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SOWK 503 – Fall season 2012 Project #1: Document Critique 9/26/12 Julie Emmer LCSW LIMIT Abstract The goal of this paper is to seriously critique and evaluate the analyze: Parenting a Child With a Disibility: The Part of Social Support for Dark-colored Parents, authored by Jung – Hwa St?lla till med ett, Jan T. Greenburg, & Marsha Mallick Seltzer. This kind of paper can critically apply the Environmental Perspective and Systems Theory, to the interpersonal concern since it addressed through this study.

This daily news will make this happen critique by assessing the hypothesis, assessing the method of study, and critically discussing the results of the research in question utilizing the key principles of the conscience mentioned theories. Upon the completion of this kind of paper, you will have a full understanding of the analysis, and how it may well relate to field of Cultural Work by using a Systems Theory perspective.

Analyze of: Child-rearing a Child Which has a Disability: The Role of Social Support for African American Father and mother Key Principles of research The study Child-rearing a Child With a Disability: The Role of Social Support for African American Father and mother, was executed as an expansion with the findings of previous research. There have been a many studies which may have examined the racial influence of the parents of incapable children, however , few possess examined the influences which may affect an African American relatives raising a disabled child.

Therefore , the goal of this examine is to take a look at the following two areas of fascination: (a) the effect of having a child with a incapacity on parents’ mental and physical overall health among urban-dwelling African People in america and (b) the level to which great and unfavorable social connections with family other than the spouse moderate the impact of child’s disability on parent adaptation (Ha, Greenberg & Mailick Seltzer, 2010). The authors’ determination for this study is to offer empirical facts to assist professionals in handling possible requires when, providing social services to this population or environment of lients. Important information and worries related to the social matter. The creators of this study referenced a number of previous research that reinforced their theory of, relatives support from all other than a partner will characteristic to well-being and equal homeostasis with the parent. Past studies “suggest that expanded families amount to a main social network pertaining to African People in the usa and provide essential financial and instrumental support (Ellison, 1990). Furthermore, support from family member is related to pleasure and your life satisfaction among African People in america (Ellison, 1990).

In addition , additionally it is suggested with this study that negative entropy (interactions) or perhaps lack of supra system (extended family) involvement may effects the father or mother in a negative manner. The reasoning of the focus on African American parents, should be to assess the influence of having a disable kid, and how it could affect the negative energy that may be already experienced in the friends and family system simply by oppression and discrimination. This kind of study was conducted in urban areas in Milwaukee state Wisc. being a continuance from the Midlife in the United States Study (MIDUS, Brim, Ryff, & Kessler, 2004).

The African American Milwaukee, wisconsin sample provided a unique possibility to address within-racial group variations in the impact of having a child having a disability. (Ha, Greenberg & Mailick Seltzer, 2010). The sample group of the study was obviously a group of twenty four families having a disable child that is afflicted with one of the pursuing disorders: autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, or intellectual disability, or was ever afflicted with a long-term serious mental health problem. The comparison selection of 144 was families comprising at least 1 child and no kids in the friends and family system have a handicap. Theory Concepts

The devices approach efforts to view the earth in terms of irreducibly and integrated systems. That focuses interest on the whole, as well as the complex interrelationships between its constituent parts. The systems theory sees each of the aspects of a person and the environment as an individual system and a great interrelated system. A cultural system is a particular order of systems… composed of persons or groups of individuals who have interaction and affect each other’s behavior. “Within this buy can be included persons families, organizations, areas, societies, and cultures” (Robbins, Chatterjee & Canda, 2011).

The systems theory allows us to examine the focal program from a micro, meso, or macro perspective. Keeping all of the specific systems autonomous, while nonetheless being able to conceptualize the interrelatedness of the systems together. Just like the systems theory, the environmental theory embraces many of the same concepts, but has simplified the focus, so that it does not include such a broad perspective of the system. The Environmental theory is usually an adaptable, evolutionary perspective of human beings in constant exchange interchange with all aspects of their environment (Germain & Gitterman, 80, p. 5).

The idea that person and the environment are fiel and must be considered with each other, is major assumption with this theory. The person and his or perhaps her environment form a unitary program in which each is dependent on the other and directly designs each other. Putting on theory and key principles The sample of human population of this analyze was derived from a population in the cities of Milwaukee. Even though this kind of study did not disclose data concerning the environment and the environment of the subject matter, it would be reasonable to assume that they are patients of coercive and exploitive power.

