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Breastfeeding Care Strategy Using Neuman’s Model Nursing Diagnosis applying NANDA diagnoses terminology| Measurable Goals| Nursing jobs Outcomes (interventions)| Level(s) of Prevention for each and every Intervention| Self-care deficit r/t physical limits and aggravation over decrease of independence AEB in capacity to perform ADL’s such as washing, grooming, health, and dress up. | Individual will be dressed up and off the bed for therapy daily in the next thirty days. Ace will be free of skin area breakdown for 60 days.

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Rehabilitation will assist with ADL’s to the highest level possible above the next 30 days.

Ace with bathe and dress do it yourself with min-assist/supervision and tips in 90 days. | 1 . Encourage sufferer to be responsible for specific areas of care (i. e. clean teeth daily)2. Set up combing items and encourage participation3. Assist with ADL’s if Ace is unable4. Encourage, cue and help you select clothes and dress appropriately daily5. Ambulate rehabilitation with support (as directed by PT)6. Monitor for c/o soreness, foul smelling, and discolored urine 7. Assist with and encourage very good peri-care with each toileting 8.

Teach pt upon breaking tasks into little steps. Limit choices to two, and provide tip and tips during duties | 1 . Primary2. Secondary4. Primary5. Secondary6. Primary7. Primary8. Teritary | Risk to get impaired skin integrity R/T immobility, mechanised pressure & sheer. | Ace will be turned/repositioned Queen 2 hrs. with support of 1-2 people. Expert will finish transfers with min-mod aid of 1 while required. Advisor will be out of bed daily, since tolerated, transfers will be with assist of 1-2 staff as necessary. | 1 )

While while having sex staff with assist _ design to turn/reposition self-using cushions and wedges to maintain location. 2 . Place call lumination w/in easy reach3. REHABILITATION to educate Expert on assistive devices4. Advise and encourage Ace to call for assistance when needed5. Ace will probably be out of bed to chair daily as tolerated| 1 . Primary2. Secondary3. Primary4. Secondary5. Teritary| Impaired physical mobility associated with neuromuscular disability r/t Hypertonie, Occlusion inside vessels of the brain parenchyma disruption of blood supply inside the brain place, tissue and cell necrosis. Ace will probably be free of personal injury for following 30 days. | 1 . Alter position Queen 2 hours periods. 2 . Instructing related to ambulation and moves by PT/OT and medical. 3. Analysis and education of assistive devices since directed by therapies. 4. Education about diet, diet and talk consult a few. Encourage make use of non-skid shoes/footwear6. Provides safety precautions (side bed rails up, applying pillows to aid body part)| 1 . Primary2. Tertiary3. Tertiary4. Primary5. Secondary6. Primary|

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