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Cora was couple of years old when ever she experienced her 1st seizure. Like a mother, I was frantic and scared that my girl was about to die of triggers I could not really understand. After rushing her to the hospital, the doctors asked a large number of questions with what happened.

I actually told all of them exactly what I could see which I details as, “My child was just seeing a animation on TV. Your woman began to toss a fit for no reason so I wandered away?nternet site always do. However , in contrast to normal she screamed even louder and dropped to the floors where your woman started to have got small turbulence. I had one among her elderly siblings call the family doctor while I tried to figure out what was happening.

The convulsions survived less than a day. Soon afterwards she clung onto me and fell asleep (Jeanine Hansen, personal communication, March 13, 2012). The doctor still left the room for a time after this debate and returned with an additional doctor. That’s when I was told that my two-year-old daughter most likely had a seizure. The doctors then talked about with me that the may be a one-time thing and the girl may not have another one again. However , additionally they stated, i need to view Cora cautiously to make sure that your woman does not possess another one, which in turn would then simply classify her as Epileptic.

If that were the case, then simply there would have to be more exploration of possible medication and/or checks. At that moment, even though, the physician’s best advice was to go home and continue with normal regimens (Freeman, 2002, 73-76). I had begun to think that Cora was not going to have one other seizure again since it was two months seeing that I had hurried her to the hospital. It was a beautiful time outside and I happened to offer the day off at work. Cora and my own niece had been in the playroom, while my own sister and I were with the food prep making supper. When out of no place, I notice a high-pitched scream and a loud thud from up-stairs.

By the time that I got to the room, which has been about forty-five seconds, Cora was merely laying on a lawn looking up in exhaustion. On this occasion I was slightly calmer, yet , I even now called a doctor for safety measure matters. That they asked me to get Cora into the doctor to talk about the next stages in helping my daughter to get better. When I proceeded to go in to make clear the second seizure my daughter had, the doctors explained that Cora was almost certainly having the fact that was called a generalized tonic-clonic seizure or better known as grand mal.

That’s where the seizures happen suddenly, the child has rapid convulsions, eyes roll p, and in addition they may end lose urine (Hasselt, 1988, 248). The doctors cannot be for sure that was what type of seizure Cora was having until they did further more test with the specific electroencephalogram, EEG. (Hasselt, 1988, 248) The next step after that was to set-up an appointment with an EEG to look for the possible source of what was activating the seizures. The doctors stated that for quality to might be best Cora must be tired and relaxed. They will suggested i keep her up for a longer time the night before and wake her up early on in the morning, which I did (Freeman, 2002, 96).

Then?nternet site thought about her being peaceful I allowed her to create one item that the girl wanted to bring, which obviously was her blanket. In the direction of the session, I explained to Cora the nurse can be placing group stickers, the monitors, in her locks. I discussed what was going to happen although we were within the room and how throughout the whole process she has not been going to acquire hurt. Once we arrived at the hospital, I naturally had to fill in paper job. Cora enjoyed during this time and she seemed to be relaxed. Following sitting in the waiting place for about forty-five minutes i was called right into a counsel room.

This was where doctor described what this test may really inform everyone. Entering that space I had the fact that the ELEKTROENZEPHALOGRAFIE would be able to analyze Cora while epileptic, nevertheless , the minute the doctor started to talk my desires were crushed. He explained to me the EEG check would indeed not detect that she for sure was having seizures, unless you might occur while the scan had been performed. The best that the check could do was to help in suggesting the appropriate treatment intended for Cora by determining the possible trigger or causes (Freeman, 2002, 75-76).

Which when the initial suggestion of any brain growth came into play (Freeman, 2002, 74). My cardiovascular system stopped a beat when the doctor stated this. How could this be happening to my little girl? As the topic continued, I had been struck with continuing not so good news of might be leading to these likely seizures and what the options were to fix them. Then we were moved into the examining room where I was allowed to sit next to Cora while she set on the clinic bed. The nurse spoken calmly to my girl as your woman measured, designated and then glued on the screens onto Cora’s head.

