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High School in The Philippines

The United States of America versus The Korea

Thesis: How can the tradition in the United States of America compare with that of the

  • The Unites States govt is bicameral legislature including the House of Representatives plus the Senate, there is a separation federal and state government, two political functions dominate Our elected representatives: the His party party and the Democratic get together
  • The Philippine government is bicameral legislature consisting for the House of Representatives plus the Senate, many government offices are located in Quezon Metropolis, the Israel is broken into 72 zone and they are split up into municipalities
  • Inside the U. S. students begin elementary school at 5 and continue through age 17 or 18, after graduation students carries on their education at a university, through vocational teaching, or inside the military
  • In the Philippines college students begin pre-school at your five and continue through era 16 or 17, high school graduation includes 12 months of armed service training
  • Every state in the U. T. is responsible for its very own health care, large medical prices are substantial, therefore , people have private insurance, U. T. is a leader in medical training and research
  • Medical service inside the Philippines at times be bad due to not enough supplies, there exists a universal health-care, vaccinations can be obtained to children at no value, health hazards will be cause by simply poor sterilization and lower income
  • In the United States of America sports are a huge factor in just how leisure time can be spent, other recreational activities include theater, touring, and going to the movies
  • In the Korea many persons go to films, gamble, attend cock fights and equine races, sporting activities are played on Sunday only
  • America is actually a land of immigrants. We now have become a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-gender nation (Philippine Post Magazine np). The hyphenation of American citizens (Philippine Post Mag np) is an indication of diversity, with this range comes differences in its culture. Americas cultural history is known as a record of conditions that that made all kinds of innovations and the behavior of individuals because they respond to these conditions (Crunden 99). American culture is known as a mixture of Christianity, capitalism, and democracy. The Revolution and Civil War forced everybody to think again about American culture and attached Northern religious, economic, and political tips on a country (Crunden 10). The Combined Stated contains a sectional tradition: north distinct from south and western (Crunden 10). How does this eclectic American culture out-do the social conditions that exist in the Philippine Islands?

    The us if America is a democratic federal republic. Individual says hold sovereignty over their very own territory and have rights which are not reserved by federal government (Brigham Young University 276). Inside each point out is a legislature. This regulates only the state and enacts laws for its citizens of the state. On the larger level is the authorities. The federal government provides the purpose of regulating the nation in general. The federal government is definitely led by the president who may be elected by electoral university of delegates chosen to symbolize the vote of the persons of that express (Brigham Fresh University 276). Congress, the legislative human body, is a bicameral legislature composed of two distinct houses: your house of Representatives and the Senate. The House of Representatives provides four hundred thirty-five delegates who have serve two-year terms. The Senate offers 100 delegates who provide a six-year term. Two political get-togethers dominate Congress, the Republican party plus the Democratic party, although, smaller sized parties are active through the entire country. Every single citizen of the United States has the right to vote. The voting grow older is eighteen.

    The federal government in the Israel has similarities and differences to that in america of America. Like the United States, the Philippine government is definitely led by president. The legislature is usually bicameral composed of the House of Representatives as well as the Senate. The home of Reps has two hundred delegates plus the Senate has twenty-four delegates. Most govt offices are situated in Quezon City, the former capital. This was named after Manuel Quezon, the first chief executive of the country when it became a U. S. Commonwealth is 1935 (Brigham Small University 224). The Republic of the Thailand has 72 provinces, that happen to be divided into cities made of barangay (barrios) (Brigham Young University 224). The voting age in the Philippines is twelve to fifteen for neighborhood elections and eighteen to get national elections. One significant problem for the Philippine govt is criminal offenses. The offense rate is very high, retaining law and order is among the governments key problems (Wee 90).

    In the United States of America education is not taken gently, school is important. Each individual point out is responsible for its educational system. Education is definitely free and also required for children ages five through of sixteen. At age five children start elementary school inside the grade pre-school. Elementary school last for six years then student always middle college or younger high school, which is three years long. Next, college students go through 4 years of high school graduation. Students complete their education with quality twelve, generally at age 17 or 18. After completing high school, students have many options. Many enter the labor force, while others seek out vocational and technical schooling. Others enter into may enlist in the armed forces or enter a university or community college to pursuer higher education degrees.

