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FOXCONN Abstract: Principles of Organizational Behavior from the point of view, along with Foxconn employees work attitude,  job satisfaction and work pressure, etc ., over a world-renowned firm Foxconn consecutive suicides occurred in a comparative analysis to explain the business In the era of the development process have to strengthen the management measures. Keywords: Foxconn, suicide, intellectual dissonance, job satisfaction,  work pressure From January 2010 to November 2010, just 10 months period, the industry’s leading OE companies Foxconn employees came about more than a number of suicides.

Shocked the complete community, Foxconn is also pushed to the cusp of community opinion, causing the committing suicide for many reasons, this conventional paper will follow the principles of company behavior, in the attitude of staff,  job satisfaction and work pressure angle analyze, and to make business inside the context in the times must be strengthened management measures. 1st, the background occasions Foxconn managing

January 23, 2010, 19-year-old horse to advance in staff training in the southern quarters Foxconn death in 2010, evening time of Drive 11, 0930, Fuji Kang Longhua base, surnamed Li, a 20-year-old male C2 in the living rooms, 5th Ground, fall lifeless , , November 5, 2010, a 23-year-old playground in Shenzhen Foxconn male workers fully commited suicide, which in turn occurred since the beginning of the 14th consecutive suicides. Second, the Foxconn management event evaluation Foxconn management event, the staff of suicide can be split up into two individual aspects of the occurrence and collective place. A separate suicide When a suicide occurs, Foxconn, Foxconn recruitment at the access is still full of people, once asked whether the candidates know that Foxconn committing suicide, the answer is regarded. When asked why to candidates, the solution is to open here on time wages, never in arrears. Foxconn released through the treatment of staff to see their very own three dishes a day can promise accommodation hardware, transportation, laundry and other basic living conditions may be guaranteed, which is also a number of job hunters in the know Foxconn suicide following the incident even now choose to operate Foxconn causes.

Why these kinds of basic conditions are attained, the staff, the staff or the effective suicides happen? The reasons are manifold. Data show the continuous Foxconn suicides have occurred in the younger era of personnel. Therefore , these kinds of new generation of workers to its very own characteristics and has a large amount of suicide, such as the current business environment due to excessive pressure on the employees, and these kinds of pressure generation, from the perspective of Organizational Behavior is the cognitive dissonance due to the employees.

Cognitive dissonance refers to any sort of attitudes and behavior are inconsistent will people truly feel uncomfortable, and so the individual will attempt to reduce this mismatch, uneasy, if not improve intellectual dissonance, then a pressure will increase staff, gathered to a certain extent when the pressure should not resolve, generally there may lead to committing suicide.

Cognitive dissonance caused by Foxconn employees is mainly due to low job satisfaction a number of years, Foxconn would not lower employee job satisfaction to improve this problem and take powerful measures, low job satisfaction is the effort of various elements caused, mainly due to the following four factors: � 1 ) Interest in working with low input pressure is huge. Foxconn, front-line personnel here is corresponding to a large equipment parts, every single day repeating similar work, and is refined into a product of your step, use months and years the actual accumulated pressure is very great, because such work isn’t just monotonous, but also hard to put into it.

Relative to the brand new generation of employees, all their fathers at work satisfaction can make money mainly depends on the simple duplication of work brought about by the pressure and can offer the economic cash flow compared to salary is prominent, even if compared to the current stresses facing the newest generation of larger,  make money to accomplish that goal will certainly significantly decrease the cognitive cacophonie caused by pressure, while the new generation of employees not any onger earn money as migrant workers for the sole purpose, more more to changes in lifestyle and seek out better options, when they encounter such a person is equivalent to the production machine since pArt of boring work, it can not compensate for low pay brought about by the effort of intellectual dissonance. installment payments on your Respect to get the low social groups, absence the necessary conversation. Foxconn, job to determine the finely-detailed to use secs, no time to stop working together, not to mention the exchange between each other. orking time, work at Foxconn Employees are aware, not any overtime is not making money, so their very own normal working time can be 12 hours to 2 shifts, that in addition to work, the time is very limited. to work together worn out after work activities of employees is best returned to the bedroom to rest, and live in a bedroom with its workers do not work nearly the same time frame, it will come in the administration of the event, Foxconn in order to call almost all their own room of brands of staff reward factor. pace, Foxconn Although a lot of employees, but basically no staff their own corporation, the villagers will be, college students will be able to boost employee communications and other companies is essential not. this environment also makes the job pleasure greatly reduced. Links to free download http://eng. hi138. com� several. Difficult to attain self-worth, aspirations and reality together much.

