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I. Assertion of the Trouble Although Harley davidson Davidson dominates the market in North America, it is the smallest in Europe and the 4th in Asia/Pacific area which is centered by Western brands. A single reason for Harley’s smaller market share in Asia and europe region is usually that the company cannot produce enough motorcycles to meet demand as well as its prices tend to be higher than competitive versions. Shortages of Harleys lead many consumers to purchase competitive bikes as there are 2-year purchasing lists for some Harley models. The researcher of this study seeks to answer the following questions: 1 )

What is the easiest method to advertise or perhaps market Harleys in the European countries and Asia/Pacific region? 2 . What improvements shall be done in Harley-davidson. com website? II. Objectives in the Study This kind of study tries the following objectives: to be able to be familiar with market share of Harley Davidson from the example to determine which will advertising ideal Harley Davidson in Europe and Asia to know whether the official internet site of Harley is good enough and competitive enough to give the best solution to enhance market share and sales of Harley in Europe and Asia/Pacific place III. Scopes and Constraints of the Examine

The study includes the current scenario of Harley Davidson Firm, the nature of the business, the background, their market share in various countries as well as the effect of the official site on client behavior. The research however , is restricted with simply secondary data available through the text and from the recognized websites of Harley as well as its competing brands. This analyze has advice and points of view which have been based by my own perspectives and considering as a marketing student. 4. Nature of The Research A. Harley Davidson Harley-Davidson, typically abbreviated H-D or Harley davidson, is an American motorcycle maker.

Founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, during the first decade in the 20th 100 years, it was one of two major American motorcycle companies to survive the Great Depression. Harley-Davidson also made it through a period of poor quality control and competition from Japan manufacturers. The business sells top quality (over 750cc) motorcycles made for cruising on the highway. Harley-Davidson motorcycles (popularly referred to as Harleys) have got a distinctive style and wear out note. They may be especially known for the tradition of heavy customization that offered rise towards the chopper-style of motorcycle.

Except for the ultra-modern VRSC style family, current Harley-Davidson motor bikes reflect the styles of classic Harley patterns. Harley-Davidsons endeavors to establish by itself in the mild motorcycle marketplace have hit with limited accomplishment and have mainly been abandoned since the 78 sale of it is Italian Aermacchi subsidiary. Harley-Davidson sustains a loyal manufacturer community which keeps active through clubs, occasions, and a museum. License of the Harley-Davidson logo makes up almost 5% of the companys net revenue. B. Global Competitors Honda motorcycles, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha are a few of the major rivals of Harley Davidson.

C. Motorcycle Purchasers The market profile of motorcycle buyers has changed over the years. In line with the Motorcycle Sector Council, 61% of potential buyers are more than 3 decades old while in 80, only 27% has reached this grow older. In 1980, only installment payments on your 4% of motorcycle buyers acquired incomes of $50, 500 or higher, while in 1998, over one third had been in this cash flow group. White-collar professionals would be the largest group of new bicycle riders, accounting for 36%. Many are former riders right now stepping up with their dream machines and claim that motorcycle using helps decrease stress inside their lives. Deb. Motorcycle Company Websites

They would. D. management believes that the Internet is a powerful marketing tool. Its site is passionately called the “anti-websites since it encourages surfers to get off-line and on their Harleys. The website contains detailed information on the company and its products. They have nearly 1 ) 5 , 000, 000 visitors in 1997 alone. V. Areas of Consideration A. Competition Most of Harley’s key competitors have products other than motorcycles on the websites which includes cars (Honda, Suzuki, and BMW), outboard motors (Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki), and jet skis, snow portable, boats, generator and power equipments.

Yet , Harley’s site is dedicated exclusively to motorcycle-related information about its products, experience and the organization itself, which includes financial info. This may be a competitive advantage for Harley since it illustrates which the company is targeted only inside the motorcycle sector. B. Business The following table shows the industry share of Harley and its global competitors in different parts: |COMPANY |NORTH AMERICA |EUROPE |ASIA/PACIFIC | |BMW |2. 70% |13. 0% |4. 30% | |HARLEY |48. 50% |6. 4 |15. 6 | |HONDA |20. 5 |24. 1 |28 | |KAWASAKI |10. a couple of |10. 7 |22. one particular | |SUZUKI |10. three or more |17. a couple of |7. being unfaithful | |YAMAHA |4. 8 |16. three or more |16. 6th | |OTHERS |3 |11. |5. your five | MIRE. Alternative Courses of Action/Recommendation A. Harley Davidson should invest in Market Transmission in the regions where it is very sluggish. The company should supply enough products in the countries of The european union, Asia plus the Pacific with competitive and affordable prices. B. The official site must be improved with great brand picture through the use of better marketing colors and especially with cultural impacts for Asia and europe and not just for American buyers. VII. SWOT Analysis Advice: Market Penetration Strengths enhance of market share in Asia and europe availability of supplies in Europe and Asia more name recall increase of good brand image ¢ Weaknesses risky fast development of items for the regions is definitely costly flaws upon production are inevitable ¢ Options H. M. may be the most popular brand of motorcycles on the globe May and definitely will conquer the highest/largest market share of Motorcycle Sector in the whole universe ¢ Hazards outcome might be negative sales may not fulfill expenses development of materials may be time consuming

VIII. Summary After carefully analyzing the truth of Harley davidson Davidson, the best solution I could give is to go on Market Penetration. Set up company has already established its name and brand, many European and Asian countries still prefer all those brands which might be most obtainable and affordable in their areas. One incredibly relevant reasons why H. M. has a tiny market share during these regions is usually its becoming expensive. While there are a lot of competitive brands generally made from Asia, H. D. still has an edge and an edge among these types of brands.

Unlike the others, H. D. specializes on motor bikes alone and this may be a competitive advantage for Harley because it illustrates the company is targeted only in the motorcycle industry. The improvement of its website through the use of better colors and pictures might be a very good idea to increase sales and brand mind on consumers. But the greatest improvement for the website that I could recommend is to put cultural details from Cookware and European cultures. With this, consumers coming from all countries may be able to connect with the brand.

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