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Background to the problem Mr Something operates a small business called A Chip off The Old Block-Bluster. Mr Something happens to be the makes of Blockbusters son. This individual has just left him a little bit of gift of money and needed him to generate a business that was just like good as his. He currently has a shop in slough High Street.

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He only gets some customers each day. He keeps track of people’s record manually and would like to use his father’s funds to set up an electronic system that only requires a few manual articles. The Current Program Mr Some thing currently uses cards to handle his business. He offers 2 types of greeting cards. 1 credit card is his business greeting card to hand to be able to people to show where his shop is, his name, mobile phone, his email and his fax.

The various other type of greeting card is a client card. The client card has got the shop logo on it and the customers term on it. It is just a card constructed from card and is also laminated to shield it by damage. In the event the customer does not have a card, this individual issues someone to them to get a price of 20p in the event they wish to rent DVD’s again.

He gathers their term, address, DOB and house number. The can possess data printed on it which has a permanent printer ink. It displays when the DVD MOVIE must be returned by. The ink may be erased by using a special aerosol and a cloth. This really is costly and takes time.

It can sometimes irritate the consumer depending on how long it will require. He makes the card by simply designing that on Ms publisher and printing this off utilizing a dot matrix printer and laminates it. He likewise keeps a daily news record. It has a table while using same details as for the card plus the name with the DVD leased and the date it must be came back by. This individual writes it by hand by using a pen while the customer is renting the DVD.

If the DVD can be not came back by the particular date set for return, in that case he uses mail blend to send a letter to the customer saying that the DVD has to be returned simply by 4 times after the letter has been directed and if not really, there will be a higher charge. Whether it continues then a police will probably be involved. Mr Something calls it the record bed sheet.

The record sheets will be stored in a briefcase that is locked and is stored in a cupboard that is overhead that is likewise locked. This kind of reduces the likelihood of burglars having their hands on the customer’s details. Issues with the system The latest problems with the program are: 5. It takes moment for Mr A thing to enter in the customers specifics onto the record linen. * The laminated credit cards that this individual gives to his customers are easily destroyed by peeling away the laminated layer * The cleaning liquefied is pricey to buy and for that reason makes tiny profit 5. The manual methods consider very long which in turn hold up the customer.

The end user’s requests The finish user would really like: * a computerised system * a homepage that can navigate through the complete system very easily * queries that can be conveniently used 5. a windows that can flick through records * something that can also add files towards the records data file * something that can show the fees of overdue DVDs Conceivable Solutions A non-ICT answer could be to work with cards. There could be three files, one to get members, a single for Dvd disks and a single for financial loans. But this could lead to complications as cards can get damaged as very easily as record books, and in addition they aren’t practical. Cards could also get lost, which solution is fairly time consuming.

Greeting cards could also be very costly. Word control and demonstration programmes are unsuitable for this solution. Word processors couldn’t store the info properly, though a stand could be made to store the files.

Studies and queries cannot be made on a phrase processing file. The information could hardly be organised properly. Display software couldn’t be used because they are made really for showing information to a audience.

Quite a few solutions could hardly be used to store structured data. A spreadsheet programme could possibly be used. Series and dining tables could be made to store your data. However , this may be quite repetitive.

Three diverse tables would need to be made. Every DVD would need to be repeated every time it absolutely was lent. This could be quite annoying and frustrating. Using a relational database seems like the best remedy for the DVD local rental.

It can be used to store lots of data and reduce the number of repetition of computer. Queries can be used to extract data quickly and easily. This could be used to discover overdue Dvd disks, solving the condition of undiscovered overdue aigu?. Separate furniture can be made easily, which may be linked in a relationship.

Wizards can be used to make queries and reports quickly without faults. Databases also contain validation tools which stop type errors. Length check works extremely well on the areas to stop blunders. Primary important factors can be designed to number DVDs and people.

Objectives The machine should have the next: * it ought to be neat and tidy simple reading 2. There should be a study to show the overdue Dvd videos and their price. * Expenses should be calculated automatically. * The navigation should be easy with obviously labelled control buttons. 2. The system should be able to save info on clients and DVDs without dilemma.

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