    Inside the Philippines there may be great emphasis on education. Like the United States, children in the Israel can begin college with pre-school at age five. Pre-school is usually and alternative. It is presented if kids would like to commence early. Kids remain in grammar school for half a dozen years. And in some rare cases, they will remain in elementary school for eight years. Following elementary school is four a lot of high school. Only approximately seventy percent of pupils make it to secondary school. Unlike the United Explained, one year of military schooling is included inside the high school subjects. In the Israel most students graduate student at the age of 14 of 17, a year earlier than student in the usa. Many students continue all their education at college or perhaps seek professional training. The literacy rate in the Thailand is ninety-four percent (Brigham Young School 224).

    The United States of America is a only developing country in the work without a national (public) health-care system (Brigham Youthful University 276). Each condition is responsible for health care. Individual declares are also responsible for the polices regarding medical care in their point out. There are some national standards too. Medical prices are very loaded with the United States. Therefore , in order to get medical care without having to pay extremely costly, most people have got private insurance. The health network in the Unites States is extremely extensive and modern. The usa is the leader in medical research and training (Brigham Young University 276). The newborn mortality charge in the United States is eight every one thousand. Also, life expectancy in america ranges by seventy-three to eighty years of age (Brigham Young University 276).

    In the Philippines medical service varies based on geographic location. Inside the capital, Manila, medical services is generally great. However , in lots of rural areas medical services is typical due to the insufficient supplies. A new law was passed in 1995. This law established universal health care insurance, paid for generally on the basis of taxation and other authorities funds (Brigham Young University 224). Totally free vaccinations, paid by the government, are offered to children. People in the Philippines often get ill for different reasons than they can in the United States of America. Polluting of the environment, especially in Manila, is a serious health hazard (Brigham Young College or university 224). Poor sanitation and poverty will be the main reasons for a relatively high infant fatality rate of fifty per on 1000. The life expectations ranges via sixty-three to sixty-eight years old. This is regarding ten years below that of the United States.

    Inside the Unites States of America people spend all their leisure time doing many different actions. Sports are incredibly popular in American culture. Professional sporting activities such as basketball, baseball, and basketball are the most popular spectator sporting activities. Schools provide sports possibilities for American youths. Various other sports such as cycling, racquetball, handball, and tennis are popular among Americans. The United States of America is an extremely large country. This feature allows for lots of travel. Many Americans enjoy browsing new places within the nation. Theater is usually a large element of American tradition. Broadway Movie theater in Nyc is a major draw for the American people. Some other leisure actions include watching tv, going to discover movies, attending music live shows, and picnicking.

    Many recreational activities inside the Philippines are just like those in the usa of America, however there are a few differences. Persons spend spare time socializing or going to the movies, the Thailand is a main producer of films (Brigham Young College or university 224). However , North American films are also available for viewing. Video machines advertising rental shops are found almost everywhere (Brigham Small University 224). The Thailand is made up of a large number of small island destinations. In all there are more that 7, 95, most of these happen to be tiny-less than one square mile in area (Gail 13). Therefore , many households enjoy picnics at the beach. Sports activities are different inside the Philippines within the United States of America. Sporting activities are generally enjoyed on On the. Basketball is definitely the sport of preference among Filipino boys, while girls are likely to favor volleyball and monitor. Girls just play sporting activities in school. Various Philippine people enjoy other recreational activities. These include gambling and attending horse races and cock arguements. A game known as mahjong, a Chinese desk game played with tiles is additionally popular among the Filipino culture (Brigham Young School 224).

    How does the eclectic American culture compare with the ethnic conditions in the Philippines? The two countries possess similarities and differences. Various similarities control from the reality the Philippines was once a U. H. Commonwealth. Authorities similarities specifically can be written for this. Nevertheless , there are distinctions between the two countries as well. Schooling and health have sufficient differences than that of the Unites States of America. Every single country possesses its own unique characteristics in culture. Both the Usa and the Korea have exclusive cultures that contribute to a well-functioning contemporary society.

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