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string(29) ‘ But the assistant was gone\. ‘


Robert Langdon awoke gradually.

A telephone was ringing in the night , a tinny, not familiar ring. This individual fumbled for the bedside lamp and turned this on.

Squinting at his surroundings this individual saw a luxurious Renaissance bedroom with John XVI furniture, hand-frescoed walls, and a colossal mahogany four-poster pickup bed.

Where the terrible am I?

The jacquard bathrobe hanging on his bedpost weary the monogram: HOTEL RITZ PARIS.

Little by little, the haze began to lift.

Langdon found the device. “Hello? inch

“Monsieur Langdon? ” a man’s tone of voice said. “I hope I have not awoken you? “

Dazed, Langdon looked at the bedside time clock. It was doze: 32 A. M. He had been asleep only 1 hour, but he felt like the dead.

“This is the concierge, monsieur. I’m sorry for this intrusion, but you have got a visitor. He insists it really is urgent. inches

Langdon even now felt unclear. A visitor? His eyes concentrated now on a crumpled hazard on his bedside table.


proudly gives



Langdon groaned. Tonight’s lecture , a slip show about pagan meaning hidden in the stones of Chartres Tall , got probably ruffled some conservative feathers in the audience. Probably, some religious scholar got trailed him home to choose a deal with. “I’m remorseful, ” Langdon said, “but I’m incredibly tired and , inches “Mais, chriatian, “the assistant pressed, decreasing his tone of voice to an urgent whisper. “Your guest is an important man. “

Langdon experienced little uncertainty. His catalogs on religious paintings and cult symbology had manufactured him a reluctant celebrity in the artwork world, and last year Langdon’s visibility got increased hundreds of fold after his involvement in a generally publicized occurrence at the Vatican. Since then, the stream of self- crucial historians and art buffs arriving at his door experienced seemed never-ending.

“If less complicated so kind, ” Langdon said, performing his better to remain well mannered, ” would you take the man’s name and number, and tell him Items try to call up him before I keep Paris on Tuesday? Thank you. ” This individual hung up prior to the concierge can protest.

Resting up right now, Langdon frowned at his bedside Guests Relations Handbook, whose cover boasted: REST LIKE A BABY IN THE CITY OF LIGHTS. SLEEP AT THE ROME RITZ. This individual turned and gazed tiredly into the full length mirror across the table. The man looking back for him was obviously a stranger , tousled and weary.

You require a vacation, Robert.

The past year had used a heavy cost on him, but he didn’t value seeing proof in the mirror. His generally sharp blue eyes seemed hazy and drawn tonight. A darker stubble was shrouding his strong chin and dimpled chin. Around his temples or wats, the gray illustrates were improving, making their way more deeply into his thicket of coarse black hair. Although his female colleagues was adamant the gray just accentuated his bookish appeal, Langdon realized better.

In the event Boston Journal could discover me now.

Last month, very much to Langdon’s embarrassment, Boston Magazine acquired listed him as one of that city’s top most challenging people , a suspicious honor that made him the brunt of unlimited ribbing by his Harvard colleagues. Tonite, three thousands of miles from your home, the reputation had resurfaced to haunt him on the lecture he previously given.

“Ladies and gentlemen, ” the hostess had announced to a full house at the American University of Paris’s Pavilion Dauphine, ” Each of our guest this evening needs simply no introduction. He is the author of various books: The Symbology of Secret Sects, The An of the Illuminati, The Misplaced Language of Ideograms, so when I say this individual wrote the book about Religious Iconology, I mean that quite virtually. Many of you make use of his books in class. inch

The students inside the crowd nodded enthusiastically.

“I had planned to introduce him tonight by sharing his impressive cv. However, inch She looked playfully at Langdon, who had been seated onstage. “An market member has just handed me a far more, shall we say, intriguing launch. ” The lady held up a copy of Boston Magazine. Langdon cringed. Where hell would she acquire that?

