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This painting was named Skull Existence with a Skull and a Writing Quill. It was made by Pieter Claesz back in of 1628.

This was actually among the earliest bits of his profession in piece of art these stills.

He was an artist that gave remarkable presence to familiar issues. In this portrait there’s a big skull that you can’t miss in the middle of every thing. This skull looks to wind up as 100 years old. It includes one long slash topping its skull, like if somebody came and slashed him with a cutting knife or some thing. The front of its deal with looks smashed up and caved in. The brown on it makes it seem interesting.

It provides the skull a nice aging look as if it’s been around for centuries. Unlike some other skulls though this one has an overturned cup on the side of its encounter. Looks like someone pressured it inside. And if you look closely you can view the reflection the cup from the skull. You could also see the reflection of the window. See the frame and everything. This skull can be laying upon what appears like a journal.

It has to be a record cause you will find a feather coop. Those pages on the diary look unbelievably old. There exists one of those outdated lamps that were used in older days. Those that lit up up with fireplace and not electricity. Your capable to see separate the lights versus darker in the portrait. If you squint you can see some sort of writing around the right side of the piece of art. Can’t seriously see what says although.

I selected this portrait because it seemed very interesting. My spouse and i looked by using a bunch of distinct pieces of art done by him and a lot of them include skulls in it. For some reason. And then he just adds random items in that to make the painting stand out even more. This designer takes common things and make them in to something that you never found before. As an example the glass in the skull. I use never found that anywhere before.

I like the way in which he stressed the light versus dark with this painting. It is possible to see where still lumination is and exactly how it makes every other thing in this art work pop out. I do think that one of the reasons why this individual added the journal inside was to present that the person who that head is assume to be might have been a very good and bright article writer. In this piece of art I see the life of a outstanding writer whom died with his knowledge. His whole profession is proven in this one particular little part. One of the things that catch my own eyes in art work is creativity and this person took whatever possible and he turned it in to art.

Who would of thought that by simply randomly adding a down with a head and a glass can of manufactured something into one of the very best early even now light artwork.

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