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BRU World Coffeehouse Note: All information in the case have been garnered from sources in the public domain. The case has been developed for strictly academic purposes, and is not in any way the intended or actual prepare of Bru World Bistro Comstrat 2011 Visit us at www. draftfcbulkacomstrat.

com Page zero About the Category/ Brand and Industry Trend? BRU is India’s largest coffee brand with regards to volume, with a portfolio of instant and roasted , ground (filter) coffee, Ice and Warm Cappuccino and out of home vending.

BRU was your first coffee brand to look national using a variety of offerings suited for the varied and unique taste colour pallette of the Of india consumer. BRU Green Ingredients label Roast , Ground is definitely the largest brand in the typical coffee segment. BRU’s Hot Cappuccino and Ice Cappuccino are progressive products engineered for the cafe heading youth , to enjoy a fantastic cup of cappuccino even at home.? The brand enjoys very strong equity in the south and its awareness and associations inside the non-south portion of the country emanate from its root base as the authentic to the south Indian espresso brand.

BRU strives to stimulate discussions over caffeine livening up every shared moment? A vital trend, which has fuelled coffee consumption in India is “rise in conversations more than coffee, meaning a direct correlation with embrace out of home intake for caffeine as there exists an increasing tendency to interact socially in cafes (especially in 10 lakh plus towns).? With more than truck coffee eateries in the country, up from 175 in 2002 (of these kinds of around 1000 have exposed in the last your five years), coffee has come about as the most taking place beverage category, estimated to be around 1000Crs (in End Consume Value (ECP) terms) in 2011. Respected at about US$185 , 000, 000, the organized cafe industry in India is estimated to be developing at a compound twelve-monthly rate of 25%. Players from Barista Coffee Company. to Coffee shop Coffee Day are opening outlets almost every weekend. In the past year or two we have as well seen the entry of new players like Cafe Main and Fausto Jeans inside the premium category.? The growth [of cafes] has been triggered simply by rising youngsters spending, paucity of alternative hang-outs and an increasing number of new workplace complexes and colleges.

The industry has the potential to touch US$800 million to US$900 mil with a total of a few, 000 restaurants by 2015. Comstrat 2011 Visit us at www. draftfcbulkacomstrat. com Page you? This provides an exclusive opportunity to influence the strength of well established brands in HUL’s drink portfolio to make a service version that would enable building choice for these brands while as well adding a sizeable yield to HUL’s Foods business. Given the size and prospect of the caffeine cafe segment, BRU started to be the normal choice for leveraging this kind of opportunity.?

With entry into cafes, BRU plays over the coffee category definition being a complete in-home and out-of-home coffee company and also proactively drives “coffee experience with direct buyer engagement. This is also an approach intended for the brand to contemporarise and premiumize simply by driving symbolism through a futuristic segment.? “Coffee Experience style is the opportunity which can be utilized to deliver the dual objectives of: 1 . Building expertise and coffee experience for BRU in the caffeine category and get a great imagery rub-off on the in-home consumption stock portfolio.. Another important value driver identified for the class is, “Bringing out of home activities in-home. Restaurants will provide an exceptional space and an exclusive full channel drive an automobile this opportunity.? This part holds enormous potential provided that the espresso consumption in India remains very low as compared with the rest of the world as well as the Indian companies are just starting to heat up with international players like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts saying their admittance here. BRU World Bistro Theme Wonderful coffee is an experience. All of us bring it in.

When you take on BRU Community Cafe, you step into the field of coffee , an experience that is certainly visual, aural, olfactory and gustatory. Brand Tagline: BRU World Coffeehouse: Discover the World a glass at a time Coffee shops, bookstores today are not about coffee. This topic lets us bring the coffee to the coffee shop. It helps all of us to establish the coffee experience and in foreseeable future we can easily translate the out of Comstrat 2011 Go to www. draftfcbulkacomstrat. com Page 2 home experience in home. The consumer takeout after having a visit to Universe Cafe: BRU knows caffeine like not any other

Personality for the Cafe Target Audience Description Demographics:? SEC A/B1 18 years + A group on the move, who may be looking for a unique experience although enjoying their exclusive cup of coffee. And cafes as well double up because their hangout important joints or conference places. Plus its an living coffee fan they are utilized to the good issues in life, happen to be welltraveled or well-read and exposed to the cultures and offerings on the planet at large. Encounter and Feel BRU Universe Cafe is a traveler’s and coffee connoisseur’s haven.

