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Case-1 Fret and Regret 1 . Explain in detail using concepts from the course what the trouble Ian is usually faced with. Ian has a couple of major complications, he will not want to work with Iphone 4S rather than Galaxy S2 and he doenst want to pennyless Molly’s cardiovascular.

First problem is about his own taste and desires. Ian thinks that with Galaxy S2 he can benefit from extra technological advantages such as 4g, extra storage and computer remote contrale. This implies that in Ian’s opinion Galaxy S2 has better quality instead of Iphone 4S. One more about Ian’s preferance is Galaxy S2 has larger screen.

So in his opinion Galaxy S2 is more succesfull than Iphone about designing. In terms of technology and style Galaxy S2 seems more attractive to Ian. The fact is why these two androids both have comparison advantages to one another and cost is the same. Now, personal taste turns into important and that is why Ian likes Galaxy S2. Second problem is about integrity. Molly bought expensive, usefull and one of the best smart phones, Iphone to make Ian happy. The lady sacrifised her money and time to be able to give excellent present. Thus if Ian exchanges the phone that would produce her sad and her efforts will be in vain.. Should Ian change the phone or keep the phone? Once again use numerous concepts in the course as are relevant. Ian’s consumer behaviour depends on, company, his individuality, his partner and technology. According to the case if he only views brand and technology his choice can be Galaxy S2 for sure. But if he considers all of these details and gathers more information, logical choice would be Iphone 4S. On that basis Ian ought to keep the mobile phone. He didnt give Iphone 4S enough credit and this individual admitted that he features distaste to get apple goods, proof of misjudgment.

Also Ian didnt do enough market research so he has some incorrect informations about Iphone 4S’s technology. You might have computer remote control apps and further storage choices unlike Ian’s claims. Purchasing new products, awareness, interest, evaluation, trial and adoption need to be the process. Ian skipped trial and evaluation parts and later paid attention to interest. While purchasing expensive and to be used for a long period products actions shouldnt by pass. Bigger display screen and some extra features directed him to want Galaxy S2. But he also stated that these phones happen to be identical with regards to functionality.

Ian realised this individual needs a telephone and briefly searched for Galaxy S2. Having been in the second step in the buyer decision process. This individual should have asked his Iphone 4S and Galaxy S2 user friends, get more information and make an effort Galaxy S2 before making concluding decision. Since there is no time left intended for evaluating alternatives, he will need to keep Iphone and will not make unfortunate Molly. In the event that he exchanges the phone he may regret via Galaxy S2 and also shattered his female friends heart. Thus instead of taking individuals risks, this individual should continue with the mobile phone which using the to get accustomed to.

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