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Understanding nourishes belonging, a lack of understanding prevents this Understanding can nourish belonging and let that grow, on the other hand a lack of understanding can damage someone’s sense of belonging preventing it. This concept is portrayed in Baz Luhrman’s film “strictly ballroom and related text composition “Rhapsody over a windy night by Big t S Elliot. These text messaging depict just how a lack of understanding may harm a person’s feeling of that belong and the foundation of belonging is usually powerful to one’s do it yourself identity.

Lack of a feeling of belonging is definitely portrayed in the ‘mockumentary’ film “Strictly Ballroom through the personality Scott Hastings as he is usually treated as an outcast because he do not conform to the mainstream technique of ballroom boogie. The opening scene portrays the false, fairytale feeling of the world of ballroom dance throughout the motif demonstrating big reddish colored curtains starting with matching theatrical music. The outrageous fakery can be shown throughout the fluffy attires and over the very best hair in the dancers in the opening landscape.

They are displayed hugging and exchanging excessive fives, laying out that they fit in because they may have conformed to the mainstream means of dance provided by Barry Fife. “You can boogie any actions you like nonetheless it doesn’t suggest you will win.  This quote spoken by Barry fife displays the power this individual holds as they controls whom wins. If you perform his steps which have been shown inside the video ‘The right method to dance’ you are not likely to win. Inside the extreme close-up of his mouth, we come across the twisted rotten tooth because symbolically he is a crooked ruined person.

When ever Scott dances his individual steps the scene can be shown in slow motion using a freeze body, beautiful music with a attractive crowd reaction to match shows that everyone which includes Scott was enjoying the dance. The camera changes to the mad faces of Shirley and Barry fife showing that everyone liked the new methods except for everyone who had verified that seated on the federation leaders stand. The Desk is situated above the ballet dancers and viewers depicting how they are in control. Liz’s not enough understanding for Scotts take pleasure in for his own methods is shown when the girl threatens Jeff to conform to the federation steps pertaining to Ballroom grooving. I’m not dancing along until you are expected to Craig has developed the ballroom dancers like robots to follow his ‘Right steps’ “what did you think with the steps? ,. “I don’t think!  Fran as a newbie dancer does not belong inside the ballroom moving world. Her frizzy hair, acne covered skin, thick unattractive glasses and covered figureless body makes her a target for nasty responses. The Slapstick humour the moment Liz and Scott banging over Fran when she is trying to convenience them displays how the girl with not respectable and over viewed. Understanding nevertheless can give a person a feeling of belonging in society or within themselves.

Fran and Scott both feel like outcasts because they will love to boogie their own methods and not adapt the federation “I desire to move with you your way. When the song “time after time plays whilst Scott and Fran will be dancing, Fran shows Jeff what she actually is capable of proving that she is not a hopeless ballerina like everyone stereotypes her to be. Scott tells her to move without her glasses and we notice over the movie the tighter clothes she would wear to reveal her toned tasteful body structure, laying out as she feels a sense of comfort and understanding towards Scott, the girl starts to gain her personal identity.

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