To start with Cora may not stop shifting, I was worried that she would not be able to settle down for the test. Yet, mainly because it was time, the health professional asked me to learn Cora a tale. She informed me that Cora hearing my personal voice could calm her enough and indeed it performed work. Quality took regarding 30-45 minutes (Mayo Clinic, 2012) where the nurse asked Cora simple questions, showed her cards, and to look at a flashlight to induce her head in different methods (Mayo Medical clinic. 2012). Later on, the nurse took all the monitors off and I timetabled to are available in a week after to discuss the results.

Cora had to continue these check every half a year to a season based on how many seizures the girl had and how often her medication was upped. The initial results eliminated the fact that they can were the effect of a tumor, that was a huge alleviation to me. Yet , there was even now the concern what was causing them. The check showed a lot of abnormalities based on the spikes and absent of surges in certain regions of the brain (Freeman. 2002. 97-102). Then the conversation was whether to use remedies to treat the possible seizures that could occur. We made a decision to put her on the lowest dosage conceivable.

The first year proceeded to go well with only one seizure occurring and at the year check the reads came back with good news not much had changed because the year prior to. However , the summer before Cora went to preschool that changed. During June, my three children and I moved out of our home they all were raised in and were relocated to a strange property and community. Since I was a single parent or guardian trying to approach while taking care of my 3 children, I neglected to place the children to bed in the regular period. After this fresh routine, Cora had half a dozen seizures in five days.

I called the emergency doctor who approved me a narcotic that was given to Cora up equally her nostrils with an aspirator (Jeanine Hansen, personal communication, March 13, 2012). The medicine made Cora slightly silly, yet , it helped stop the episodes of seizures. Fourteen days before school started, I went into speak with Cora’s Kindergarten teacher regarding the safeguards that needed to be taken prior to, during, after the grand mal seizures that Cora could possibly have got during institution. We sat and brought up the signals that Cora usually has before she gets a seizure such as shouting or a high in volume noise and her body system begins to move limb.

We all talked about the procedure that has to happen to keep Cora and the various other students safe. The instructor needs to stay calm and assure the scholars that Cora will be fine. I suggested that the different students be provided time for a break to ensure they could leave the room during the seizure. The teacher or maybe a helper has to clear the spot of whatever that could damage Cora through the seizure. I then had a meeting with the principal plus the teacher, where we all discussed the option of having a record with the seizures that happened whilst Cora i visited school.

This kind of record would have “date and time the seizure started, behaviors prior to the seizure, areas of the body involved in the seizure, ending time and recovery period, and actions during the recovery period(Smith. 2012. 356). In that case there was the discussion of if the seizure can affect Cora’s learning and how we can assess the learning with technology. One of the main concerns is that certain mild structures (strobe lights, online video games) could trigger a seizure. Therefore, we all decided to the idea of low stimulating computer system programs and games.

During Cora’s early and overdue elementary years she a new few seizures, however , simply because never interfered with her time in the students or her learning the lady was never suggested for special education. As Cora approached the finish of 7th grade, her seizures were less generally than ever before. When the doctor reviewed this simple fact at the up coming check-up, they will suggested that her seizures could be reducing and may at some point stop. During that time, the doctor reduced the dosage and decided that they could try to cease the medicine slowly.

The goal was for Cora to go half a year to a season seizure free (Freeman. 2002. 178-179). Cora went into her eighth level year seizure free, which usually continued in to high school. I had formed always acquired the dream that Cora would have many adventures once she were raised. As any mom wishes for their child, I wanted Cora to visit college, travel the world, get married and eventually have got a family of her individual. However , individuals wishes and dreams concluded the night in the crash (Freeman. 2002. 352). Cora choose to go over 36 months without a seizure.

She have been cleared to drive and the think of her possessing a normal adulthood was in the front of her. Yet, about that cold October night time, when the girl was on her way residence from a football game, she a new grand vacio seizure, in which she lost control of the automobile. The car strike a lump in the road where it caused the automobile to spin. Cora was killed in impact. The part that I, like a mother, hate the most is that the doctors were not able to identify what caused the seizure. There are days that we still think about what Cora would be undertaking if the girl were even now here today.

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