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TATA PICCOLO – RESEARCH ON ORGANIZATION CHALLENGES IN INDIA Introduction Struktur Nano, pet project of the chairman of the Tata Group Mr. Ratan Tata was obviously a car which has been expected to change the face of automobile sector in India. In the extremely competitive small-car market of India, Struktur Nano assured to set the bar so high that this would become extremely difficult for the competitors to fit.

The imagine owning a car for as low as Rupees 1 lakh (Rs. 100, 1000 – roughly USD2500) was too attractive for millions of Indians who cannot afford even a tiny car.

The sort of extensive multimedia coverage Orde Nano received right from your day it was declared through the entire period until the first units had been handed over to the owners was something that its competitors imagined. However , following two years of launch, the Tata Piccolo manufacturing plant at Sanand in Gujrat, India is running at about 20% use. People’s Car- It is a common sight in india to view an entire family of four travelling on a two-wheeler in heavy traffic and bad road conditions through the year. Car Ownership across countries – Present and Future

Just like be seen in the IMF statement above, car ownership in India is usually expected to increase exponentially inside the coming years. India’s Expansion in GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT Per Capita Combining the predictions about car possession in India with the development in GDP per Household in India, we can plainly see why the auto sector, especially the small car market is one of the most competitive groups in India at present. In a market such as this, a car just like Tata Nano had the potential to sell like hot truffles. But it did not. Let us today try and realise why Tata Piccolo was not able to meet industry expectations. Reasons for Setbacks

Tata Nano (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Too Many Crises – Since its launch with great fanfare in 2009, the Nano has survived from crisis to a different. There was resistance to Tata’s original plans to web page the factory in West Bengal, as talked about later, driving a last-minute scramble to switch the site to Sanand. It opened last summer, although not enough autos came from the production collection to fulfill the first orders. To create matter more serious, a few cars catching flames on road, raising fears about the Nano’s safety. Price –Nano’s value, which was supposed to be its USP, is obviously one of the major reasons behind its low sales.

Intended for majority of Indians, owning a car is certainly not about electricity or range of motion, it is a wish, ambition and status image, just like a property. So , the reduced price of Nano will not turn it in to an asset. It might be more like a commodity. Also, the initial marketing and promotion of Nano offered the average customer the idea that owning a Nano will somehow certainly be a confirmation with their poverty, but not a way to get free from it. As luck would have it, a big range of Nano’s buyers buy Nano as their second or third car following already proudly owning another car. This portion is not really the segment initially targeted by Orde.

Resale-The re-sale car marketplace gives hard competition towards the Nano. A 3-4 year old used car originally costing 3-4 lakh in on-road cost (like Chevrolet Spark and Maruti Alto) can pose a stiff obstacle to Nano given the relative price-parity that emerges when it comes to re-sale. For instance, Nano’s Mumbai on the road price for Std BSIII model pegged at 1 . 51 lakhs is a handful of walks away from the Rs. two lakh plus used-car-version ‘Spark’. People, who may choose the advanced unit Nano Cx BSIII, might consider deciding on ‘Spark’ or ‘Alto’ considering the fact that the said Nano version costs around 1 . a couple of lakh rupees. In fact , Piccolo seems to have failed to pose a challenge to the industry players with this re-sale car niche section. Needless to say, there isn’t much value extracted by a Nano upon reselling either. Saving Nano – To improve Nano’s market efficiency, Tata motors is trying to expand to other parts searching fresh markets for Nano. Provided its modular design, Nano can be set up and produce in practically all over the place on the planet. Consequently, Tata is looking at SAARC nations, Latina America and also other regions, where the economic circumstances are similar to India.

Also, Struktur is thinking of coming up with Piccolo electric types and even a Nano diesel powered version Following suffering setbacks with the first market response, Tata Power generators hired Carl-Peter Forster, an ex boss of General Motors Europe because head of Tata Motor in February 2010. Following taking charge, Forster realized that he will have to reinvent the Nano business model. There is no real national syndication scheme, little or no marketing and advertising, with out effective approach to consumer finance. The irony is that many countryside Indians under no circumstances got to notice bout and have the opportunity to view the car that was meant to help transform their lives. Issues with Ridotto The Nano’s marketing concerns began having its product placement. The price crept up by simply around 15%, putting it of the reach of new buyers with no regular employment or payslips to back an application intended for credit. And by emphasising the cheapness instead of its simple but appealing qualities, it deterred somewhat better-off consumers who could afford one particular but aspired to improved vehicles, such as those via Tata’s biggest rival, Maruti, the leader in India’s small-car market.

