A Chance to Change Something in My Country Essay

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If I include a chance to transform something inside my country – India, then I would suggest increasing green areas in the country by planting even more trees. Seeding more trees and shrubs helps the nation in many ways. That they not only offer clean and clean air to the country but as well nice theme parks for the individuals. Trees and plants provide clean and fresh air. Most of the towns in India are highly polluted.

Pollution causes many disorders to the people. I possess seen a lot of my friends affected by allergies and breathing problems due to high polluting of the environment. So it is high time for us to take necessary procedure for protect people from air pollution. Planting more trees and plants during these cities assists people to obtain clean air and pollution much less environment to have. People destruct forests to materialize the many forest methods like solid wood from the forest, medicinal plant life, animals and so forth Due to forest destruction, most of the animal breeds lost their place to live.

This in turn provides resulted in lack of many dog breeds. Embrace green areas will definitely help the animals for a place to live. Planting even more trees also give good parks pertaining to the people. Parks will be a good place for those to pass their free time, to relax in a natural environment, to get along with the friends, to experience and enjoy the nature.

They can also be made as holiday destination. Various places in India will be suffering as a result of insufficient rain and drinking water. Growing even more trees especially in these areas will help much more rain and weather control.

For the above mentioned said major causes, I would suggest to increase the green areas in my region.

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