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In respect to Kennewick Man in his article that “for NAGPRA and other related legal functions, the federal government specifies native Americans every tribe, people, or traditions that existed in the territory of the United States prior to historic Western european contact and exploration. At the moment, there are much more than 2, 500, 000 Native Americans in the United States, showed by 769 federally recognized tribes (See K. Guy, “Who happen to be Native Americans?  Past principles of Local Americans).

In Wikepedia, the free encyclopedia stated that “the term indigenous people of the America encompasses the habitants of the Unites states before the introduction of the initially European people in the late fifteenth century, along with many present-day ethnic organizations who recognize themselves with those historic people (See “Indigenous Individuals of the Americas. From wikipedia, the totally free encyclopedia).

Alternatively, the National Museums Gatwick published in the website that “the people of West Africa a new rich and varied background culture a long time before the Europeans slavers appeared. They had lots of political preparations which include kingdoms, city and other organizations, every with their own languages and culture (See “Africa just before European slavery. National Museums Liverpool).

Native Americans

Even though ethnical features included language, costume, and customs vary enormously from one group to another, there are specific elements that are shared by many of the native people of the America (See “Indigenous Peoples with the Americas. Coming from wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

Native America music of North America Indians is almost completely monophonic yet there certainly not notable conditions. Traditional Indigenous American music often comes with drumming yet little other instrumentation, though flutes are played by individuals. As the art with the indigenous persons of Central Mexico and Central Americas comprises a serious category in the world art collection. Their efforts are pottery, paintings, jewelry, weavings, ornement, basketry, and carvings (See “Indigenous Lenders of the Americas. From wikipedia, the cost-free encyclopedia).

*European Colonization*

In wikipedia, its researched mentioned that “the European colonization of the Americas forever altered the lives and cultures of the local peoples of the continent. In 15th hundred years up to nineteenth century, their particular populations were ravaged by the privations of displacement, by disease and in some cases by warfare with European groups and enslavement by simply them. The first native group that was fulfilled by Columbus was about two hundred and fifty, 000 in number that were the Arawaks of Hispaniola and this group was captive by these people. These Euro people likewise brought health issues against that this indigenous people of America had zero immunity (See “Indigenous Lenders of the Americas.

From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). According to David Ruvolo that “the history of America religion is definitely dominated by presence of Christianity delivered to the New Universe by Euro settlers. Time had be used up for the indigenous contest that inhabited the country of The united states. Native Americans were faced with an foe that was more advanced as with the Israelites of the sixth century N. C. At the.  (See D. Ruvolo, “A Overview of Local American Religious).

*Africa before the European slavery*

According to Olaudah Equiano on his life which he wrote in 1789 stated that “the part of The african continent which was known by the term Guinea to which the trade is continued extends over the coast over 3, 500 miles via Senegal to Angola and includes a number of kingdoms. This kingdom is definitely divided into a large number of provinces or distinct. In one of the most remote control and suitable for farming of which is referred to as Eboe. Equiano was born in 1745, in charming successful vale named essaka. The distance of the region from capital of Benin and the sea coast has to be very extensive, for Eboe Equiano got never heard about the light men or Europeans (See O. Equiano. “Early Life. Merseyside maritime museum).


As Equiano stated that their “land was uncommonly rich and fruitful, and produces a myriad of vegetables by the bucket load. All industries were exerted to improve these blessings of nature. Cultivation was their particular chief work, and everyone your children and ladies were involved in it (See O. Equiano. “Early Life. Merseyside ocean going museum).


He continuing, Equiano, which “their good manners were guaranteed their luxuries were couple of. The dress of both genders was almost the same. It generally consists of a long bit of calico or perhaps Muslin, twisted loosely surrounding the body, to some degree in the form of a highland plaid. This was generally dyed blue, which their exclusive color. It absolutely was extracted via a fruit and was brighter and richer than any he previously seen in The european countries. Their females, of distinction wore golden ornaments which will disposed with profusion prove arms and legs. The moment their ladies were not used with the males in tillage, their typical occupation was spinning and weaving natural cotton, which they afterwards dye to make into clothing. They also produce earthen boats of which they had many kinds (See U. Equiano. “Early Life. Merseyside maritime museum).

*Dance and Music*

Furthermore, Equiano added that “they were almost a nation of dancers, musicians and poet. In every single great celebration such as a triumphal return via battle or perhaps other reason for public rejoicing, was celebrated in public dances which were accompanied with tracks and music which was fitted to the occasion (See U. Equiano. “Early Life. Merseyside maritime museum).

*After the Europeans*

Western world Africans had traded with Europeans through merchants in North The african continent for centuries. Inside the 15th century, the Costa da prata were the first traders who traveled the world down the West African coast. After that, the Dutch, British, French and Scandinavians followed. They were generally interested in valuable items such as ivory, platinum, and seasonings, in particular the pepper (See “Africa before European slavery. National Museums Liverpool).


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