The coffee can be served in numerous traditional variations evoking the palettes of coffee fans. BRU scours the world to create the finest coffees from some prized plantations and stays on true to their very own authenticity simply by brewing and serving these people right. Additionally it provides a relaxed atmosphere with great coffee and vast menu offerings. On entering BRU World Cafe, you leave the hustle-bustle of the metropolis behind. The interior is modern day and dazzling, almost Mediterranean in its feel and look. The noises are Comstrat 2011 Go to www. draftfcbulkacomstrat. com Webpage 3 nippets of music one would hear while traveling the globe whether it is the music of the Balkans, country music from the Euro greens of Italy and Spain or maybe the Tibetan shouts. Browse through the contemporary collection of ebooks that give you insights , quaint details of exotic locations across the world or just switch off and chill out more than your favorite pick from the comedian series of Aestrix and Tintin. Coffee information, stories, legends and common myths and the interesting collage of visuals make up the way coffee arrives to you personally, becoming a fundamental element of the experience.

This can be a place intended for telling, showing and creating your own personal story. The Business Obstacle There are 7 BRU Universe Cafes which have opened as part of a preliminary run in Mumbai throughout the western and surrounding suburbs (Andheri (W), Malad, Bandra, Juhu and Versova) and another a few are expected to visit live within this year. The first cafe went live in February 2011 and the consumer response during the last 5-6 months across stores has been incredibly encouraging and incredibly positive when it comes to the overall encounter, ambience, support and difference on providing an international espresso experience (best suited to American indian taste palette).

Cafe income per day is definitely calculated because number of expenses in a day multiplied by the benefit per invoice. So far the complete average invoice value can be 50% more than assumptions built as per business case create, however , the amount of bills per day (very crucial to ensure long-term sustainable business) is only regarding 30% from the assumption (average of 30 to 45 bills per day per retail store ” considered at an normal across stores) 1 . How do we increase footfalls (and as a result bill productivity) across the current set of Bru World Cafes without incurring extensive advertising spends? Advise a marketing version for BRU World Bistro which involves only Rs. 0 lakh of annual use including above the line and native store marketing and production/ fabrication cost of these kinds of activities. installment payments on your Prioritize the channel increase spends break-down and a calculation of return upon marketing spend? How can this be made in a sustainable and repeatable model once BRU WORLD CAFE extends in to other towns with elevating returns of spends? three or more. Given the proposition of BRU Globe Cafe, which can be the one key marketing motivation, in-line while using BRU Community Cafe identity which will be plainly differentiated by others and which will help additional strengthen the BRU Community Cafe differentiation. Comstrat 2011

Visit us at www. draftfcbulkacomstrat. com Page some The success of the pilot in Mumbai can determine future expansion in the BRU Community Cafe blend so getting the above goal right is important. Assume that other levers in the business case construct happen to be in place. The Communication Obstacle Young people today have a far bigger disposable salary than with regards to a decade in the past. Quite the natural way then just about every category nowadays is vying for their focus. And hence being a target audience youth are the many spoken to today by brands across a plethora of types from chocolate to trousers to cellphones to junk food chains.

Therefore the challenge of communication is to stand out of the clutter of youth brands and be read by these people. The Connection Task By a brand perspective it is important for BRU Universe Cafe to appropriate a strong positioning , differentiation to counter competition from the category and further than. The task also contains resonating with him/her to generate BRU World Cafe his/her cafe of preference. This is certainly critical to boost footfalls and repeat appointments which are finally crucial elements while taking into consideration future your own up and expansion.

The Communication Strategy Your task is to give a comprehensive connection strategy that details what BRU World Cafe must do to build it is brand , gear on with growth within an increasingly populated cafe space. The approach document must provide alternatives in the pursuing key areas: 1 . Identify key issues for the rand name and its communication. 2 . Greatly define who also the target customers should be and their key qualities. 3. Recognize the key client insights inside the target group and how BRU World Cafe should job its offerings in line with the buyer needs. 4.

