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I. Title: Memoirs of a Geisha (1997) 2. Author: Arthur Golden (1957- ) III.

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Setting: a. Where: Gion, Kyoto, Japan b. Once: Early 1900’s (1930’s, World War II) IV. Figure and Characterization: c. Main Characters my spouse and i. Sayuri Nitta (Chiyo Sakamoto) Sayuri is the main character with the book. As a child, she always thought very well of others. This wounderful woman has determination and does not give up quickly. Her greyish eyes are what make her stand out the most. ii. Mameha Mameha was a well-known geisha in Gion. She was Sayuri’s older sister (not by blood) and coach. She taught Sayuri what she required to do for her to become a effective geisha.

She’s very determined and could do anything to accomplish her aim. iii. Hatsumomo Hatsumomo was obviously a geisha with the Nitta Okiya, the same okiya that Sayuri came from. She boasts of very little and feels that no-one is better than her. She despised Sayuri and saw her as competition, which led to her numerous attempts to destroy Sayuri’s life. 4. Chairman The Chairman was your reason why Sayuri had a purpose to live, which was the result of his act of kindness to Sayuri when ever she was a child. He is a person who thinks of other peoples feelings. As being a geisha, Sayuri wanted just for the Chairman to take notice of her.. Nobu Nobu was the Chairman’s right-hand man, the Chairman owed him a lot. He is individual and kind. Nobu’s appearance is definitely peculiar because of his skin which was broken by a blast. He fancies Sayuri and waited the majority of his life to become Sayuri’s danna. g. Secondary Heroes i. Pumpkin Pumpkin was Sayuri’s good friend when they were young. Their very own friendship was destroyed by Hatsumomo, who was Pumpkin’s more mature sister. She was lovely and very helpful at first, but was influenced by Hatsumomo. Pumpkin also became a geisha from the Nitta Okiya, although she has not been as renowned as Sayuri. ii. Auntie

Auntie was the first person showing kindness to Sayuri when she attained the Nitta Okiya. Your woman wanted Sayuri to become powerful and to not end up just like her. Once Sayuri started to be a geisha, she continuously helped her through what she had to do. 3. Mr. Tanaka Sayuri, as a child, idolized Mr. Tanaka and thought that not any other guy is above him. Mister. Tanaka was the person who provided Sayuri’s father to sell Sayuri and her sister Setsu. He was the main reason Sayuri finished up in Gion. iv. Mother Mother was your sister of Auntie as well as the owner in the Nitta Okiya. She was very partial to money and would whatever it takes to become richer.

She later on adopted Sayuri as her daughter so that as the successor of the Nitta Okiya. sixth is v. Dr . Crab Dr . Crab was among the men who had been attracted to Sayuri when your woman became a geisha. Doctor Crab is a type of person who could let not stand in his way. He’s known for spending a lot of money inside the pursuit of mizuage. V. Subject material: a historic fiction about the life of your geisha in Japan just before World War II MIRE. Thesis/Main Idea: The story involves a girl in whose life was transformed coming from rags to riches the moment her daddy sold her until she became a well-known geisha in Kyoto.

VII. The Part I really like The Best. So why? I was excited the most once i was browsing the part where Chairman met Sayuri inside the Ichiriki Teahouse after the occurrence with the Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) on the island of Amami. I was so used by the publication since My spouse and i badly desired to know what the Chairman could say to Sayuri. Shock and disbelief came over me when the Chairman admitted that he knew Sayuri was your child he saw sobbing near the Shirakawa Stream. VIII. The Part I really like The Least. For what reason? I did not such as the part the place that the war was actually going on and Gion closed straight down.

I believed as if the part was not that significant for the main matter of the tale and that the tale would just have the same result to the readers without it. As a audience, I thought that was the dullest part of the story. IX. Vocabulary Improvement: 1 . Geisha-(n. ) a Western women knowledgeable to accompany men like a hostess, carrying out different abilities such as moving and playing instruments 2. Most People in america confuse geishas as prostitutes because of the imagine geishas whom called themselves geisha young ladies and distributed their bodies to American soldiers in Japan through the World War II.. Okiya-(n. ) the lodging home in which a geisha lives until she has paid out all her debts in the okiya to get sending her to school 5. Mameha was obviously a geisha who was allowed to stay in her personal house since she surely could pay off all her debts from the okiya she was from. three or more. Danna-(n. ) a geisha’s patron, a wealthy person who facilitates the geisha’s needs in return for hanging out with him privately * Nobu put in almost his entire life holding out to become Sayuri’s danna which in turn unforntunately hardly ever happened. four. Shamisen-(n. a three-string musical instrument that is enjoyed using a plectrum * Many geishas, if perhaps not all, had been taught tips on how to play the Japanese instrument called shamisen, that they used in activities. 5. Mizuage-(n. ) the coming of age ceremony of an beginner geisha, generally associated with the geisha’s loss of virginity, a large amount of money is to be paid to the geisha in return for her mizuage 5. According to Mineko Iwasaki, the geisha Arthur Gold interviewed intended for his book, a geisha’s mizuage was never received by means of bidding process.

X. Simple Summary: Chiyo Sakamoto, a female from a bit fishing town called Yoroido, was being unfaithful years old when ever her father sold her and her sister Satsu to a guy named Mr. Tanaka. These people were brought to Kyoto where Chiyo and her sister were separated, Chiyo stayed in Gion in the Nitta Okiya as a house maid, whereas her sister was brought to Miyagawa-cho where your woman worked like a prostitute. Chiyo started going to school to become geisha, nevertheless she learned all about her sister’s location, the girl went to search for her.

After they met, that they decided that they would errant a few times after, Chiyo tried to runaway but failed, which brought on her her schooling priviledges. As Chiyo continued to have as a cleaning service, knowing that the girl won’t observe her sibling again, the lady felt as if she has not any purpose anytime, then this individual met the Chairman whom treated her kindly, which usually gave her hope for an improved future. After this incident, she wanted to be a geisha wanting that she’d please the Chairman at some point.

Mameha, a well-known geisha in the Gion section, became her mentor and trained her to become a successful geisha, she then altered her name to Sayuri Nitta, in the Nitta Okiya. Though the girl had many admirers, your woman wanted no one but the Chairman to take notice of her, she worked hard to for this and in the end, the lady eventually learned that the Chairman acknowledged her way back then from the very first time they attained.

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