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Ice-Candy-Man: A Feminist Perspective 2. Summary In Ice-Candy-Man the ladies characters can not be easily subjugated. Lenny, her Ayah Shanta, her mom and Godmother are capable of fresh roles and responsibilities. Is it doesn’t second new by a female writer dealing with the concept of the Partition of India.

Chances are to be a more neutral due to the distressing event of Partition which caused divisiveness, disharmony, shared suspicion, solidifying. Writer depicts the events overpowering the Rupture in their naked cruelty and ruthlessness.

She choose a motif which is totally different from the traditional issues”the issues of romantic involvements and the emotional stuff. In Pakistan the measure of liberty for women is usually considerably below it is out there in India. In this story feminine mind and experience are presented with a unique quality. Bapsi Sidhwa uses the structural unit and turns the female protagonists into the ethical centre, while most of the male characters both remain apathetic or take pleasure in destructive violence. In patriarchal social create masculinity means superiority whilst femininity means inferiority.

Masculinity implies power, action, self-assertion and dominance, superiority, femininity implies weakness, passivity, docility, obedience and self-negation. Through narrator Lenny the Bapsi Sidhwa lends pounds and validity to the girly perspective within the nature of surrounding reality. In a feminist text girl performs and controls and promotes the action by her effective involvement and concern and in the process it really is she who acquires the attributes of gallantry and beauty. In Ice-Candy-Man, Lenny’s marriage with her cousin upholds the rule of equality Ayah is a flame of sensuousness and female vitality.

Lenny’s mother and Lenny’s great aunt play the humanitarian and heroic part of struggling for the lives and property of Hindus. Those two women carry out the dangerous job of saving hails from danger. Godmother’s sense of humor, her deer-like speed, in spite of her old age, and her capacity to mould, alter and order not only people but however, system, when she therefore desires, earn her esteem and love of people around her. Nevertheless besides these kinds of qualities she actually is endowed with profound comprehension of human presence and her wisdom is definitely revealed once she gaming systems the Ayah, in the aftermath of what has been completed her.

Godmother concentrates in her character what the feminists feel is essential for a girl to realize her individuality the impression of self-worth. Khushwant Singh’s Train to Pakistan is usually manifestly a male task the focus is usually on the main character, Juggut Singh though he could be portrayed as a devil, the writer’s sympathy and love are clearly for him his jauntiness, his physical stature and then for his meaning stature. Ice-Candy-Man becomes a feminist text in the true impression of the term, successfully looking to bring to the centre-stage the female protagonists who come alive because of their practical presentation.

Because Literature is actually a powerful device with the help of which will creative writer modulate and change the contemporary society. Sidhwa illustrate the motif in which this individual discusses these determined women for who the traditional function is limited, women who desire to affirm their independence and autonomy and therefore are perfectly capable of if, perhaps new functions and responsibilities. Writers always wish to build a world which is free of dominance and hierarchy, a world that rests on the guidelines of rights and equality and is truly human.

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