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(I) Task ONE: ELEMENTS OF BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT The professors should ensure that the students in selecting a single element of the next: 1 . Adjustments witnessed over the last few years about mode of packaging and its particular economic impact. The teacher may guide the students to identify the following alterations: a) The changes in vehicles of fruit and veggies such as cardboard boxes crates being used in place of solid wood crates, and so forth

Reasons for previously mentioned changes. b) Milk getting supplied in glass wine bottles, later in plastic carriers and now in tetra bunch and through vending equipment. ) Plastic-type furniture [doors and stools] gaining inclination over solid wood furniture. d) The origin of cardboard plus the various stages of alterations and expansion. e) Brown paper luggage packing to recycled daily news bags to plastic carriers and material bags. f) Re usage of packaging [bottles, cisterns and tins] to attract customers for products. g) The concept of pyramid packaging to get milk. h) Cost staying borne by the consumer/manufacturer. i) Packaging applied as ways of advertisements. installment payments on your The reasons at the rear of changes in the pursuing: Coca ” Cola and Fanta in the seventies to Thums up and Campa Cola inside the eighties to Pepsi and Coke in nineties.

The teacher may possibly guide the learners to the times when India offered Coca Soda and Fanta were being made from India by foreign corporations. The students might be asked to enquire about a. Reasons of stopping the manufacturing of the previously listed drinks in India THEN SIMPLY. b. The creation of Thums up and Campa cola range. c. Lso are entry of Coke and introduction of Pepsi in the Indian industry. d. Elements responsible for the change. at the. Other cordons with the previously mentioned. f. Leading brands plus the company having the highest market share. g. Different local brands venturing inside the Indian market.. The ranking of the over brands available in the market. i. The survival and reasons of failure in competition while using international brands. j. Various other observations made by the students The teacher may well develop the next on the above lines several. Changing part of the females in the past twenty-five years relating to joint families, nuclear families, girls as a bread earner in the family, changes in the requirement pattern of mixers, washing machines, micro wave and standard of living. some. The changes inside the pattern of import and export of various Products. five.

The trend in the changing interest levels and their influence on savings. six. A study upon child time laws, its implementation and consequences. 7. The state of ‘anti plastic advertising campaign, ‘ legislation, its effects and setup. 8. The laws of mining /setting up of industries, rules and regulations, permits required for operating that business. 9. Cultural factors affecting acceptance and rejection of your identified product. ( Dish washer, Atta maker, etc) 10. What has the impact been within the types of products and solutions? The students may take examples just like: a.

Washers, micro waves, mixers and grinder. w. Need for creche, day care hub for people. c. Willing to eat food, consuming food outside, and tiffin centres. 11. Change in the man-machine ratio with technological advances resulting in change of cost structure. 12. Effect of within technological environment on the behaviour of staff. PRESENTATION? Cover page includes the title in the Project, pupil information, school and year.? List of contents.? Acknowledgements and preface (acknowledging the organization, the places visited and the persons that have helped). Introduction.? Topic with suitable heading.? Planning and activities carried out during the job, if any kind of.? Observations and findings from the visit.? Results (summarised recommendations or results, future range of study).? Photographs (if any).? Appendix.? Teacher’s declaration.? Signatures in the teachers.? In the completion of the evaluation in the project, it should be punched in the centre so that the report may not be reused but can be bought for reference point only.? The projects will probably be returned after evaluation. The college may maintain your best projects.

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