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In Calico Joe, the story revolves around a new boy, Paul Tracey, the son of any professional football pitcher, wonderful awe above an upcoming newbie star and his relationship together with his father. The novel changes back and forth between Paul’s youngsters in 1973 and his present in the early 2000’s. In 1973 when Chicago Cubs gamer Jim Hickman injured his back, the Cubs contact Joe Fortress, a first baseman from the Cubs’ AA team, to play in the major leagues.

For his initially at such as the, Castle strike a homerun and continued to hit 2 more homeruns and a great bunt to finish the game with a win. Castle’s outstanding 1st game attracts the attention of each American, specifically that of Paul Tracey, turning out to be his fresh baseball hero. Castle is constantly on the amaze everybody when he hits homerun following homerun, steals base after base, and wins his team game, after video game. In just a couple of games, Castle breaks even more rookie information than some other baseball person.

A few of these documents include the the majority of consecutive hits at 12-15 straight hits, the most back-to-back stolen basics, and braiding the record for most homeruns in a initially game. Simply by his third or last game, everybody in America was tuning into the Cubs game on their radios, watching replays of Joe’s amazing at-bats, and crowding around any store that had a the airwaves or tv set in its windows.

Back at the Tracey family’s house, all is not really well pertaining to Paul or the rest of the friends and family. Warren Tracey, Paul’s dad and glass pitcher for the modern York Mets, has a declining career as a major league baseball gamer, losing the Mets video game after video game and pushing them to sink lower and lower in the National Group rankings.

Following each video game Warren loses, he fades drinking and last and last, often certainly not coming home till very early on in the morning, also drunk to work. Whenever Warren came home drunk, he would often scream at his wife and beat Paul. On Warren’s off times, he would go to watch Paul’s little group games, just tomcriticize Paul and yell at everyone for anything they were doing wrong.

On most occasions wherever his father attended his games, Paul would leave the game crying because his father got yelled at him or hit him after the video game. As “Calico Joe extended to grow in fame, he caught the attention of Warren Tracey, and Warren got now built a concentrate on out of Joe.

It could only be an issue of time ahead of the Cubs could meet the Mets for a series game. In August, 1973, the Cubs attained the Mets in Shea Stadium, New York for a video game that would replace the lives of both Warren and Paul. Paul joined the game together with his mother off of free seat tickets that Warren had presented them in reconciliation pertaining to hitting Paul. Warren was the starting glass pitcher for the Mets that day and hesitate to cause difficulties on the mound. At Joe’s first at-bat against Warren, he shiifts at two and yearns for, gets three balls called for him, and fouls away eight progressive, gradual pitches ahead of hitting an out of the playground homerun.

Warren Tracey found this because an assault against him and can be looking for vengeance on his subsequent at-bat. By Joe’s up coming at-bat, Warren throws two outside pitches, but the third pitch is definitely directly on program for Joe’s head, striking him in the eyes, cracking his skull, and breaking his jaw. Joe remained unconscious on the discipline for half an hour before the ambulance got presently there with Warren standing on the mound grinning. The entire region was amazed and angered when they read the news that “Calico Joe had been strike by a career-ending beanball. When folks got information of whom hit the star rookie player, fatality threats poured into Paul’s house phone. For the next two games in the series against the Mets, Cubs players charged the mound, beating up Warren and other players for the Cubs’ staff.

Warren rejected the fact that he had purposely hit Paul and his profession spiraled downwards. Warren by no means pitched similar again and was decreased from the Mets into their AAA team and ultimately down to their AA staff. After a month of being in a coma, Joe finally woke up, unable to at any time play one other game of baseball. Paul had shed eighty percent of his vision in his right attention and endured some minor mind damage.

A couple of months after, Joe has a stroke that leaves the left side of his physique partially paralyzed, forcing him to leave the workplace for good. For many years after the event, Joe lives the life of a cripple in his home town of Calico Rock and roll, Arkansas within the protection of his friends. Thirty years go by and Paul is grown up with a partner and two kids. Warren Tracey left the relatives years ahead of and went through 4 wives since then, marrying only for money and lust.

Within attempt at fame, Warren attempts golfing, successful only one tournament in California. Tracey is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and his wellness is deteriorating very quickly. Paul goes to visit him in his Florida home, not as they is concerned along with his health, although because he features one previous request just before his daddy dies. Paul asks Warren to travel with him to Calico Rock and roll, Arkansas to create amends with Joe and shake hands and apologize.

