterial blood vessels, the elevated risk of coronary diseases, in addition to the general physical discomfort posed by the extra pounds. Fast food is usually addictive thus it is very challenging to give up on their particular greasy and fatty foods and soft drinks and switch to more healthy options (Manohar, Uttara). Transition sentence: Fast food can cause a large number of concerns to your body and lead to a unhealthy existence.

Summary: Total, fast food can harm your health and shorten your daily life. Eating fast food can lead to stopped up arteries, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and many more health concerns you could not even consider. Concluding Device: If you are on the road, and want to prevent to get a attack to eat, try to protect your overall health and not take in fast food. Performs Cited Mike Ali , Apr, and 2010. “What Is Fast Food? , DiversityInc. com. ” DiversityInc , Cultural Variety , Range Management , Workplace Selection , Labor force Diversity. D. p., in. d. Internet. 23 Interest. 2011. “Fast Food Specifics. ” Middle for Young Women’s Wellness. N. g., n. deb. Web. twenty three Apr. 2011.. “Fast meals facts from the Super Size Me Site. ” The VivaVegie Society, Inc.. N. p., in. d. World wide web. 24 Interest. 2011. Manohar, Uttara. “Fast Food Details: Effects of Fast Food. ” Buzzle Web Portal: Intelligent Your life on the Web. N. p., in. d. World wide web. 23 Monthly interest. 2011.. Stefanov, Sebastien. “fast food calories from fat , AskMen. ” AskMen , Men’s Online Magazine. N. g., n. g. Web. 23 Apr. 2011.. White, Janice. “Why Junk food is Inefficient. ” HubPages. N. g., n. deb. Web. twenty-three Apr. 2011..

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