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string(397) ‘ to undergo Photocopied a whole book, and ten pieces of Biography – data and I are not aware of how to correct the Xerox machine and i also call my own supervisor to express that the Photocopied machine is definitely broken and my supervisor said watch for me to correct the Xerox machine and I told to the consumer who want to experience Xerox has not been available but after a couple of minutes my supervisor came to his shop to repair it and I’m happy for that\. ‘

II. Simple History as well as Background in the Company as well as Company Profile The history of the Computer Shop is so uplifting for me since they start in a small business and for being diligent they develop a lot of business that make all of them higher than a eagle. Prior to we commence planning develop a computer shop we chose to start offering Shirts, Shoes or boots and some components we maintain all the funds we accumulate from our small company until we get a place where we can rent for each of our Computer Shop.

All of us start producing computer stands after head wear we bought only 3 (3) Pcs and we build our computer shop in the month of June season 2006. Some day we start opening each of our small Computer system Shop. Although I have simply here (3) Computers are not expecting we can have our clients early the next day even though our price per hour is 25 Pesos (25). In one working day we accumulate only three hundred fifty Pesos (350) although even though that money is too small for us, it is fine because it can help for the business to generate It Big.

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All of us continue opening our Computer Shop until we purchase another Several (4) Pcs so we have Seven (7) Computers also because of that we collect a whole lot of moneys that support us to obtain a Printer Machine and a Scanning Equipment because of that were so anxious because there`s a lot of task we all do. And so we begin finding the helper and we find Jiegs Silang he could be a High institution graduate but he is so intelligent he can a fast student about pcs. He live in Nasugbu Batangas he is our helper until our Computer Shop turns into one year.

We decided to name our Pc Shop as well as the name of it is Awoor Open Kalate Compuer Repair Shop, we decide to that brand because we all also vehicle repairs computer just like Formatting and PC Building. This business is so amazing because it helps you to give education to my personal children all of us continue controlling our Computer system Shop right up until we acquire moneys u buy six (6) Computers so that we certainly have a total of 13 Computers. We full our computers in he year of 2011.

We could so content and pleased because wish not expecting that our organization will become extended and then we add some small business like Master Shomai, Coco Prince then add, Fish Ball, Kikiam and Kwek Kwek Stall. In the year 2012 are not expecting that the small business all of us add will become large right up until we account a lot helpers, like Eileen Silang, Accelle Joy, Darwin Silang and John Paul Montales. They are he one that helps us to build and to manage our business which can be seven years from 2006 until 2013 even though we reach seven years we did not plan to stop our business as it help me to possess a Good Life.

III. Overview of the OJT Experience The Student is Mr. John Paul Noveno Montales, On-the-job schooling is one of the requirements of any kind of students using the Diploma or degree in Laptop Electronics and Technology. We started in my own OJT about month of July 07, 2012 and this month of July Now i am pretty well taught to work below because My spouse and i worked below before now I begin to OJT My spouse and i achieved like Hard disk drive from the computer can be broken and for this operate I substituted another Disk drive.

I also have other achievement such as typing a very long account, laminate of ten pieces of ID images, Xerox of 1 piece of English language book and of course all of this had been done and completed. And month of August It is good other achievements like if the strength supply of the computer is damage and for this kind of work once again I changed another power supply and finally the energy supply of the computer is operating again.

Through the month of august It is good to say other achievements like the ram or storage of the computer system is no longer working for brief it was damage and I do this it must be to clean the memory by using a pencil eraser to work it once again. Month of August We am even now typing a really long story of a parable, Xerox of ten items Diploma, eight pieces of Birth Certificate, eight pieces of Biography – Info and layered five bits of ID images and of course all of this were accomplished.

And now in month of September Now i am very happy mainly because my supervisor was showcase me to a computer helper and this We recounted my parents that I was promoted to a computer helper. I also have another achievement on this month of September like Xerox, creating, laminate and typing an additional long story of the parable that just as I had performed previously. The last time that I’m enroll in in month of September 30, 2012 I stopped to attend the OJT since I’m extremely busy to make my project in my major subject and I also review my minimal subject and major subject for this coming final examination.

The month of November I will begin again to attend the OJT because now I have a chance to OJT since I`m certainly not too occupied in school and my boss was incredibly glad because I was capable to return to OJT again and i also was extremely glad likewise. I made this month of November was reformatting 10 pieces of laptop on the other comp shop but it really was held by my personal supervisor and i also made? this two days because relatively long after I reformat and Set up drivers and games certainly I completed all carry out ten pieces of computer and it will be open to earn money.

