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The Pursuit Of Happyness In today’s contemporary society, people dedicate their whole life searching for joy. Millions of people today in America have belief inside the “American Dream” myth. The “American Dream” gives a person the right of life, liberty and quest for happiness.

Happiness can only be seen once a person achieves the American Fantasy through effort, determination, and persistence. The movie ‘The Quest for Happyness’ asserts the American Dream misconception through the lifestyle of Chris Gardener that every man is capable of what one particular wants anytime if he or she is able to struggle for doing it.

Chris Garden enthusiast is a salesman who is struggling to meet his ends, but nevertheless dreams of being financially free and content one day. The first field in the film creates you will that are necessary for a man in order to conquer the American Desire. One of the features being: Hard work. The initially sequence inside the movie takes place in S . fransisco where many people are walking to their careers with content faces with happy music. Chris is definitely shown being a person who appears up to them and relinquishes the happiness in their confronts.

Chris sells Bone Denseness scanners to generate a living, a medical tool that does not offer easily. He could be portrayed being a hardworking, unlucky, browbeaten human being who dreams of being able achieve the American Dream. He also has problems with the police and IRS for parking seat tickets and taxes respectively. To be able to meet ends, he functions hard and goes to multiple hospitals to market the scanning devices and build an income. As we all know, everyone needs these qualities to achieve anything in life.

Therefore this shows the idea that in case you are like Chris you also will be able to achieve the American Desire. This is an example of logos mainly because it uses the idea that no end result will come with out hard work to depict an image that types who tend not to struggle with stay away from anywhere in existence and kinds who will. The only method people are able to achieve anything in today’s world through hard expression, this is primarily due to gigantic competition. Whether it is a student or perhaps an executive, everyone these days are expected to work to their fullest to become able obtain their dreams in life.

One other characteristic that is portrayed in the movie is that of attitude, several attitudes towards dealing with things in life will always give you a diverse result at the conclusion. An example of this really is witnessed in the next scene with the movie that consists of a dialogue between Frank and his wife Linda about how exactly they are going to control their financial problems. This scene shows the attitude by which a single must approach a goal with. Chris tells her that he is organizing of getting started with an internship program as a stockbroker by Dean Witter, such that he’d be able to look after the family.

Linda however scorns him and makes a sarcastic review such as, “Stockbroker why not a great astronaut”. Frank has a confident attitude to how he can going to manage their ends, whereas Linda on the other hand includes a very unfavorable approach to matters in life and has quit all expectations they will be capable of fix their problems. The backdrop has no music to provide some anticipation to get the audiences. The use of solennit� is seen since it exhibits contrasting attitudes of a Dreamer and an inability in life.

The actual result for being great is observed at the end when ever Chris will be able to get the work and business lead a happy existence whereas, Hermosa on the other hand leaves to New York and never viewed again. Since Chris is usually portrayed because the Dreamer it shows the audience that a person must always look at things having a positive frame of mind to achieve the American Dream. Persons always agree that when you lose the willingness to get to something anytime you will never be capable of geting it. Being able to face problems with a positive frame of mind is required to capable of think clearly and correctly.

Pondering clearly offers the Dreamer with clear thoughts and determination that he could be needed to be capable of achieve his / her goal. Persistence has become a key factor in householder’s lives today due to the significant competition for each and every job beginning. Even if one fails the very first time, they must try again and again until one is successful in life. This could be seen later in the film, Chris transforms in his software personally for the head of recourses Mr. Jay Twistle. Once he had submitted his application he was persistent in trying to make an impression Mr. The author such that he’d be certain a spot for the internships.

To make sure this individual impresses Mister. Jay he shares a ride with him and tries to resolve the Rubik’s cube which is thought to be impossible to solve. As a result of his success in resolving the dice Mr. The writer is impressed with his abilities and is named in for an interview. Throughout this sequence Frank is once more displayed an individual who will never quit. Just the previous night his interview he was imprisoned but still would not give up. He does almost everything he can such that he can make the interview promptly. This landscape shows that just about every positive actions towards an objective is moving stone on the achieving the American Dream.

Since this is the start of his change in lifestyle the background music creates a satisfied but shock theme hinting that this person is going to achieve life if he retains up with these types of qualities. This gives an element of diathesis since it points out the attributes needed for efficiently achieving the American Dream throughout the life of Chris. Nowadays if 1 gives up chasing what they want in their life it will by no means come, dreams are issues that hardly ever come and fall in your hands, it constantly needs thoughtful advances made by the Dreamer.

As seen in the movie Bob never gives up till this individual gets the work therefore representing the amount of pursuing one should do to achieve some thing in life. It provides evidence that if one individual is able to obtain the American Dream through persistence, then everyone who tries to obtain the American Dream may also be able to satisfy their dreams. Determination is among the key elements at the rear of any good American Desire dreamer. Although by this time he has lost wife and house this individual does not quit. To be able to endure during his internship he would work twice as hard as he used to.

He’d try to complete an almost 8 hour task in six hours, promote the remaining code readers he had during that time for cash. When he thought that he may start living peacefully since he was capable to sell enough scanners to generate a living, the IRS requires all his money because of not paying taxation. He lives in community homes with his son but hardly ever gives up wish in his dream. At the end of the internship, he’s called in by Mr. Frakesh to congratulate on his new task. This displays the amount of perseverance one has to be willing to submit. To be able to accomplish such a massive dream a single cannot rest until their very own dream is usually fulfilled.

Because seen from the movie just about every second is usually precious when one is thinking, a perfect example is displayed when Bob does a eight hour task in six hours, this kind of shows that you can never waste time when they are decided to accomplish something in life. With today’s growing competition for each and every job opening, people have to work harder and harder. Even a tiny hint of withdrawal from a hundred percent effort will lead one’s dream to vanish in no time. As seen in Chris’s your life even though he previously lost almost everything in his your life he did not give up his efforts he put into his internship. This in turn allowed him to be effectively hired like a full time stockbroker.

As the old saying goes “There is always effort and sweating in every success”. In conclusion, hard-work, persistence, and determination are the key elements that can help and guide a man who would like to live the American Dream. Even nowadays people still believe in that efforts could pay off someday or another as they wish. They are the superb dreams whom still think that the American Dream continue to exists and has not vanished just like Philip dreamt. Thus if anyone one of you have a dream then you must not give up, just keep attempting.

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