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Freedom of expression in India Each of our motherland is crucial for us and no matter what lengths we are from our motherland, all of us feel attached to our country emotionally and also spiritually. We enjoy and celebrate the successes and innovations of our nation with pleasure. Whenever we see any great development or urbanization, we feel proud to be the component to our country.

When we have the right to enjoy the successes of our nation, we also provide the right to criticize the bad development and unethical activities.

As the citizen of our country we now have the right to vote and choose the person who we trust for the welfare of common general public and the region. Any region is represented by their people and every citizen is important and significant as we all unite together and establish a wonderful nation. When we notice that our legislators are doing some thing really great pertaining to our country, we incentive them simply by reelecting these people in approaching elections, we make them our favorite leader and often distributed there songs of success to our good friends and society. The politics leaders will be answerable to us, right now there accountability and there habit depends on generally there actions.

We all people are also bound by simply rules and regulations, legislation and order should be relevant for everyone. Legislation and order is impartial and real, the culprit gets punishment plus the innocent gets rewards. Well things must be under control of law and we all have to work favorably for the progress of your nation. But things become artificial if the law and order favors the powerfulk and strong people, besides committing 1000s of mistakes the powerful causes are not reprimanded and on the other hand the common man is definitely punished every single second to get his 1 mistake.

1000s of cases of powerful businessmen and political figures are pending and data files are shut with the symbol of money but nevertheless the common person has no right to raise his voice against corruption. The media groups and big mass media houses are usually powerful and influential and so they have the power to expose and disclose the corruption plus the corrupt people but are they will really doing justice to the common people? Very well common person can be quickly punished for the single statement or review as the common man can be powerless as well as the right of freedom of speech can be snatched by his hands by the corrupt leaders who would like to hear what there the ears like.

Alternatively the press cannot be punished easily while the political figures and the highly effective business man are also influenced by media pertaining to fame and recognition. Most of the key affairs and corruption scams are hidden from open public, they should be unveiled but again all this depends on mass media and its working as press is considerably dominated and influenced by the powerful dodgy entities. The common man will stay a common person, he might obtain thousands of privileges in the literature but in actuality he is given birth to to undergo.

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