Foxconn, whether or not it is identified in accordance with the system 12 hours of overtime to work two shifts, the hand is definitely 1000 yuan. And these types of new technology of employees working at Foxconn Even though subjected to a particular degree of education, but its still somewhat lacking in life skills. and some small and medium enterprises are often past due wages in comparison to wages reaches work here at time, and the living conditions of the hardware is actually good, and so in Fuji health work is an inevitable choice. nowingly decide to pay the difficulties is hard to achieve their particular ideals, it is difficult to change its condition. and now a new generation of employees is definitely far less compared to the income with the purchasing power of their parents, hard work hard to get self- conclusion, leading to low job satisfaction. 4. The pressure would not retreat. Additionally little way, and personnel ompared to the older generation, a new generation of men and women growing up is different this kind of generation developing up with their very own fathers to become superior compared to many, their very own lives body of research is age of the city, all their requirements of life is estate, the rural satisfaction so that they can return to farming is definitely unrealistic, while due to its very own conditions, you want to really incorporate into downtown society, there exists a certain distance, But a new generation of employees in order to strive with, Foxconn is working towards his desire an important advance, but as conditions, skills and other limitations, further developmentis difficult, whether or not left Foxconn, a company could possibly be next One other “Foxconn”, or difficult to achieve genuine the usage into the city this goal. Home return, work hard in the city in which a fresh generation of employees to enhance dilemma pressure. (Two progressive, gradual suicide 1 . Continuous insurance of committing suicide affect staff attitudes, committing suicide is transmittable in the examine of committing suicide, suicide can be described as certain contagious. Many studies include described intended for television, radio and other press reported that a number of comprehensive suicide, plus the community of suicide or attempted suicide on the embrace incidents. installment payments on your

Suicide following your incident, the measures used by Foxconn is not successful in the Foxconn suicides happened during a continuous, its management of the event there is no successful intervention and management of change. Spate of jumping incident, Foxconn’s management introduced Wutai Mountain is one of the most famous monk, to pray for the useless zone. This will not only simplicity the committing suicide is not really contagious, but also elevated the secret suicide of employees mental spirits creating mischief that is certainly psychological significance, so that employees feel that they will commit committing suicide are via God. This may not be fundamentally solve the committing suicide contagious effect on staff. Third, the enterprise management measures to reduce staff suicide� one particular play towards the functions of trade assemblage.

Foxconn superb personal power in the face of a little capital, and later effectively try to be00 trade unions, employees and businesses in order to make equal dialogue becomes feasible, in order to be joining on the company, the employees protection of the privileges of the doing work pressure to obtain relief. (2) relying on the region to motivate policies that seek to obtain business transformation as a foundry, low labor costs in order to build and expand in the market. This has led to low staff salaries,  development of small issues. Want to modify this a predicament, only to large value-added industrial sectors, so firms do not count on cheap labor to revenue, so that workers have the opportunity to recognize their benefit to the organization, reduce job pressure. give attention to enhancing worker job pleasure and associated with appropriate realignment (1 to boost the work, enhance employee curiosity can learn the advanced management concept, in the same or different production lines next to implement standard exchange of staff for years do not let the same work, to lower pressure upon staff to reduce long repeated mechanical actions of tiredness, increase staff interest (2 to enhance conversation between workers can be set up work space interaction among personnel, who exchanges the same room ways to enhance the communication environment (3 business training to increase staff can be set up several useful talent developmenttraining programs, producing the lack of job skills and relatively low quality of the personnel have the opportunity to find out, have the opportunity to transfer to management, nevertheless also to more great localdevelopment of the administrative centre. 4 if a crisis takes place, urgent and effective response when an organization such intense issues early on, companies need to synchronize with the media and other relevant departments, to find the thoughts and opinions of the ongoing occurrence to minimize the impact of suicide. Fourth, the prospect

ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING (OEM) companies just like Foxconn, China’s economic prosperity and has a huge role in the development of its wonderful past, currently the face of recent situation, they face not only the extreme behavior of personnel, but also There are a array of issues including labor scarcity. how in the rapid advancement social background, to manage a fresh generation of employees, how you can increase their task satisfaction, steps to make them operate better while using business, steps to make them recognize their beliefs, healthy life, etc . These types of efforts not only businesses, nevertheless also the entire community ought to think about complications and believe in the company, society, joint initiatives of a new generation of employees, the challenge can be resolved and hope that Fuji extreme incidents such as health management problems will not happen again. Links to free download http://eng. hi138. com

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