The hostess started reading choice excerpts through the inane article, and Langdon felt himself sinking reduce and reduced his couch. Thirty secs later, the crowd was grinning, as well as the woman demonstrated no indications of letting up. “And Mister. Langdon’s refusal to speak widely about his unusual function in last year’s Vatican conclave certainly wins him points in our intrigue-o-meter. ” The hostess goaded the crowd. “Would you like to hear even more? “

The crowd congratulated.

Somebody end her, Langdon pleaded since she ove into the content again.

“Although Professor Langdon might not be deemed hunk-handsome just like some of the younger awardees, this forty-something academic has more than his share of scholarly attract. His fascinating presence is definitely punctuated by an unusually low, baritone speaking voice, which his female students describe as , chocolate for the hearing. ‘

The hall engulfed in fun.

Langdon compelled an awkward smile. He knew what emerged next , some absurd line about” Harrison Kia in Harris tweed” , and because this evening he had thought it was finally safe again to wear his Harris tweed and Burberry scarves turtleneck, this individual decided to make a change.

“Thank you, Monique, inches Langdon said, standing too soon and trimming her away from podium. “Boston Magazine clearly has a gift idea for fictional works. ” He turned to the audience with a great embarrassed heave a sigh. “And easily find which one of you provided that content, I’ll have consulate deport you. inch

The audience laughed.

“Well, folks, because you all know, I am just here tonite to talk about the potency of symbols , “

The ringing of Langdon’s lodge phone once again broke the silence.

Moaning in shock, he indexed. “Yes? “

As expected, it had been the assistant. “Mr. Langdon, again my own apologies. I am dialling to inform you that the guest is actually en route to the room. I believed I should alert you. “

Langdon was wide awake now. “You sent someone to my space? “

“I apologize, chriatian, but a person like this, I cannot assume the power to stop him. ” “Who exactly is he? ” But the assistant was gone.

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Almost immediately, a heavy closed fist pounded about Langdon’s door.

Uncertain, Langdon slid off the bed, sense his toes and fingers sink deep into the savonniere carpet. He donned the hotel bathrobe and shifted toward the doorway. “Who would it be? “

“Mr. Langdon? I have to speak with you. ” The man’s The english language was accented , a pointy, authoritative bark. “My brand is Lieutenant Jerome Col. Direction Centrale Police Judiciaire. “

Langdon paused. The Judicial Law enforcement officials? The DCPJ was the hard equivalent of the U. S. FBI.

Giving the security chain in place, Langdon opened the door a few inches wide. The face looking back by him was thin and washed out. The man was extremely lean, wearing an official-looking blue uniform.

“May My spouse and i come in? inches the agent asked.

Langdon hesitated, feeling uncertain as the stranger’s sallow sight studied him. “What is this all about? inch

“My capitaine requires the expertise within a private matter. ” “Now? ” Langdon managed. “It’s after night time. ” “Am I accurate that you had been scheduled to fulfill with the curator of the Louvre this evening? “

Langdon experienced a sudden rise of uneasiness. He plus the revered curator Jacques Sauniere had been scheduled to meet to get drinks after Langdon’s spiel tonight, but Sauniere acquired never shown up. “Yes. How did you know that? “

“We found a message in his daily planner. inches

“I trust nothing is wrong? “

The agent offered a dire sigh and slid a Polaroid overview through the slim opening in the door. The moment Langdon saw the photography, his body system went stiff. ” This kind of photo was taken less than an hour ago. Inside the Louvre. “

Because Langdon looked at the weird image, his initial revulsion and impact gave method to a immediate upwelling of anger. “Who would accomplish this! “

“We had hoped that you might help us solution that very problem, considering your knowledge in symbology and your ideas to meet with him. inch

Langdon stared at the photo, his apprehension now lace-up with dread. The image was gruesome and profoundly odd, bringing with it an unsettling sense of aiman vu. A little over a season ago, Langdon had received a photograph of a corpse and a similar request for help. Twenty-four hours later on, he had nearly lost his life inside Vatican Metropolis. This photo was completely different, and yet something about the scenario felt disquietingly familiar.

The agent checked his watch. “My capitaine can be waiting, friend. “

Langdon barely noticed him. His eyes were still riveted on the photo. “This mark here, as well as the way his body is therefore oddly, inches

“Positioned? ” the agent offered.

