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Angel Allen Professor Needle November 25, 2012 Chapter almost 8 Exercise two For each with the following products, write 1 paragraph figuring out the reasonable flaw. a. The political election couldn’t have already been fair- I don’t know anyone that voted for the success.

The fact that no one you understand voted intended for the victor does not mean that the election as unfair. “Argument of ignorance a. It would be wrong to prosecute Of that ilk for age discrimination, germane has always been a great corporate neighbors. The fact that allied has long been a great company neighbor, it is not wrong to prosecute him for age group discrimination in the event in fact it is accurate. ” Charm to pity b.

The decrease in cigarette smoking can be caused by increased limitations on smoking in public. Although smoking provides decreased you must not conclude the fact that result of smoking in public constraints was the cause of the decrease. ” Post hoc reasoning c. Bill Jensen’s proposal to create an on-site day-care centre is just the most recent of his harebrained tips. The fact that Bill Jensen proposes to produce an on-site-day-care center would not mind the idea is unwise. ” Ad hominem argument m. Since the introduction of coca-cola drinks at the start of the twentieth century, cancer has become the second- greatest great in the United States.

Diet coke drinks should be outlawed. Ahead of reaching valid conclusions, you would probably have to analyze a much greater sample to compare reasons behind cancer and this in fact diet coke drinks may be the cause of cancer. This will become a Hasty Generalization. , Rash generalization elizabeth. If mutual-fund guru Peter Lynch recommends this expenditure, I think all of us ought to purchase it. Regardless if mutual-fund wizard Peter Lynch recommends this kind of investment, it is far from wise to get it unless you have done the own exploration. ” Disagreement of expert f. We need to not enter in the flash-memory marketplace, we have been a leading producer of DRAM.

The fact that you have always been a top manufacturer of DRAM is usually not by itself a good reason to keep from the Flash-memory market. ” Appeal to pity g. The various other two hospitals in the city have applied computerized affected person record keeping, I think we should do so, too. The fact that the other clinics implemented digital patient record keeping is not in itself an argument we should get 1, too. ” Ad populum argument l. Our Unit X500 did not succeed because we failed to sell an adequate number of products.

Before attaining any valid conclusions, you would have make an effort more strategies on offering your Version X500, could be other factors could’ve been grounds why your sales are not successful. , Oversimplifying we. No studies have ever founded that Internet businesses may earn money, they may never do well. The fact that research has hardly ever been set up that Internet businesses can earn money will not necessarily mean that the Internet business will not succeed. Perhaps the statistics are certainly not yet available. There are Internet businesses which were out for years I’m sure they can be succeeding to become around to get so long. , Appeal to pity

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