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“After Midnight” versus “Summer Night” The poems “After Midnight”, by Louis Simpson, and “Summer Night”, by Antonio Machado, the two had their differences and similarities. First of all, both the poems have a visible image of darker elements.

However , the composition uses imagery for darker houses. “Who lives in these dark houses? ” (Simpson 9). This quote shows that the composition uses symbolism for dark houses, which usually differentiates in the poem “Summer Night”. This poem uses imagery pertaining to black dark areas. “Stone benches, burning bush, and acacias / track their dark shadows / symmetrically on the white sand. (Machado 6-8). This quote uses imagery by using the words “black shadow”. These two words make reference to a type of night. Both poems use images for darker elements, nevertheless both the poems use the darker element based on a words. Second of all, both the poetry include a type of lonely sense, however , they both identify in their own way because of the choice of terms used by the authors. The poem “Summer Night” uses different text to mean the loneliness. “I walk through this ancient village, / by itself, like a ghosting. ” (Machado 11-12).

Through this quote from your poem, the phrase that hopes a unhappy feeling is usually “alone”. This kind of word can be used along with a simile, comparing loneliness like a ghosting, which differentiates from the composition “After Midnight”. In this composition, the choice of wording is different. “I am all of a sudden aware as well as I might live here myself. ” (Simpson 8-9). This quote uses the word “myself” to infer a unhappy feeling. In this instance, the loneliness is not compared to nearly anything like the additional poem. Both poems nevertheless have a lonely sense, but both differentiate because of a choice of phrases.

Lastly, when you compare the two, both equally poems are applying the poetic device, simile. In the composition “After Midnight”, the offer “With just a drugstore glowing / Softly, such as a sleeping body”, (Simpson 2-3) shows that the simile utilized is mentioning the drugstore’s glow, which is being when compared with a sleeping body. The poem “Summer Night uses simile inside the quote “I walk through this historical village, / alone, such as a ghost. ” (Machado 11-12). This quote is referring to the narrator’s loneliness. The simile is employed to review the solitude to a ghost.

Both rates however are employing the graceful device, simile. The two poetry “After Midnight” and “Summer Night” are very interesting poetry that include diverse elements, making each poem unique, yet , both poems have their comparison, both poetry use imagery for a darker element, but the dark element is different in both case, both poems include a lonesome feeling as well both authors have penned their poetry accordingly to their writing style, and both poems include a simile by comparing 2 things together applying “like” or “as”.

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