After a number of days of shouting, arguing, and threatening blackmail, Warren warms up to the idea and complements Paul to go to Joe. When they arrive in Calico Rock, they can be greeted simply by Joe’s good friend Clarence Rook who will take them to the field May well looks after.

Warren finally gets the chance to apologize to Joe, and surprisingly is definitely sincere and means it. Joe finally forgives Warren for finishing his appealing career plus they shake hands and have pictures soon after. A couple years after that, Warren finally succumbs to the pancreatic cancer and dies at the age of 76.

A little funeral is usually held nevertheless very few persons show up. To Paul’s shock, in the middle of the minister’s sermon, Joe wonderful two brothers walk in and sit next to Paul. After all that Warren acquired done to May well, Joe even now goes to his funeral to pay his respects. After the funeral the Castle friends talk with Paul and need him to publish the story about the truth lurking behind Warren beaning Joe as well as the story with their reconciliation in Calico Ordinary, Arkansas.

Important Characters

Paul Tracey

By parts in the story, Paul Tracey is definitely an eleven year old young man and boy of Warren Tracey. Like his daddy, Paul contains a passion intended for baseball and is also a fairly skilled player in his community’s small league. Like a boy, Paul is literally abused every time he really does something wrong in different of his games, having beat the minute they go back home. Paul is additionally verbally abused by his father, sometimes even getting cussed out on the field. By other parts in the story, Paul Tracey can be described as middle-aged person in his 40’s. With a father dying coming from pancreatic cancers, Paul seems forced to move visit him, consequently, influencing his father to make make amends with the guy whose job his daddy ended.

Warren Tracey

For parts in the story, Warren Tracey is a 34 year old journeyman intended for the New You are able to Mets. Warren Tracey performs off the old rules of baseball and plays a mean-spirited game of hockey whenever he does play. As a regular drunk, Warren abuses liquor, his partner, and his child, Paul Tracey. In one pitch, Warren ends the encouraging career of any record breaking rookie by reaching him inside the head, knocking him to a coma. Shortly afterwards, Warren loses his ability to frequency and detects himself from the game with no job. This individual eventually does reconcile with Joe after being blackmailed by his son and being diagnosed with pancreatic tumor. Warren passes away at the end with the novel by 76 years old.

Joe Castle

Joe Castle was a rookie baseball player for the Cubs’ AA team just before he observed an opportunity to get a star if the Cubs’ initially baseman harmed his backside. Joe started to be a baseball legend if he broke a record in his first game inside the major crews and went on to break many more. In the height of his rookie career, his career was suddenly ended when he had taken a frequency to the brain. Joe entered a coma for a month before getting up with partially vision and permanent mind damage. Following his stay in the hospital Joe retreated to his hometown of Calico Rock, Illinois where he was your groundskeeper for the discipline the town got built and named after him. Joe opted for meet with the person who finished his profession and forgave him for everything he previously done as well as attended the man’s memorial.


Paul Castle, nicknamed “Calico Joe is the main character of this story. Joe Fort wowed the crowd in each of his appearances on the discipline and received the hearts of most Us citizens. In his quest to popularity, Joe under no circumstances let the popularity get to him and although he did get cocky at times, this individual never appeared overly arrogant or excessively proud to anyone but Warren Tracey. When Joe’s career was ended soon by Warren Tracey’s veggie ball to the head, this individual did not pin the consequence on anything on him or perhaps call Warren out in any way.

Joe was always sincere about anything after the incident and checked out his existence with only positive thoughts. When Warren finally relates to apologize, Later on accepts his apology and forgives him without any reluctance. When Warren dies of pancreaticcancer, Later on treats him as a classic friend and travels all the way to Florida to attend the burial. In the novel, Joe really is a main character to the American people, Paul, and eventually, Warren Tracey.

Primary Conflict

In Calico Later on, there the main conflict can be described as man versus man kind of conflict among Paul Tracey and his father, Warren. In Warren’s sight, Paul was always an inability and could hardly ever do anything right. Warren would scream at him during Paul’s small league game titles, criticize his every push, and defeat him so that he performed wrong if they got home. In Warren’s old age the function reverses and Paul blackmails Warren into doing what he would like and refuses to accept Warren as his father. Paul and Warren did not have a very healthy father-son relationship and through parts of the two their lives, they were gloomy.