Langdon nodded, feeling a relax as he looked up. “I aren’t imagine who would do this to someone. inch

The agent looked seedy. “You miss, Mr. Langdon. What you find in this photograph, ” He paused. “Monsieur Sauniere did that to him self. “


1 mile away, the hulking albino known as Silas limped through the entrance gate with the luxurious brownstone residence about Rue La Bruyere. The spiked cilice belt that he used around his thigh lower into his flesh, however his heart sang with satisfaction of service to the Lord.

Pain is good.

His reddish eyes searched the main receiving area as he moved into the property. Empty. This individual climbed the steps quietly, not wanting to awaken any of his fellow numeraries. His bedroom door was available, locks were forbidden right here. He entered, closing the doorway behind him.

The room was spartan , hardwood floors, a pinus radiata dresser, a canvas cushion in the corner that served as his bed. Having been a visitor here this week, yet for many years he had been blessed with a identical sanctuary in New York City.

The Lord has offered me shelter and purpose in my life.

Tonite, at last, Silas felt he had begun to repay his personal debt. Hurrying for the dresser, this individual found the cell phone hidden in his bottom drawer and placed a call.

“Yes? ” a male words answered. “Teacher, I have returned. ” “Speak, ” the voice commanded, sounding pleased to hear from him.

“All several are gone. Three senechaux, plus the Grand Grasp himself. inches

There was a momentary pause, as if for prayer. “Then I suppose you have the data? ” “All four concurred. Independently. inch “And you believed these people? “

“Their agreement was too great for coincidence. “

An enthusiastic breath. “Excellent. I had feared the brotherhood’s reputation for secrecy may well prevail. inches “The potential customer of death is solid motivation. inch “So, my pupil, tell me what I need to know. “

Silas knew the data he had learned from his victims will come as a surprise. “Teacher, all four confirmed the presence of the clef de voute, the famous keystone. inches

He heard a quick intake of breath within the phone and could feel the Teacher’s excitement. “The keystone. Exactly as we supposed. “

Relating to lore, the brotherhood had created a map of stone , a marchandise de voute, or keystone , a great engraved tablet that revealed the final sleeping place of the brotherhood’s best secret, information so effective that their protection was the reason for the brotherhood’s extremely existence. “When we have the keystone, inches the Instructor said, inches we will be just one step aside. ” “We are deeper than you believe. The keystone is here in Paris. inch “Paris? Amazing. It is practically too easy. ” Silas relayed the earlier events from the evening, just how all four of his victims, moments prior to death, experienced desperately tried to buy back their particular godless lives by sharing with their secret. Each had told Silas the exact same issue , that the keystone was ingeniously invisible at an accurate location inside one of Paris’s ancient churches , the Eglise sobre Saint-Sulpice.

“Inside a house from the Lord, ” the Tutor exclaimed. “How they model us! inches “As they may have for centuries. ” The Tutor fell muted, as if letting the succeed of this minute settle above him. Finally, he talked. “You did a great in order to God. We now have waited generations for this. You have to retrieve the stone to me. Immediately. Tonite. You understand the stakes. inches

Silas knew the buy-ins were inconmensurable, and yet the actual Teacher was now strong seemed impossible. “But the church, this can be a fortress. Especially at night. How will I get into? “

With all the confident sculpt of a guy of gigantic influence, the Teacher explained what was to become done.

When Silas stuck the phone, his skin tingled with anticipation.

One hour, this individual told himself, grateful that the Teacher had given him time to execute the necessary penance before getting into a house of God. I have to purge my personal soul of today’s sins. The sins committed today had been ay in goal. Acts of war resistant to the enemies of God had been committed for hundreds of years. Forgiveness was assured.

Even so, Silas realized, absolution essential sacrifice.

Tugging his shades, he stripped naked and knelt in the center of his area. Looking down, he analyzed the spiked cilice seatbelt clamped around his thigh. All accurate followers in the Way dressed in this device , a household leather strap, studded with sharpened metal barbs that minimize into the drag as a everlasting reminder of Christ’s battling. The pain caused by the product also helped counteract the desires from the flesh.

