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Enriching my understanding in fund and economics is certainly one of my goals. As a native of Brunei, a producing country, I would like to bring about my country’s progress with the aid of the knowledge and skills that we acquired at my undergraduate research. Majoring in accounting and economics provides provided me extensive understanding of various monetary principles and theories and their application in the industry world.

Even though the University of Manchester offers given me personally sufficient expertise in the field that we have picked, I believe that pursuing to analyze under this programme presents me a wide-ranging yet concentrated knowledge in development financial and its practical application in the community sector.

I selected to follow this system because of its foreign focus, group work, and emphasis on learning public finance, bank and nonbank finance institutions, international financial organizations, aid agencies and also other finance-related aspects of study which will help in understanding how a financial ideas governing our country and the world economy work. This program is also made to teach me personally financial addition and microfinance in relation to lower income reduction.

My personal interest in creation finance 1st sparked within my junior years. My would like to contribute to my personal country’s progress was even more intensified by a course about economic policies of developing countries and their role inside the international market. Working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Transact Development in Brunei underneath the Finance Department for summer internship last summer 2007 has also offered me first-hand experience and knowledge in international trade.

I am confident that this university has the ability to provide college students with understanding beyond the traditional financial educational program. The programme of University of Manchester also contains strengthening the analytical decision-making skills of students. It also offers wider academic possibilities and institution resources which will deepen my personal expertise and broaden my perspectives. We am specifically interested and looking forward to the overseas field visit the crucial part of the programme.

Most of the countries frequented are producing countries just like Brunei which usually face identical economic situations. The programme also enables students to conduct exploration in government and non-government organizations and other universities inside the U. K. This can not merely broaden my own knowledge and hone my skills in finance, nevertheless also boost my mingling and interaction skills.

With hopes and persuasion to my way of thinking, I make an effort to establish a career that can contribute to the further progress the finances in my state. One of the occupations that I have in mind is a work in Brunei Investment Agency (BIA). As stated earlier, my own country is known as a developing country. Although our company is an oil-producing country, I really believe that with regards to investment and contribution for the world economy, there is continue to much area for improvement. Through this programme, I realize that I would have the ability to obtain precisely what is necessary to attain my objective. Thus, I see myself successful in a profession on this discipline and producing Brunei a far more developed and investment-focused country.

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