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pThe long Telegram and It’s impact on the Truman Doctrine George Kennan’s long telegram got many impacts on the American foreign plan. Its influence can be seen directly through the Truman Doctrine in 1947. The Long Telegram influenced Truman’s doctrine of containment, and it opened the eyes of many Buenos aires officials concerning how risky the Soviets and more specifically communism was.

George Kennan’s Long Telegram was a reply as to why the Soviets weren’t supporting the World Bank as well as the International Funds Fund.

During the time, theAmerican watch of theSoviet was friendly, yet careful because theSoviets had beenallied with the ALL OF US inWWII. The long telegram, which wasreleased to the general public in 1947, basically came up with the foundation which the Cool War was standing from the US’ point of view. By simply claiming the fact that Soviets were completely against capitalism, could side with Marxists, and separated from reality, Kennan create a standard system of beliefsthat america would stick to throughout the Chilly War, and even gave ideas as to how to combat the Soviets necessarily.

The Long Telegram provided the US crystal clear reason to consider conflict with Russian federation inevitable. That fostered even more fear in the usa of the Soviets by talkingabout howRussia didn’t want to be dependable and great lengths ought to be taken to assure the absence of Soviets and their influencein America. The Truman Doctrine was obviously a contribution designed to foreign plan by Harry Truman in 1947, following the Long Telegram had develop. Truman announced, kind of like Wilson’s Moral Diplomacy, that it was the US’ work to distributed democracy and battle the reds.

Truman asked Congress to send aid to Greece and Turkey. Following being emaciated by Philippines in WORLD WAR II, Greece was about to lose aid from Great Britain, Turkey experienced also depended greatly around the help of the US and Britain. The US wouldhave beenin danger of burning off power in the Soviets and in Europe and Asia acquired Russia attained the two countries. This proves that what George Kennan wrote helped Truman realize that he necessary to help other nations and create the other policy.

Kennans telegram tremendously impacted various other aspects of the Truman cortège, for example the truman Doctrine basically promised the United States will resist any kind of Soviet expansion. This refects Kennan’s recommend that the United States must thoroughly choose its points of resistance. Kennan’s idea of containment which was indicated in the Extended Telegram was also illustrartes in the Truman Doctrine. George Kennans writings inspired America and due to Long Telegram and the Truman Doctrine, America opened their eyes and did the fact that was necessary to not allow themselves to be more than ruled by soviets.

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