Political Controversies – Nine a few months after the Acara susunan acara Nano was unveiled to much excitement, and with only weeks before the first car was scheduled to roll from the assembly line, Acara susunan acara announced it absolutely was pulling out of West Bengal where job was around complete on the assembly herb. Company Leader Ratan Struktur noted that Tata Motors had currently invested 15b rupees (US$343m) in the tiny car job. But they experienced forgotten a vital detail the must for large investors trying to start big-idea investments on land held by poor, mostly illiterate peasants in developing countries.

At the bottom from the Singur peasant resistance was the need for a land reform that enables cowboys to have actual choices about whether to stay farming or do something more. For Acara susunan acara Nano, the us government of West Bengal asked more than 15, 000 cowboys in Singur to accept settlement for a thousand acres of farmland on what the Nano plant would be built. Yet , almost straight away, as many as 2k peasants rejected the reimbursement, and required their area back. Maqui berry farmers complained that the state communist government forcibly took their particular land to give to Acara susunan acara.

With the help of the opposition functions, peasants in opposition to the property acquisition recorded petitions in court. In January, a Calcutta High Court threw out all the complaints, judgment that there were “no breach of the Terrain Acquisition Take action or any additional regulation” by the West Bengal government in getting the area. But don’t underestimate the tenacity of angry cowboys. When legal avenues were shut, Singur peasants took to the roadways, organising daily protests and roughing up workers used of the Nano factory.

Since the protesters grew even more menacing, Ratan Tata was forced to admit the possibility of never seeing an individual Nano rotate off the flower in Singur. While Acara susunan acara was thinking about the future of his pet project, ad probably the most audacious assignments in the history of Tata Power generators, Narendra Modi – the Chief Minister from the Indian condition of Gujrat approached him and assured to provide every support essential for Tata to maneuver the plant kind Singur to Sanand. Finally, Tata made a decision to move to Sanand and the initially Nano thrown off the assembly lines for Sanand soon after.

Yet, even while it was able to relocate and hit the market with slight hold off, Tata must reflect on what happened in Singur to avoid jogging into the same problem in other places. Part of the trouble was not enough clear and transparent settlement between typical representatives, Orde and the federal government of West Bengal. Even though the West Bengal government provided peasants payment package that was approach above the going rate, the lingering notion among the peasant was that a big chunk from the money was creamed off by tainted government representatives.

To avoid this perception, authentic or bogus, Tata should have negotiated straight with cowboys, by-passing the West Bengal government. Second of all, even as Orde boasted associated with an initial start up of 250, 000 Nanos from the Singur plant, providing thousands of jobs to citizens, it failed to make Singur residents take ownership from the plant. To the people of Singur, wealthy Tata was going to grab their very own land to make billions of dollars for by itself. Nano burning down ,  To make matters worse, three Nanos possess caught fire because of a lot of reason or maybe the other since its launch raising serious questions about it is safety and severely damaging its Company Equity.

Nevertheless Tata Motor has not commented on the causes of the fires, there has been good word-of-mouth bad publicity towards car. Recommendations Tata Ridotto has been a really interesting case regarding studying business in India and other emerging markets. They have seen some very interesting levels and levels which are exceptional to the American indian market. Nevertheless , following advice can be produced: 1 . Cleanup the Brand Photo – Piccolo first of all should re-establish by itself as a reputable brand. This might be the hardest thing to do offered the beating the brand graphic has taken because of the fire.

Nano would have to aggressively focus on its PUBLIC RELATIONS and show how a accidents are generally not because of defects in Nano’s design nevertheless because of a lot of unfortunate external factors. 2 . Define a Marketing Strategy – Nano needs to have marketing strategies to focus on its actual consumer segment which is the masses of India and show off the Ridotto as an aspirational merchandise for them instead of coming across since an accessory for the rich. three or more. Focus on Additional Countries – Export Nano to Philippines, Eastern Europe and also Brazil as well as Southeast Asia wherever it can be sold without the poor name it offers earned in India.. Use Shareholder bottom of Orde – Acara susunan acara Motors have a shareholder base of around 350, 000 right now. It could be employed to boost Ridotto sales through discounts etc . 5. Rework on Costs – the moment Nano started out, a major concern was to prove whether it had been possible to manufacture a car which may be sold at the price tag on Rs. 1 lakh. That time has been verified. The real obstacle now is creating profitable car business. If perhaps Tata starts pricing its Nano within a range exactly where it is more cost-effective, it would initial, reduce the deficits Tata incurs per car, as well as give the brand a facelift.

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