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I plan to carry out an effective marketing campaign pertaining to “Douwe Egberts” coffee, I possess chosen this product because espresso is a highly respected product by the majority of homes worldwide. In this study Let me show how the principles of promoting are put on the development of “Douwe Egberts” espresso.


My key objective should be to increase product sales of “Douwe Egberts” espresso. I want to do this by creating a advanced image of the item through several promotions and advertising campaigns. For these promotions to be carried out to full impact, before holding them out I want to find out people opinions of “Douwe Egberts” and Coffee in general. This will be further explained inside my next passage on “Planning”.


I think the price of “Douwe Egberts” must be slightly over a average price of espresso yet not too expensive, hopefully this will make the customer assume that “Douwe Egberts” features better quality than the average caffeine and I think the point market would be willing to pay a bit extra, naturally I can prove how correct or wrong this theory is once i carry out studies later on in the assignment. I actually shall should also consider “Douwe Egberts” personal costs and overheads before pricing the coffee.

I do think “Douwe Egberts” should sell off their espresso to a wide range of supermarkets, espresso shops restaurants and accommodations. “Douwe Egberts” should definitely not sell to , cheap’ places (e. g. retailers such as: Pricerite, Lidls, Aldi`s or , greasy spoon’ style cafes) if they need to keep all their upmarket picture.

I have numerous promotional tips in mind intended for “Douwe Egberts” such as cost-free samples presented when concluding an online customer survey on “Douwe Egberts” web page, I could likewise contact , food and drink’ mags and ask them to give away free of charge samples. We also think it will be a good idea to get in touch with well known cafes/coffee shops and negotiate a particular offer with them just like giving a free of charge “Douwe Egberts” coffee apart with an order, Cafes/coffee shops probably comply with this kind of offer as it would bring business in for them. It would also be great for “Douwe Egberts” because the cafes/coffee shops might hopefully continue to buy from “Douwe Egberts” after the promotion expires. “Douwe Egberts” could also publish magazine, tv set and car radio advertisements, although I feel that “Douwe Egberts” would benefit through advertising on the internet because it costs very little to put ads on additional websites and it gets to a worldwide audience. I likewise feel that promoting in supermarkets in-house publications would be a wise decision because the buyer will see the merchandise and be able to buy it straight from the store , so maybe advertising “Douwe Egberts” with a , money off voucher’ would be quite successful.

“Douwe Egberts” do a broad variety of coffees which include roast and ground capuccinos, Le caf� range, the select range, the organic range, Instants and Speciality instants.

“Douwe Egberts” product packaging will be of high quality, it will probably be packaged in a glass container with a a glass lid so it looks of any higher quality than most capuccinos that have plastic material lids, the wrapping on this glass container shall be manufactured from glossy caffeine coloured conventional paper with rare metal lettering , this shall vary based on a types of coffee.

I have a few concepts about figuring out peoples thoughts of “Douwe Egberts” and coffee generally speaking, firstly I believe questionnaires is a good idea instead of do these kinds of through the content or face-to-face I think it might be much better to perform these questionnaires via email or relevant websites. This will take a whole lot less time and would be a lot more cost effective, it might also reach a wide range of persons. I think the prospective audience will be towards persons aged among 25 and 50, i think people seem to drink more caffeine while in work and people in employment such as office work and teaching may be caffeine drinkers, I actually shall be sure to confirm my own opinions by simply including queries such as these inside the questionnaire.

Acquire Data.

I am going to collect data mainly via the Internet, I can acquire many characters from the nationwide statistics site. I shall also be collecting a lot of my info from results from questionnaires put out on relevant sites and questionnaires delivered via email. I mentioned in an previously chapter which i intend to acquire cafes to offer away cost-free samples of “Douwe Egberts” coffee, I could as well ask them to offer a small credit card with this kind of free sample requesting what the consumer thought of the coffee and this could be delivered back to the business.

Analyse and evaluate info.

When most data is definitely collected I believe it would be far better to put it to a simple chart so the benefits can be obviously seen, I could also use curry charts or perhaps scatter graphs for this. By these graphs I should have the ability to see if there is basically room wanting to buy “Douwe Egberts” coffee, what my audience is and what price I ought to give “Douwe Egberts” espresso.

Communicate results.

To communicate my results I shall firstly article a report on all information which i have found. I shall then start planning a tiny presentation. To convey the information evidently I could make use of a number of aids to help myself such as OHP, diagrams within the board and handouts. I should also prepare a section towards the end of my personal presentation to get my audience to ask concerns, I should as a result prepare possible questions and answers I could share with them.

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