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In the creation of technological developments that we have today, we are not only given enhancements that would make our lives easier, but several risks and threats to our health and well-being. These health risks and threats can be considered while the negative side of these technical advancements, and these are generally in the form of air pollution. Pollution however, can be labeled into different kinds, usually depending on the aspect of the planet that they have a corresponding adverse effect.

These include atmosphere, water, and soil pollution. There are also several types of pollution which usually arises the moment there is a lot of a naturally occurring substance or perhaps phenomenon, the same as Radon Pollution and Noise Pollution. But between these two, is it doesn’t radon polluting of the environment that creates great dangers, as it influences everyone in the area, with greater risks to those staying in their very own homes.

Environmental noise is defined as “an unwanted, disturbing sound that triggers a annoyance in the eye from the beholder (Nunez, 1998).  This is composed by bitter sounds made by liveliness or simply by machines, and therefore are known to disrupt the environment (Berglund & Lindvall, 1995). The primary cause of environmental noise today is from the transport sources ” the sound coming from the motor vehicles. In a person, the factor greatly afflicted with noise pollution is definitely the sense of hearing, which could lead to diverse responses in the affected one, including irritation and other behavioral changes.

Radon pollution alternatively, is caused by naturally occurring techniques. Even before gentleman became conscious of pollution and its particular effect on human being health, Radon was already surrounding the environment. It is because Radon is actually a natural part of the atmosphere, and that it is constantly being released by the earth, since it is the product with the radioactive decay of radioactive materials just like Uranium and Thorium (Health Physics Contemporary society, 1997).

The situation that results using this is when people build their particular homes around the Radon-releasing garden soil. Since it is actually a naturally occurring method, Radon will certainly just always seep throughout the soil, apparently going to the atmosphere. When homes are built yet , the Radon tends to seep through the splits in the basements, and will just be contained in our homes. Abnormal Radon items are known to cause difficult like chest cancer, the other known cause for lung malignancy deaths all over the country, next to smoking (U. S. Epa, 2000).

Radon pollution poses a greater well being risk to the community, when compared with Noise pollution. It is because Radon relieve of the earth is a naturally occurring event, when compared with Noise creation. Having Radon in the environment is inevitable, that actually our homes are not a safe place to stay if the matter is usually not considered genuine. Noise pollution is also relative to a person: what could be raucous to some persons can be desirable for others.

Also, noise pollution is definitely slowly getting suppressed by technology, just like the hybrid autos being noise-free as compared to normal-engine vehicles. Yet despite this, Radon pollution can be solved thru the people themselves. There are ways to shield homes coming from excessive Radon contents, like maintaining a sealed, very well ventilated downstairs room. Another is always to regularly examine the Radon articles in your home, a safety measure which is not costly and is afforded with a normal household.

As Radon pollution might continue to exist in spite of all the technologies present today, this doesn’t show that people will certainly forever always be at risk as a result of it. Health hazards can be averted by making certain the householder’s homes are protected through the seeping Radon gases. Spending a little for the family’s health means protecting them from perilous health risks.


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