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TECHNOLOGICAL SCHOOL OF THE KOREA – TAGUIG CAMPUS Project Proposal Resort reservation Program Prepared by: Matitu, Ruel Llosa, Emmanuel A. MAAM: ANDONG Professor Task Proposal Task Title: Hotel Reservation Program Proponents: We the Computer Student’s make this Proposal for the purpose of Quick access for the info of the Resort Reservation. Target Participants: Most Customers that Looking for creating a Vacation this Coming Summer.

Objectives: To be Able to make a fast and services and information that provides your booking.

To be Able to generate a Budget previous for knowing the prices and cost that you may definitely shell out. Project Explanation: Resort Booking System is to store the information from the client and make sure they are a reservation. This job is for the master convenience, it can help saving all the info from the costumer into a databases and take care of the booking properly. Gui: + Efficiency: Our System’s Main Function is once we started to Enroll on each of our Program and gave information such as the Name, Age group and what Cattage that people wants to Reserved and Use. Our System will previously make another GUI displaying the collection of arranged costumer information and when the proprietor wants to see the data of any of the reserved costumers it will eventually show a communication Box demonstrating the complete details of the costumer. If the customer wants to preserve another reservation from a costumer he will just click the “New Reservation” on the menu tape likewise if he would like to have one more inquiry he will probably just click the “New Inquiries”. It will demonstrate how much would be the reservation will definitely cost after clicking on the “Calculate” on the menu tape.

All Information that they can want to know about Resort Reservation System is currently there by just clicking the “About” on the Menu Strip. We all create this technique to make our Customer Comfortable before using on Booking. Expected project result: If we accomplished to make this Proposal, This kind of project to be used to apply this for the development of our Vacation resort Management and improve the benefits of Technology. It makes likewise sense to people whom wants’ a relationship regarding upon business.

It could takes of countless advantages within our Society and life will end up easier to those whom looking for any Hotel Reservation system. Justification: By Proposing this technique, We can first say that the problem is when the Buyer is looking for Booking, By creating this system makes easy for almost all customer to know information about the capability of the Vacation resort by just hitting this Program, We are able to say that Information that they need to know whether it is price and Capacity of Person’s, they will manage and budget prior to taking up upon Reservation Area or Resort. Let’s produce Life Easier!

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