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NAME: ASHVIN JAYABALAN I. C. NUMBER: 970202-13-5163 AGE: 15 YEARS OLD ADDRESSES: BLOCK forty seven, 0316, TAMAN UNGKU TUN AMINAH, 81300, SKUDAI, JOHOR BAHRU CONTACT NUMBER: 0168099798/0168508226 EMAIL ADDRESS: [email, protected]

COM NAME OF SCHOOL: SMK TAMAN REALISIEREN AMINAH BE MINDFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR “Be Very careful What You Wish For”. This is actually the phrases or topic that I am going to create an dissertation about it. Initial but not least I am going to explain the definition of the word desire. Wish means a feeling or express a solid desire or hope for something which probably will not occur to us.

We must not think that our dreams or wish will come true if you have nothing all of us do and rely on other people. On the contrary, we have to also beware of what we desire because this will come the case and some we all doesn’t need it. For example , we wish to turn into a popular and well-known person. Once we turn into famous, all of us will feel that something is lacking which is appreciate and happiness from your family or your family that is far from your place.

From there we all realized that whatever we wish is really nothing and to get close to the enthusiasts. So , we all will repent and get back where we all belong Later their own would like and wish. Some of them desire that they can win over a jackpot , 000, 000 of ringgits or betting in a on line casino. However , does this wish mean a lot for you personally or just to have fun. Truly my wish is to get a millionaire. Certainly, although my own dream is actually big yet I will assist individuals in will need such as old peoples, orphans and many more.

I will help them by building a house for them to stay so that as a shelter. This will likely makes them more at ease to stay. Let me also make a small institution for metropolitan poverty, child abandonment and abused child. They will have good education when they gets older and contribute to the country. Besides, I will spread foods and drinks towards the homeless on the street of Johor. This is because Seems blessed and so i want to bless others. It can be as simple as providing a bag of rice or perhaps tinned foodstuff to an individual out there who hungry.

Each time I offer I are answering another person’s prayer. Jointly says a great nation is not tested by the numbers of millionaires and billionaires, but the absence of the poor. There is a account that I want to tell about this topic. It really is about a son named Dexter. He lives with his father and mother in a small village at Perak. He is good at writing English essays. Therefore , he visited America to carry on his studies in essay writing. Then, he returned to his hometown in Perak and he wishes that this individual could become a great novelist.

His want came accurate and he was as cheerful as larks that this individual could turn into a popular author. Since then he previously written many good novels especially one of his catalogs entitled THE BEST FRIEND I HAVE EVER HAD. This kind of novel has received an honor from the World Books Honours in London. Because of his new, he had various fans and folks whole about Asia. Right now, he had turn into famous and he forgets about his family and as well his family and friends. One day, he met with a major accident on his in the past home via work.

Having been rushed for the nearest medical center by the accompanied by a the people around the scene. Once his family members heard this news, they raced to the clinic. They felt relieved that Dexter experienced only minor bruises in the body and had a busted leg. Once Dexter conscious, he was distress to see his family visit him. He regret that he had forget about his as well as promises that he would resume his completely happy and tranquility family again. There is also a tune that linked to this matter entitled HOME by Philip Daughtry.

This song says that we has to be careful of what we wish for because a number of our wish can come the case and some we all doesn’t need. He says once again that he’s not operating from his family but he considers that the areas and looks are getting old. Besides, this individual thinks that love provided by his fans is totally diverse with families love. To summarize, we must realize that every would like we ask for will have severe consequences later on. So , we must think properly before making any kind of decisions since it’s simply no use to crying and moping over a break up milk. (733 words)

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