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On this planet no two places may very well be to be same. All the areas have a few distinctness, a specific flavor and a very dominant persona. Whenever we consider two places, Ny and Nebraska, there are a lot of similarities and contrasts, as they are the states of the same country, i.

e. United States of America. Both the claims have under the radar histories but they have common reasons on the basis of Western european Settlers. Nebraska became officially part of Usa only in 1812 following Missouri Treaty bill. New York however was dominating by the stage of English and it had been an important put in place terms of the innovation for Freedom.

Comparisons between New York and Nebraska

New York and Nebraska are both huge states of America and have lot of importance to the nation. Both the states being large on their own are blessed on natural conditions. On the whole the two states have got similarities based on its large parks and greenery. Also both the states are blessed with the amount of voluminous streams flowing through them. Nebraska and Nyc have a very good base in agriculture and also have large discuss of their economy dependent on agricultural products. On a religious point of view too, both states comprising have similarities in terms that both have a maximum inhabitants of Christian believers than any other religions. The states are also very abundant in its traditions and culture and the no . of museums both have happen to be outstanding, while both the says have some of guarding and featuring their traditions.

Contrasts among New York and Nebraska

First of all the environment of the states is very different, and the discreetness is really high which the state of Nebraska provides in fact two climates in its region. The state is grossly divided between a humid climate and a steppe weather. Also the result of Global warming though getting everywhere in the world is slightly higher in Nebraska when compared with New York. This really is assessed by following:

‘Nebraska is home to an incredible diversity of native animals species, which includes 346 chickens, 83 mammals, 87fish, 47 reptiles and 13 amphibians. Rising conditions in the express will likely replace the makeup of entire ecosystems, forcing creatures to shift their runs or conform. Global warming can contribute to a 20-50 percent decline in forested location, particularly in eastern Nebraska, where grasslands and savanna could exchange forests and woodlands’.

(Courtesy: Myra Wilensky, “Global warming and Nebraska. Retrieved on, may 4, 08 from http://www.nwf.org/globalwarming/pdfs/Nebraska.pdf#search=%22%22global%20warming%22%2C%20Nebraska%22)

Both the says have an enormous difference in the terms of economy while the state of New York is one of the essential finance companies of the country compared to Nebraska. One of the major contrasting feature with the two states politically can be Nebraska is known as a religious His party follower as the state of recent York is definitely avidly a Democratic promoter.


The states have their own hypotheses of running the economy and are well blessed with plants and creatures. The assessment between the two states analyzes the fact that how much ever two places could possibly be distinct or perhaps similar, both of them are one of a kind in their own way.

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