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MEMORANDUM OF CONTRACT This Comunicacion of Arrangement (herein referred to as “Agreement”) is created and entered into the City of Cabanatuan, Philippines by and between: Land Bank with the Philippines “Land Bank in the Philippines” with office addresses at 3/F Land Lender Building, Gabaldon St ., Cabanatuan City, Symbolized by the Department Director II, Nueva Ecija Lending Center, Mr. Eduardo And.

Reyes, Junior., herein following referred to as Terrain Bank of the Philippines. -and- WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES “WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY OR COLLEGE – PHILIPPINES”, Mabini Extension, Cabanatuan City, represented by simply Dean, College or university of Organization and Accountancy, DR .

HELEN VICTORIA M. ALVAREZ thus after known as WESLEYAN COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES. WHEREAS, Area Bank from the Philippines in the concern to boost the training and development of more and better experts, has collaborated with WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES to get an On-The-Job Training Program (“Program”) to provide schooling and support to the registrants of WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – KOREA, College of Business and Accountancy around the current developments and latest developments in the industry, and, to show them to real industry situations, thereby enhancing their formal schooling.

TODAY, therefore , intended for and in thought of the foregoing premises, Area Bank of the Philippines and WESLEYAN COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES hereby acknowledge and state the following: MISTER. EDUARDO And. REYES, JUNIOR. DM 2 – Department Manager/Head, NELC A. Property Bank of the Philippines shall: 1 . Embark on the selection process of the recommended students in adherence to Land Financial institution of the Israel policies and guidelines in the section for its purpose, 2 .

Provide the venue3 and give personnel to consider charge as well as supervise on-the-job training of students, 3. Provide WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES students information, schooling, and support, 4. Give students exposure to actual work place, 5. Accomplish the evaluation forms essential by WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES associated with to the on-the-job training with their students, 6th. Issue certificate of achievement to students who successfully finished their particular training underneath this program, and 7.

Select an employee that will coordinate with WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY OR COLLEGE – PHILIPPINES the various actions under the program. DR . MARIA VICTORIA Meters. ALVAREZ Leader, College of Business and Accountancy M. WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY OR COLLEGE – THAILAND shall: 1 . Recommend students who will go through on-the-job training under this program for last selection, /acceptance by Area Bank with the Philippines, installment payments on your Designate an agent who will organize with Area Bank from the Philippines within the various actions under this system, and 3.

Together with the students, faculty and oldsters concerned refuse and postpone any assert against Area Bank from the Philippines for almost any injury or loss which the trainees can experience, personal or pecuniary, in the performance of their duties and functions when under the schooling not owing to the carelessness or willful act of any of the staff of Land Bank of the Philippines. The waivers of the concerned celebrations shall be published to Area Bank in the Philippines prior to the commencement in the training, which will forms element of this agreement.

C. Below this program, this terms and conditions happen to be likewise included: 1 . It truly is expressly understood that there will be no employer-employee relationship among Land Traditional bank of the Israel and the trainees of WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES, installment payments on your The trainees will be individually for any and all liabilities pertaining to damage to real estate or problems for third people, which may be occasioned by their worldwide or negligent acts while in the course of all their training, a few. WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY –

PHILIPPINES shall make sure that the students complete the agreed range of work within the agreed life long the program, 4. It is specifically understood by simply WESLEYAN COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES, and the students that all the info on technology, manufacturing process, process criteria, quality assurance strategies, quality specifications, production capacities, raw material processing, finance, and all other related documents, manuals, and functional or specialized matters that Land Lender of the Israel shall make available to these people shall be used solely with this program.

All these matters will be classified while confidential in nature and proprietary to Land Lender of the Korea. WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – ISRAEL and students hereby take on to prevent disclosure or transfer of such information, knowingly or subconsciously, to any party outside of establishment without the knowledge and drafted consent of institution. your five. It is specifically understood that Land Financial institution of the Israel will only accept OJTs on a case-to-case basis according to vacancy.

G. LITIGATION AND OTHER EXPENSES In the event of breach of any confidential information acquired during the schooling period relative to the task designated by Terrain Bank with the Philippines, WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES agrees to spend an additional amount equivalent of twenty five percent (25%) to get Attorney’s Fees, plus costs and other costs and inesperado expenses of litigation not including possible monetary damages that will be incurred by simply reason thereof. E. LENGTH

This agreement shall carry for the duration of the 20122013 University Year of WESLEYAN COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY – ISRAEL, and is quickly renewable yearly, provided that Area Bank with the Philippines and WESLEYAN SCHOOL – PHILIPPINES reserve their particular respective legal rights to withdraw their contribution in the agreement upon written-notice. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have agreed upon these presents on this ____ day of 2013, in Cabanatuan Metropolis, Philippines. TO GET: Land Bank of the PhilippinesMR. EDUARDO And. REYES, JUNIOR.

DM 2 – Department Manager/Head, NELC| WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY OR COLLEGE – PHILIPPINESDR. MARIA VICTORIA M. ALVAREZDean, College of Business and Accountancy| AGREED UPON IN THE OCCURRENCE OF: | _________________________________| _________________________________| Republic in the Philippines) Associated with Cabanatuan) S i9000. S. A C K N Um W D E Deb G E M Elizabeth N To On this ___________ day of 2013, individually appeared ahead of me, a Notary General public in and then for the City of Cabanatuan, the following persons: NAMEVALID I. Deb. DATE/PALCE Mr. Eduardo N. Reyes, Jr. Dr . Helen Victoria M. AlvarezSSS IDENTIFICATION # lmost all known to myself to be the same persons who also executed the foregoing document, composed of three (3) pages which include this page and acknowledgement that the same can be an act of their cost-free and non-reflex will and deed. IN WITNESS THEREOF, I hereunto sign this kind of document and affix my seal of office about this date and place aforementioned. MISTER. EDUARDO In. REYES, JR. DM II – Office Manager/Head, NELC DR . KAREN VICTORIA M. ALVAREZ Dean, College of Business and Accountancy Hello. No . __________ Page No . __________ Book No . __________ Series of 2010

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