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History Introduction

The presence of nitrogen is essential for all organisms as it is some protein. It really is present in environmental surroundings in various disposition and constantly changes in one to another as it goes through the Nitrogen cycle. Nitrate and nitrite are both substances of nitrogen, which are seen in natural sources such as garden soil, water, vegetation and foodstuff.

These chemical substances are produced when microorganisms in the environment break down organic and natural materials, such as plants, animal manure, and sewage. This really is useful because so many of nitrogen absorbed simply by plants with the form of nitrate. However , seeing that nitrate is incredibly leachable, that very quickly techniques with drinking water through the garden soil and in the event of high amounts of rainfall or excessive water sources, this can penetrate through the several soil tiers and reach the groundwater sources. � Nitrate could possibly get into water to drink from runoff or seepage into earth water from farms, golf courses, residence lawns, and so forth In a well, nitrate may get into the drinking water more easily in the event the well is usually poorly made.

The presence of nitrate in normal water is extremely difficult to detect, since it will not have any kind of color, smell and is tasteless. The most significant health hazard of the occurrence of nitrate in drinking water is when the nitrate present in the water is transformed to nitrite inside the digestive system. � This triggers a condition called methemoglobinemia, which in turn occurs because of the oxidation of hemoglobin to create methemoglobin. Methemoglobin does not have a similar oxygen holding ability of hemoglobin.

Effects of nitrate in drinking water will be as follows:

Excessive levels of nitrate in water to drink have induced serious illness and often death. When ever there is excessive nitrate in freshwater or perhaps estuarine systems close to land, nitrate can easily reach excessive levels which could potentially cause the fatality of seafood. Escalated potential risks of cancer via nitrate and nitrite in water and food are also reported.

In this experiment, we intend to measure the amount of nitrate or perhaps nitrite present in our water system by simply comparing faucet water with grey water. Grey water can be nonindustrial wastewater generated by domestic procedures such as cleaning dishes, laundry and showering.

Aim of Test

By investigating the components of nitrite or perhaps nitrate that our ground normal water has, all of us as a course can identify which household areas have the most health-threatening water. The goal of this try things out is to raise awareness in high school students in health-threatening issues such as the potential risks of nitrate in water.


Unlike countries like Australia or Singapore, Indonesia is usually not typically associated with clean tap water. Actually drinking tap water is not advised nor applied. � Despite this prevalent notion, there are very few medical issues related to “clean water” in Jakarta. � The hypothesis put forward with this experiment is that the nitrate level in groundwater in areas around Jakarta would be little.

Materials and Equipments

Off white water, Plain tap water, Nitrate-nitrite meter, Function graph, Calculator, Assessment chemical.

Self-employed Variable: Location

Dependent Varying: Amount of nitrate/nitrite


, Collect plentiful greyish water and tap water by houses in various areas. , Put the same volume of drinking water from every single source in different test out tubes.  , Put the assessment chemical inside each evaluation tube to check on nitrate/nitrite level.  , Measure each nitrate/nitrite level applying meter.  , Compare result using a statistical function chart. � , Use calculator to compute final results. �  , Interpret data.


While seen through the results the level of nitrate discovered was nominal. � The area around Lippo Karawaci and Sudirman gets the biggest possibility of having nitrate in their normal water. This getting said does not always mean there is 0% possibility that nitrate exists in other areas. This try things out is probably not as detailed mainly because it should be, consequently achieving zero results in the majority of the areas.


Even though the outcomes show really minimal amounts of nitrate within the water sources In Jakarta, one are unable to draw long lasting conclusions that this safe to drink. Alternate types of drinking water such as bottled water or perhaps spring water are always advised, especially in the circumstance of babies and women that are pregnant. � Cooking of water is not just a solution, while this only tends to raise the concentration of nitrate in water.

The hypothesis states that the nitrate level around Jakarta and its particular surrounding suv areas will be minimal. The experiment verifies the hypothesis. However , because the sample size was limited the stability of the benefits is controversial.

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