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Employee Marriage Management Job , you Trade Union In Jharkhand Jharkhand Krantikaari Mazdoor Union , JKMU Submitted by simply P. Lokeshwari S. Shahana Devi Jharkhand Krantikaari Mazdoor Union In July JKMU organised a union of 220 deal workers in a newly proven private metallic factory possessed by Electronica Steel Casting Ltd.

40 kms by Bokaro. Almost all 500 workers employed in the plant are community workers. 100 workers’ providers were terminated for participating in union creation activities. JKMU organised a dharna and blockades with the help of local villagers and compelled management to reinstate most workers.

The Deputy Time Commissioner as well put pressure on supervision to take backside the workers if not the factory license would be terminated. The newly formed union held meetings with the ALC on second , tenth July and submitted demand notice to management. In April-May in Bokaro Power Co. Pvt. Ltd. (a joint venture between SAIL and DVC) JKMU has a union of five-hundred contract staff. There are multiple unions in the plant, but the JKMU union associates in the tool category who was simply struggling for the year to get implementation of minimum pay and other rewards finally boycotted payment intended for 10 days.

The action finished with execution of their requirements by the contractor and payment of minimum wages was done in arsenic intoxication management and union representatives. The Jharkhand Krantikaari Mazdoor Union (JKMU) has been struggling for many years demanding permanent position for all personnel on deal in perennial jobs in the Bokaro Metallic Plant. The JKMU has been made a member of the Jharkhand State Deal Labour Admonitory Board plus the Jharkhand Express Engineering Industrial sectors Wage Plank. This is an unusual incident as it is usually approved that only central trade assemblage are made members of these kinds of state level boards.

More than 90% of contract employees in the electrical power sector today are members of JKMU. Recent Challenges: 1 . In Bokaro metal plant, contract and casual workers are certainly not given quarters and had lived in slums. High Court docket has now offered orders pertaining to encroachment, which would then lead to the demolition of the structures. SP and other district officials were gheraoed by workers. JKMU had given a strike recognize in 16-17 May 2011. Meetings were held everywhere and contract staff were mobilised in enormous numbers. A software was also submitted concurrently to the Regional Labour Commissioner (RLC) for rehabilitation of such workers.

RLC asked for sectors to be developed and supervision finally approved the demands pertaining to building everlasting structures. 2 . In July 2009 JKMU organised a union of 220 agreement workers in a newly established private stainlesss steel factory held by Electro Steel Throwing Ltd. From this unit 75 workers were terminated pertaining to participating in union activities. JKMU organised a dharna and several blockades with the help of community villagers and compelled the administration to reinstate all workers. The union could also pressure the Mouthpiece Labour Office exercise his power for the management to reinstate the workers with the menace to terminate the factory license.

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