Although Silas currently had put on his haire today much longer than the requisite two several hours, he recognized today was not a ordinary working day. Grasping the buckle, this individual cinched that one step tighter, wincing as the barbs dug deeper into his flesh. Exhaling slowly and gradually, he savored the purifying ritual of his soreness.

Pain excellent, Silas whispered, repeating the sacred mantra of Dad Josemaria Escriva , the Teacher of most Teachers. Even though Escriva got died in 1975, his wisdom were living on, his words even now whispered simply by thousands of faithful servants around the world as they knelt on the floor and performed the sacred practice known as” corporal mortification. “

Silas turned his attention how to a heavy knotted rope coiled neatly on to the floor beside him. TheDiscipline. The knots were caked with dried bloodstream. Eager for the purifying associated with his personal agony, Silas said a simple prayer. Then simply, gripping 1 end in the rope, he closed his eyes and swung it tough over his shoulder, sense the knots slap against his backside. He whipped it over his shoulder once again, slashing at his skin. Again and again, he lashed.

Castigo corpus meum.

Finally, this individual felt the blood begin to circulation.


The crispy April air whipped through the open windowpane of the Citroen ZX mainly because it skimmed southern region past the Ie House and crossed Place Vend, me personally. In the voyager seat, Robert Langdon sensed the city tear past him as he tried to clear his thoughts. His quick shower room and get rid of had remaining him searching reasonably look good but experienced done very little to ease his anxiety. The frightening image of the curator’s body remained locked in the mind.

Jacques Sauniere is definitely dead.

Langdon could not help but truly feel a profound sense of loss in the curator’s death. Despite Sauniere’s reputation if you are reclusive, his recognition for dedication towards the arts made him a simple man to revere. His books within the secret rules hidden in the paintings of Poussin and Teniers were some of Langdon’s favorite class texts. Tonight’s meeting have been one Langdon was very much looking forward to, and he was disappointed when the curator had not demonstrated.

Again the image of the curator’s body flashed in his brain. Jacques Sauniere did that to himself? Langdon turned and looked into the garbage, forcing the picture from his mind.

Outdoors, the city was just now winding down , street distributors wheeling carts of candied amandes, servers carrying luggage of garbage to the suppress, a pair of evening lovers hugging to stay nice in a air flow scented with jasmine bloom. The Citroen navigated the chaos with authority, their dissonant two-tone siren separating the targeted traffic like a cutting knife.

“Le capitaine was very happy to discover you were still in Paris tonight, inch the agent said, speaking for the first time seeing that they’d still left the resort. “A fortuitous coincidence. inches

Langdon was feeling anything but fortunate, and coincidence was obviously a concept he did not totally trust. As someone who got spent his life exploring the hidden interconnectivity of despropósito emblems and ideologies, Langdon viewed the world as a net of greatly intertwined reputations and incidents. The cable connections may be unseen, he generally preached to his symbology classes in Harvard, but are always there, left just beneath the surface.

“I suppose, ” Langdon said, ” that the American University of Paris alerted you where I used to be staying? ” The driver shook his mind. “Interpol. inches Interpol, Langdon thought. Obviously. He had neglected that the relatively innocuous ask for of all Western european hotels to see a passport in check-in was more than a charming formality , it was what the law states. On any given night, all across Europe, Interpol officials may pinpoint just who was sleeping where. Getting Langdon on the Ritz got probably taken all of five seconds.

As the Citroen accelerated southward across the metropolis, the lighted profile with the Eiffel Tower system appeared, taking pictures skyward in the distance to the right. Viewing it, Langdon thought of Vittoria, recalling their very own playful assure a year ago that each six months they can meet again at a different romantic just right the globe. The Eiffel Structure, Langdon supposed, would have built their list. Sadly, he last kissed Vittoria within a noisy airport in Ancient rome more than a year ago.

“Did you mount her? ” the agent asked, looking over.