Calico Joe occurs in equally 1973 during some regions of the new, and the early 2000’s during other parts. It truly is set in America, bouncing around different parts of the eastern half the country, which include Shea Arena in Nyc, Wrigley Field in Chicago, il, Illinois, Calico Rock, Illinois, Santa Fe, New South america, and Fl.

Significant Estimates

“Neither my own sister nor my mom wanted to end up being bothered by the news possibly. The big decision was whether to go to Warren’s funeral, not how quickly we’re able to arrive to his bedroom. But That i knew of I needed to see him again. We still had a lot of unfinished organization before this individual died.  ” Paul Tracey This quote both equally sets up some foreshadowing as to what is going to affect Warren and it reveals how poor the relationship among Warren and the rest of his family truly is.

“Warren didn’t come to my own college graduation or my personal wedding. Nevertheless I heard about his cancer I visited see him one previous time.  ” Paul Tracey Though Warren wanted nothing to perform with Paul after his career got ended, Paul still made attempts to have his father be a part of his life, but this will always be his last attempt.

“In Joe’s second at such as the my father beaned him. I will still hear the sound of the ball hitting his helmet today. Joe collapsed in a number and this individual didn’t get out of bed. Then I found my fathersmile.  ” Paul Tracey This demonstrates it was zero accident that Warren Tracey hit May well in the head when he stepped up to the platter the second time. Warren unwell, twisted rules of snowboarding taught him to veggie the mixture for reaching a homerun and “showing up the pitcher.

“Over the following several weeks it became apparent that the occurrence had recently had an effect on Warren Tracey. He performed very and was quickly pitching himself out from the rotation. Having been a poisonous influence and was hated in every sports event.  ” Paul Tracey The remorse of deliberately hitting Joe to hit him down and consider him away of football was progressing to Warren and causing him to play poor, however , Warren continued to lie possibly after he had been dropped from the significant leagues.

“It was the first-time in years that he seemed to care about my family. This individual told me that he had merely tried to call up my sis as well. That i knew that having been finally needs to face death ” Paul Tracey

Warren only attempts to get his family when he sees that he is going to die rapidly. non-etheless, Warren does generate attempts to make amends with his family and Joe before he passes.

“Just before the support started I was shocked to find the three Fortress brothers walk in and take a seat in the last pew.  ” Paul Tracey This demonstrates that Joe experienced truly pardoned Warren intended for ending his career and today saw him as a good friend.


The actual beginning of the novel discusses Warren Tracey’s associated with having pancreatic cancer, so , we are required to foreshadow that the will cause complications later in the novel. As well in the beginning, Paul says that “[his] father would put a pitch that would change the history of baseball forever.  This leaves many different opportunities as to the place that the storyline may go and are forced to foreshadow and think of wherever it might proceed.

Novel’s Realization

I was very surprised in the novel’s closing. First of all, I did not think that Paul was going to have the ability to persuade equally his father and the Fortress brothers in to having Warren visit May well in Calico Rock to apologize and inquire forgiveness. The Castle brothers thought it was the and once Warren knew having been going to expire soon, he wanted to generate amends. I was alsosurprised when Warren declared that he needed Paul to create the truth about him beaning Later on Castle. Most of his your life, Warren rejected that he had intentionally strike Joe in the head, but wants everybody to know. Finally, I was incredibly shocked that Joe wonderful two friends traveled to Florida for Warren Tracey’s funeral after knowing Warren for just a short period of time.

Meet a Character

If I can meet anybody character in the book, I would need to meet Joe Castle. I did previously play baseball for several years and i also know the game really well. I use met a couple Angel’s baseball players just before, but I think it would be great to meet a rookie record breaker. Everybody in America cherished Joe Fortress, not only because of his serious talent in baseball, also for his organic charm and personality. Easily did meet up with him, I might probably congratulate him everywhere that he had done in snowboarding and feel bad for the accident he had been in.

A reaction to the Book

I normally never like reading novels, however , I absolutely enjoyed reading this article novel. I thought it had a really clear story line that was easy to follow along with and was very well written. It also helped that I was familiar with hockey, the major theme/topic of the novel. Reading this novel has certainly given myself some thought into reading some of his other novels in the future.

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