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In all the several texts that had been studied, the themes of ‘Love & conflict’ will be apparent. In Shakespeare’s Perform ‘Romeo and Juliet’, we get the impression that probably the nurse has more affection intended for Juliet compared to her real parents. It was the doctor that brought up and breastfed her.

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Her parents appear to be quite remote and distanced and are keen on controlling her. However , we come across their authentic affection on her behalf when they are grief-stricken after they discover Juliet’s death. In Catrin, like the Capulet’s, we can see the mother, Gillian Clarke trying to control her daughter.

Although this is not a substantial confrontation simply a petty dispute in which the mother recognises that conflict will almost always be a part of mother/daughter relationships. This could be seen in What has Happened to Lulu, where the conflict between mom and child has escalated to the point where the daughter experienced she must leave. Similarly, in the poem, A frosty Night, Alice is upset as her mother’s take pleasure in is handling and obstructing. The text messages suggest that relationships are not constantly healthy between parents and daughters.

The structure of Romeo and Juliet requires the form of a traditional narrative with the growing problem of Juliet’s organized marriage getting to a climax with her loss of life then a image resolution of the feuding families making up. In Catrin, the traditional structure is definitely abandoned: and replaced with a more complex story beginning with a flashback. It’s the only towards the end where all of us understand their particular conflict. In ‘A Frosty Night’ and ‘What has happened to Lulu? We come across a more traditional framework with the tale unfolding in a chronological method.

However , precisely what is interesting about the 20th century text messaging is that non-e of them are solved at the end in contrast to Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare’s play is fairly alike ‘A Frosty Night’ as the conflict is revealed through dialogue although in ‘Catrin’ and ‘What Has Happened to Lulu’ the story is presented through the first-person. The cultural and traditional contexts with the texts happen to be marked differently. Romeo and Juliet was written in the late 16th 100 years while the other poems had been written in the modern day and, therefore , shows the behaviour and principles of their occasions.

In Romeo and Juliet, unlike today, children weren’t expected to question the specialist of their father and mother. Moreover, it absolutely was the custom for parents to arrange their kid’s marriage and sometimes leads to severe conflict. This is evident in Shakespeare’s play and finally leads to the death of both children. In all the poems, the issue in a parent-child relationship basically as severe as in Romeo and Juliet. While Alice and Lulu felt limited and constrained by their mothers they could at least have acted more assertive with their father and mother and even go away as Lulu’s disappearance was.

In Catrin, the conflict is of a trivial mother nature which tends to make occurrence in many families. Inspite of their apparent differences, precisely what is remarkable is that parent/child conflict has remained through as well as therefore it is conceivable to understand the confrontation among Juliet and her parent’s even though it was written above four hundred in years past. In all the text messages, powerful emotive language is usually illustrated. In ‘Romeo and Juliet’, we see Old Capulet verbally disorders Juliet within an aggressive and threatening manner, “Hang thee, Young Baggage!

Disobedient Wretch!  he screams. While in ‘Catrin’, Clarke uses the highly effective metaphor “tight red rope of love which in turn we both fought against over. In ‘A Cold Night’, Robert Graves ends the poem and the mother/daughter conversation with Alice shouting, “Mother i want to go. As well, in ‘What Has Happened to Lulu the younger brother reveals “I heard someone cry, in anger or perhaps in pain. Perhaps it is far from surprising that emotive language is employed all things considered the poems are borne out of love.

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