Langdon glanced up, certain he had misunderstood. “I beg your pardon? inches

“She is definitely lovely, simply no? ” The agent motioned through the windscreen toward the Eiffel Tower. “Have you mounted her? “

Langdon rolled his eyes. “No, I have not climbed the tower. inches “She is the symbol of France. I do think she is perfect. ” Langdon nodded absently. Symbologists frequently remarked that France , a country famous for machismo, womanizing, and diminutive unconfident leaders like Napoleon and Pepin the Short , could not possess chosen an even more apt countrywide emblem than a thousand-foot phallus.

When they reached the intersection at Repent de Rivoli, the visitors light was red, but the Citroen didn’t slow. The agent gunned the four door across the passageway and sped onto a wooded portion of Rue Castiglione, which dished up as the northern entry to the famed Tuileries Gardens , Paris’s own edition of Central Park. Most tourists mistranslated Jardins des Tuileries since relating to the thousands of tulip glasses that bloomed here, nevertheless Tuileries was actually a exacto reference to a thing far less passionate. This recreation area had once been a massive, polluted excavation pit from where Parisian technicians mined clay-based to manufacture the city’s famous crimson roofing tiles , or perhaps tuiles.

Because they entered the deserted area, the agent reached under the dash and turned off the blaring siren. Langdon exhaled, savoring the sudden quiet. Outside the car, the paler wash of halogen headlights skimmed above the crushed small parkway, the rugged whir of the wheels intoning a hypnotic tempo. Langdon got always considered as the Tuileries to get sacred floor. These were the gardens by which Claude Monet had experimented with form and color, and literally influenced the birth of the Impressionist movement. Tonite, however , this place organised a strange environment of vexation.

The Citroen swerved still left now, fishing west down the park’s central boulevard. Curling around a round pond, the driving force cut throughout a desolate avenue out into a extensive quadrangle over and above. Langdon may now begin to see the end in the Tuileries Landscapes, marked by a giant stone archway.

Arc du Carrousel.

Despite the orgiastic rituals once held on the Arc du Carrousel, artwork aficionados adored this place for another explanation entirely. From your esplanade towards the end of the Tuileries, four of the finest fine art museums on the globe could be seen, one at each point with the compass.

Your right-hand windowpane, south over the Seine and Quai Voltaire, Langdon could see the considerably lit facade of the aged train station , now the esteemed Musee d’Orsay. Glancing left, this individual could make your top of the ultramodern Pompidou Middle, which encased the Museum of Modern Skill. Behind him to the west, Langdon knew the ancient obelisk of Ramses rose above the trees, marking the Musee i Jeu de Paume.

But it was straight ahead, to the east, through the archway, that Langdon could at this point see the monolithic Renaissance palace that had become the most famous artwork museum in the world.

Musee i Louvre.

Langdon felt a familiar tinge of wonder while his sight made an ineffective attempt to absorb the entire mass of the edifice. Across a staggeringly expansive plaza, the imposing facade of the Louvre rose such as a citadel against the Paris atmosphere. Shaped such as an enormous horseshoe, the Louvre was the greatest building in Europe, stretches farther than three Eiffel Towers put end to finish. Not even the million square feet of open up plaza between the museum wings could obstacle the majesty of the facade’s breadth. Langdon had when walked the Louvre’s whole perimeter, a stunning three-mile journey.

Despite the believed five days it could take a visitor to properly appreciate the 65, 300 pieces of art with this building, the majority of tourists select an abbreviated knowledge Langdon called “Louvre Lite” , an entire sprint through the museum to see the three most famous objects: the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and Winged Victory. Fine art Buchwald acquired once featured he’d noticed all three masterpieces in a few minutes and fifty-six seconds.

The driving force pulled out a handheld walkie-talkie and chatted in rapid-fire French. “Monsieur Langdonest appear. Deux mins. “

An indecipherable confirmation came crackling back.

The agent stowed the device, turning now to Langdon. “You is going to meet the capitaine at the primary entrance. inch

The driver dismissed the indicators prohibiting automobile traffic within the plaza, revved the engine, and gunned the Citroen up within the curb. The Louvre’s key entrance was visible today, rising boldly in the length, encircled by seven triangular pools from which spouted illuminated fountains.