And this month of December I still would OJT and I experienced each of our Xerox equipment was cracked and exactly two man who would like to undergo Photocopied a whole publication, and ten pieces of Biography – data and I have no idea of how to repair the Xerox machine and I call my own supervisor to talk about that the Xerox machine can be broken and my supervisor said wait for me to correct the Photocopied machine and i also told to the customer who want to undertake Xerox has not been available but after a few minutes my supervisor came to his shop to solve it and I’m completely happy for that.

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I ended again to go to the OJT and this was the Second time to stop to attend my own OJT because that time was going to prepare for Xmas and of course this was the day we have a family gathering together occasionally we just take along , together and this only takes place when there exists an occasion like Christmas. We started again to attend my OJT mainly because I`m not really busy within my family and i have the perfect time to attend my OJT and today I will perform what do i need to do like Xerox five pieces of files and PC assembling.

Now I stopped again to attend my OJT which is the Third time to stop to go to my OJT because today was New Year’s Day and I’m happy because was the day time we have a family group gathering with each other again as well as we all have got families finish and by a dozen o’clock each morning We viewed fireworks while flying and then many of us eat with each other.

And this month of January I started again to attend my OJT and I likewise achieved like formatting some type of computer, pc building, and I skilled our motherboard of the system unit had been overheat and because it was broken and it absolutely was not available so I just substituted another motherboard for it to work again and Now i am happy as the motherboard with the system unit was working so we are able to use it once more the time of my OJT was close to I put in my days and nights only to total my OJT and I was very happy because the seven months I spent several hours on the compensation shop I had been fully done my OJT.

A. Fresh knowledge, thinking, and abilities acquired The first i had discovered in the Awoor Open Kalate Computer Repair center is to be a hard working person and to be a responsible to all or any things which will I do. I also discovered how to repair Xerox Equipment and how to put it to use. It was really easy to Xerox but in my personal OJT experience it was so hard if there have been a lot of papers to be done and I was thus glad i learn how to use it. I as well applied in the Comp store my expertise in computer system when I was high school. Sometimes it was thus boring and tedious to have my OJT because I actually am single and don’t include friends to but the only thing that I did was play a lot of music and watching videos it was my doings after i am uninterested and boring it was why don’t stop my OJT and to accomplish my personal goals around me and I ought to finish my OJT for my family. W. Theories actually seen in practice I realized that if there is an OJT was not so easy, tedious, helped me being sluggish I believed it when I am carrying out a lot or you had not do although I achieved it by pressing myself to did my own jobs also to push me personally to be a hard working person.

I likewise learned that in all respects of challenges there was a simple solution. I also push myself not to quit my OJT and not to halt to fix my personal problems that I actually encountered. At this point, if I have a problems that I aren’t solve My spouse and i pursue to make it and to be successful to my OJT instead of giving up I will make my far better to be a successful person. C. Feedback that may be given to the business or institution When I started my OJT my manager ask me personally that the things i can do to his pc shop or perhaps if I find out something about in computers.

We said certainly to my supervisor I use know anything to personal computers and I thought to my manager that if perhaps there was something which I didn’t know was going to betray my personal supervisor and I said to my own supervisor i am quickly learner. I also thought to my boss that I can help more to his computer store because I actually am getting better when I was doing some thing and practice for it and i also am good in some jobs like keying in some files and mending computers. I enjoy my OJT.

In some doings I am compatible with my OJT because I had some ideas to help to my OJT and I knowledgeable the others challenges so my OJT has not been so hard in any way. D. Benefits gained The benefits that the trainee learns with the Awoor Available Kalate Laptop Repair Shop are as follows: to get discipline with the work and be accountable and smart, must always be on time, and to be patient with all the customer should certainly come. I started to my own OJT I learned to get responsible to all or any aspects and also to be thorough, hard functioning and of course to be friendly and patient.

My spouse and i promise to myself that we will not neglect what I discovered. I will bear in mind it until I was alive and use it to all points that can apply because of you may have this frame of mind you can identify by other folks. It will be appropriate when I good friends or I have my own job and to my personal fellow staff. In what I actually learned to my OJT and to my own loving parents I will use for all things around me and I are so happy that I discovered. I will perform my far better to be a powerful man to acquire good and peaceful life. E. Complications encountered

The challenge that the student encountered with the Awoor Available Kalate Computer Shop is definitely the Xerox machine was cracked and exactly two man who wish to undergo Xerox a whole book, and ten pieces of Biography – info and I have no idea how to repair the Photocopied machine and i also call my own supervisor to state that the Xerox machine is definitely broken and my director said await me to fix the Xerox machine and i also told to the customer who want to undertake Xerox had not been available yet after a couple of minutes my manager came to his shop to correct it and I’m cheerful for that.

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