Identify the ideal positioning and messaging program for the brand. 5. What should be the brand voice around its offerings? 6. Discover the right communication message to get the brand. Comstrat 2011 Go to www. draftfcbulkacomstrat. com Site 5 7. Identify the right media cars to reach the target audience.? Including channel mixture, spends and detailed information on technicians wherever important. 8. Summarize the complete technique for the use of new age media just like social media, CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT, mobile phones, cellular applications and so forth to be leveraged to speak out loud with this kind of audience Strategy? Cafe visits and analyze of the current consumer advertising consumer involvement initiatives by existing players and examine them to get effectiveness and efficiency. Establish key learning from best practices of competitors on spends and returns, driving awareness and footfalls in India (CCD, Barista, Bahía Coffee, Fausto Jeans and so forth ) and internationally at the. g. ” Starbucks.? Analyze of nonconventional media channels and relevance and use for drive the above mentioned objective. Examine of craze and multimedia methods to travel consumer recognition and involvement in the assistance and retail world which is often applied in this case.

Success Standards?? Depth of understanding of effective marketing associated with this space Innovativeness from the “idea and/ or “marketing approach plus the ability to make “buzz/ talkability. Practical application and relevance (ease of execution) to truth. Impact and achievability within the given limitations Comstrat 2011 Visit us at www. draftfcbulkacomstrat. com Page 6th Rules , Regulations: Engagement Rules: 1 . Participating groups should include only 3 members. 2 . Only one entry per start will be regarded as.

Two periods of this event: Stage I actually: Submission from the written circumstance solution. Stage II: Electric power point demonstration of the shortlisted cases. Level I: Process and guidelines for submitting of the crafted case: 1 ) DraftFCB+Ulka Comstrat is a tournament for Connection Strategy, hence students will be requested to pay attention to the same. 2 . Creative renditions are not important and will not really be judged. 3. A detailed Media program is also not necessary and will not really be evaluated. 4. A synopsis of the case solution must be submitted as a word document in a minimal font size of 11 details and solitary line spacing.

The file should not go beyond 15 webpages. 5. A written case solution for the case must be submitted through email to [email, protected] com or by post to DraftFCB+Ulka Advertising, 4th floor, Nirmal, Nariman Level, Mumbai 400021. 6. The past date pertaining to receipt from the submission is 6 pm hours on twenty third November 2011. 7. A shortlist of six teams shall be attained by assessing the case solutions received. eight. The shortlist shall be reported on 29th November 2011 and posted on the website www. draftfcbulkacomstrat. com and communicated to K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Study.. The half a dozen shortlisted groups will be asked to make a electrical power point presentation to a -panel of all judges on 10th December 2011 in Mumbai. Please bear in mind: 1 . 2 . 3. 4. 5. Synopsis to be posted as term document just. Font size should be minimal 11 The document should never exceed 15 pages The document must have a single series spacing Suite should be submitted on or perhaps before 6 pm in 23rd November 2011 Stage II: Final power stage presentation of the case: 1 . Elevated to your shortlist teams will be requested to reach the area on tenth December 2011 at doze noon sharpened for the set-up and dry manage. 2 .

Make sure you get your electric power point demonstrations on a CD/Pen drive, remaining portion of the equipment will probably be provided with the venue. 3. The time limit for each business presentation is 20 minutes and the students will be requested to strictly abide by the time-limit. A alert bell will ring after 15 minutes. four. At the end of 20 a few minutes the team will probably be asked to stop the demonstration. Comstrat 2011 Page 7 Visit us at www. draftfcbulkacomstrat. com 5. College students are wanted not to indicate their institute’s name around the slides or perhaps anytime during the presentation. 6th. Stay and travel arrangements have to be made by the participants themselves. 7.

The Comstrat is known as a contest to get Communication Technique, hence college students are wanted to focus on similar. 8. In case presentation, imaginative renditions aren’t necessary and definitely will not end up being judged. on the lookout for. Media plan for the same is additionally not required and will not always be judged. 10. The solution must have only one procedure and not multiple options. Key Dates to keep in mind: Last date for drafted submission? Prospect of 6th teams for power level presentation? Final Presentation? 6 pm upon 23rd The fall of 2011 6 pm upon 28th Nov 2011 12 noon about 10th December 2011 Comstrat 2011 Visit us at www. draftfcbulkacomstrat. com Webpage 8

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