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1st, I will suggest to Mr. Dickson to begin with a distribution procedure that quite simply matches his capability. He must analyze the pros and negatives of finding a highly effective distribution style and this intensely depends on his finances and production capability.

Several ways happen to be producing a small display of his products at regional stores and advertising more than telephones. Second, Mr. Dickson should learn how his product sells. With the first step, he now has to weigh his options regarding where and exactly how his item sells”whether through local retailers or any various other way that he can imagine.

Which ever method he may pursue, he will need to bear in thoughts which procedure can him more support. Thirdly, Mister. Dickson ought to think about his options in promotions to his intended market.

As Mr. Dickson had currently established an association with the regional stores and he feels that his product is even more superior to the other manufacturer, one way to present and propagate his system is through participating in local exhibitions and feature reveals wherein he can introduce his sauce to greater and more proven distributors and retailers.

Through this, he can have contacts to bigger grocery stores and a wider market. The last stage is that for Mr. Dickson to consider his alternatives before making the concluding decision. Mr. Dickson should to start with establish a circulation network and this network should certainly sell enough to preserve his product without an excessive amount of attempt in the part. (Debelak, 2004)

The primary problem of Mr. Dickson is the limited distribution that his product achieved in spite of his tries to sell this to regional markets. Although since this individual has the support of his restaurant consumers and a massive confident on his product, I think that he should keep on doing in the basic”which can be promotion. The constraint now is how and where this individual promotes.

As I see it, seeing that he contains a small link with local supermarkets, he ought from there. This individual should build small shows in the supermarkets and go to local characteristic shows to ensure that people will probably be introduced to his sauce.

And I think that he should not quit advertising in his restaurant. He should also create small displays on his restaurant and should continue utilizing it in his recipes. Through this, the confidence of his consumers and the achievement of his product may even reach others through person to person, which is tiny on his part.


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