La Pyramide.

The newest entrance for the Paris Louvre had become nearly as popular as the museum alone. The questionable, neomodern glass pyramid designed by Chinese-born American architect I. M. Peistill evoked disapproval from traditionalists who sensed it destroyed the dignity of the Renaissance courtyard. Goethe had described architecture since frozen music, and Pei’s critics described this pyramid as finger nails on a chalkboard. Progressive admirers, though, hailed Pei’s seventy-one-foot-tall transparent pyramid as a stunning synergy of ancient composition and contemporary method , a emblematic link involving the old and new , helping jason derulo the Louvre into the next millennium.

“Do you like each of our pyramid? inches the agent asked.

Langdon frowned. French, it seemed, loved to ask Americans this kind of. It was a loaded problem, of course. Acknowledging you loved the pyramid made you a tasteless American, and expressing hate was a great insult for the French.

“Mitterrand was a strong man, ” Langdon responded, splitting the difference. The past due French chief executive who had commissioned the pyramid was thought to have suffered from a” Pharaoh complex. inch Singlehandedly responsible for filling Paris with Egypt obelisks, fine art, and artifacts.

Fran&ccedil, ois Mitterrand recently had an affinity to get Egyptian lifestyle that was so all-consuming that the The french language still referred to him as the Sphinx.

“What is the captain’s term? ” Langdon asked, changing topics.

“Bezu Fache, inch the driver said, approaching the pyramid’s main entrance. “We call him le Taureau. “

Langdon glanced over at him, wanting to know if just about every Frenchman a new mysterious pet epithet. “You call your captain the Bull? inches

The man curved his eye brows. “Your France is better than you admit, Chriatian Langdon. “

My French stinks, Langdon thought, yet my zodiac iconography is pretty good. Taurus was usually the bull. Astrology was obviously a symbolic constant all over the world.

The agent ripped the car into a stop and pointed among two fountains to a huge door inside the side from the pyramid. “There is the access. Good luck, chriatian. ” “You’re not arriving? ” “My orders should be leave you in this article. I have other business to go to to. inches Langdon heaved a sigh and climbed out. Is actually your circus. The agent revved his engine and sped off.

As Langdon stood only and observed the women taillights, he realized this individual could easily reconsider, leave the courtyard, grab a taxi, and head house to bed. Something advised him it was probably a lousy idea.

As he relocated toward the mist with the fountains, Langdon had the uneasy perception he was traversing an mythical threshold into another community. The dreamlike quality from the evening was settling about him once again. Twenty mins ago he previously been sleeping in his accommodation. Now having been standing in front of a clear pyramid created by the Sphinx, waiting for a policeman they called the Bull.

I am just trapped in a Salvador Dali painting, he thought.

Langdon strode for the main entry , a huge revolving door. The foyer beyond was dimly lit and deserted.

Should i knock?

Langdon wondered if perhaps any of Harvard’s revered Egyptologists had at any time knocked for the front door of your pyramid and expected an answer. He raised his palm to hammer on the cup, but out of the darkness below, a determine appeared, striding up the winding staircase. The person was muscular and dark, almost Neanderthal, dressed in a dark double-breasted suit that strained to pay his wide shoulders. This individual advanced with unmistakable specialist on squat, powerful legs. He was speaking on his cell phone but done the call as he arrived. This individual motioned pertaining to Langdon to enter.

“I was Bezu Fache, ” he announced while Langdon moved through the revolving door. “Captain of the Central Directorate Contencioso Police. inches His develop was fitting , a guttural rumble, like a gathering storm.

Langdon held away his hand to shake. “Robert Langdon. “

Fache’s enormous hands wrapped about Langdon’s with crushing pressure.

“I observed the picture, ” Langdon said. “Your agent explained Jacques Sauniere himself performed , inches

“Mr. Langdon, ” Fache’s ebony eyes locked about. “What you observe in the photography is only the beginning of what Sauniere did. “

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