The reasoning in this assumption is definitely the geographical location on this study, is famous for having an increased number of creation plants and heavy polluting of the environment. The coercive power that has been afflicted is definitely quantified in the study, together with the fact, the subjects usually do not reside in close proximity to any social providers. This study was carried out to gauge the affect of raising children with a impairment this environment. Further target was put on the effects of synergy from a supra program (family) around the focal system (parents), and the possible negative health effects derived from deficiency of synergy.

The results of this study had been divided into two sections. The first section was to measure the effects creating a child which has a disability (sub system) is wearing the focal system. The negative energy from a sub system with a incapacity did include a negative effect on the focal system’s physical health, and homeostasis. The negative effect on the homeostasis of the focal system was attributed to physical impairments of the subjects. Nevertheless , this was noticed only in the older inhabitants that was studied and may even have been due to the within physical activities that is certainly needed to maintain a child with special requirements and ageing.

This factor supports the idea of adaptation of the focal system to achieve the goodness of fit in their habitat. The lack of mental health disorders in the central system, may also indicate that entropy by resources in the environment or supra program, may cause the same amount of mental distress inside the focal group as a whole. The 2nd purpose of this study was to examine the result of orders between the supra system plus the focal system. Specifically how a focal system’s homeostasis is usually affected by the exchange of positive, and negative energy, or entropy.

The benefits of this study partially reinforced the hypothesis that positive energy transactions between the focal, and supra system is a predictor from the homeostasis in the focal program. The positive and negative mental affect is less when a program has great energy deals with the supra system, also, leads to a well-balanced homeostasis and goodness of fit. In return, the systems with entropy or bad energy ventures from the supra system are more inclined to have reduced coping procedures, and a lower goodness of fit. Emerging patterns.

Examination of this study from a systems point of view did yield an growing pattern. I used to be able to gain access to the importance, and interrelatedness of a system. This study supplied empirical proof that systems are connected with each other. The deal of energy coming from a sub or a supra system is going to affect the homeostasis of the central system. This effect might be positive or perhaps negative, yet non-e the less, it can affect the central system. This study likewise provided proof that a program will adjust to its environment to achieve a goodness of fit and equal homeostasis.

The systems theory was able to help me measure the interrelatedness from the study, however , it do also assist to recognize the constraints of research. One such restriction is slim focus of the research. I believe for the study to be effective, the writers would have needed to address sociable concerns, coercive power, and exploitive power, which may be impacting the focal system all together. Compressive summery Upon completion of this study I did possess a new understanding and enlightenment concerning the African American parents of disabled children.

This research demonstrated the negative influence on homeostasis and physical overall health, that is created from negative strength transactions while using supra and sub systems. However , We am eventually left with questions concerning the efficiency of this analyze. This analyze was performed in a nondiverse community on the very small test size. Therefore , I believe that further analyze is needed, with all the focus group living in different communities and being subjected to different environmental influences.

Furthermore, this goal sample was limited to children with mental disabilities, also to effectively examine this subject, the test must be extended to include physical disabilities. This kind of study was in an environment that will be oppressed and suffering from methodical discrimination. I was amazed to read that the individuals with incapable children weren’t afflicted with even more mental disorders than the persons without impaired children. This aspect elevates concern regarding the environment of the sample group. This analyze stated that population is usually isolated coming from resources, and has a large unemployment price as well.

All these factors is going to affect the wellbeing and homeostasis of a person. Therefore , I believe that additional exploration is necessary to assess the community stressors and influence around the overall well being and homeostasis of the community. These impacts should not be discovered only for this kind of study, but for also gain access to need, and provide resources for this kind of population. Resources Ha, J., Greenberg, T. S., & Mailick Seltzer, M. (2010). Parenting children with a disability: The position of support for black parents. The Journal of Contemporary Social Providers, 92(4), 405-411.

Robbins, S., Chatterjee, G., & Canda, E. (2011). Contempory individual behaivior thoery. (3rd ed., p. 38). Sadddle Riv, NJ: Allyn & Cash. Ellison, C. G. (1990). Family connections, Friendships, and Subjective Wellbeing among Dark Americans. Log of Relationship and the Relatives, 52(2), 298–310. Germain, C. B. & Gitterman, A. (1980) The Life Model of Interpersonal Work Practice. New York: Columbia University Press. Green, L. (1999) Environmental Perspective an eclectic assumptive framework to get social operate practice (2nd ed., s. 259-308). Nyc: Aldine DeGruyyer

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