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Last January 2012 the Department of Travel launched the new slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines” to raise the understanding of the people and the visitor who remain unaware of the advantage of the Korea. The said slogan a new question in our mind. What will be difference of using this fresh slogan above the old one particular ” Pilipinas kay Ganda”, will it be far better to attract holiday and help to promote the hidden beauty of the Philippines that still awaits to be learned.

And get back we develop the idea to produce a study regarding the concerns that we wish to be answered. The primary goal of the administration is usually to attract six. 8 , 000, 000 foreign vacationers a year by 2014, eight million simply by 2015, and 10 mil by 2016, by using the motto will the federal government can achieve their very own goal? Qualifications of the examine

“It’s more pleasurable in the Philippines” campaign was performed by David Guerrero the chairman and chief creative officer of BBDO Batallador, which is the country’s most awarded and popular advertising and marketing firm. This kind of slogan is simple yet extremely meaningful and applicable for the Filipino figure. Making the Slogan, the team Guerrero feels of a idea which can be a major hit to increase the Filipino Tourism Sector, a plan slogan which can really be a big help to our economy. The campaign goal is to get the Filipinos in to the global perception, to start a picture that various other countries is going to turn to. This kind of campaign can even be a big help in letting different countries know what the Thailand can offer. The things which no different countries can offer. Objectives:

To ascertain if the slogan has been efficiently launched internationally. To determine if the slogan assist to raise the knowing of the people about the Thailand. Research Trouble:

The researchers seek answers to the next questions:

1 . Is the motto will be powerful to promote the Philippines?

2 . Does the government can market the explained slogan throughout the world?

3. Does the slogan be able to help to enhance the awareness of those?


  • Independent: It’s more fun inside the Philippines
  • Dependent: Effect of the slogan in the Philippines’s tourism industry
  • Relevance of the Study:
  1. The proposal will be able to determine whether the slogan has been effectively marketed throughout the world.
  2. The pitch will show in the event the slogan “It’s more fun inside the Philippines” aid to attract holiday to visit Thailand.
  3. This proposal will determine if the Office of Travel has chosen a good motto for the tourism sector.

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