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94% of the total area of Nagaland is hilly terrain with heavy twelve-monthly rainfall including 120cm to 240cm As proposed inside the 4th Program, 3 (three) Watershed Pilot Projects have already been demarcated i. e., by Zubza in Kohima Section, at Tuli in Mokokchung District including Chare in Tuensang Region by the end of 1972-73, exactly where field ideal for various facets of Soil Conservation viz.

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, terracing, Contour bunding, Afforestation, Orchard Plantation and construction of irrigation programs are ramping up in all the previously mentioned Projects.

The Department has 14 (fourteen) meteorological observatories spread everywhere over the state, that can be supplying and catering the met. data to various area users departments as well as featuring the daily weather bulletin in multimedia viz., The airwaves, T. V., and Media papers. Development of Water Supply to Kohima Town simply by Gravity movement from Dzukou and Dzuna river. A Survey has become conducted to discover the possibility of tapping water coming from Dzuna Rivers and has been found being feasible. This kind of Project envisages for a 975 million litre capacity Managing Reservoir to store the surplus monsoon run-off normal water from Dzuna river.

This will likely, to a hugely supplement the deficiency during lean time of year. The believed project expense is Rs. thirty-three. 97 crore at 2003 price levels. The project has become approved and sanctioned just lately by the Urban Development Ministry. ) Enhancement of Hydrant to Mokokchung Town: Due to problems confronted by the present water supply system by water removal from Dikhu River to Mokokchung City, a project to augment water supply to Mokokchung town by Gravity from Tichipami source with an estimated expense of Rs. 1000. 3 lakhs has been adopted. A budget supply of Rs. 192. 00 lakhs under Negotiated Bank loan (HUDCO) is usually ear noticeable during 2002 “03. Predicted expenditure about 31/3/2003 is usually Rs. 800. 00 lakhs and is anticipated to be accomplished and entrusted by June/2004. i) Development of Water Supply to Friday Town: – The job has been approved at an believed cost of Rs. 653. 00 lakhs. The expenditure about March the year 2003 is Rs. 569. 901 lakhs. The project has been completed and is supposed to be inaugurated shortly.

The scheme is going to deliver filtered water on the rate of 60 lt per household per day (lpcd) for a design population of 13000. ii) Augmentation of Water Supply to Zunheboto Community: The task has been endorsed at an believed cost of Rs. 959. 00 lakhs. Price range provision kept for the season 2002 “03 is Rs. 30. 00 lakhs underneath AUWSP. The anticipated expenses up to 03 2003 is definitely Rs. 904. 00 lakhs The job was entrusted on eighteenth May/2001. The Scheme is built to deliver filtered water at the rate of 70 lt per capita per day into a population of 17, 800.

Extension of distribution lines and advantages of metering system is in progress. (iii) Development of Water Supply to Wokha Town: This project continues to be sanctioned at an estimated cost of Rs. 351. 30 lakhs. Budget supply during 2002 “03 is definitely Rs. zero. 22 lakhs. The predicted expenditure approximately March the year 2003 is Rs. 189. 47 lakhs The project is definitely expected to always be completed by March/2005. When completed, the Scheme can deliver purified water with the rate of fifty litres every capita per day (lpcd) to a total design population of 20, 1000.

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