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A Dark Man Discussions of Enjoying Figure of Speech In Arna Bontemps’ poem, “A Black Man Talks of Reaping”, he uses a large number of figures of speech like metaphor, representation, overstatement and synecdoche. Metaphor is the tool Bontemps uses in his poem. For instance, “Wind or fowl” (line 3) metaphorically identifies white competition who are every where and can take the profit of Dark-colored race away like a wind blows cause away or like a bird intends to steal seeds of a farmer by simply pecking all of them away. Therefore , “the grain” (line 3) represents the speaker’s benefit that he gets via his hard work and effort, because the same as the word “reaping” equal 7.

The “seed” (line 6) means his work to improve dark people’s lifestyle. He dedicates so much like he scatters seed through the land with the hope of their bountiful output: the better life with the blacks. It has a similar which means to the expression “orchard” (line 9) in the last stanza. “Bitter fruits” (line 12) identifies what his children get from those seeds he has planted: useless outcome the future generation gets as a result of his dedicating operate. It is the rancor like what he has for all his life.

In general poem, he compares the plantation of black slaves to their aggression they face due to the white people. You will discover other kinds of figures of conversation. For example , a personification in line 3: “That wind or fowl would take the feed away”. “From Canada to Mexico” equal 6 is an overstatement showing how much dedication this individual has for his operate to improve the African American existence. And in series 7, Bontemps uses “the hand” as a synecdoche to symbolize not only the speaker yet also most black slaves in America who have experience the aggression of being taken advantage by simply white contest despite all their hard work.

Irony The irony from this poem is actually a situational paradox describing the unbalance involving the effort the African American individuals have made and the gain that they can get back. Bontemps compares the bitterness of black peoples’ life towards the planting that no matter how hard that they plant, they lose their profit towards the white individuals that actually do simply have the finest things. Characterize the poem This composition was created presumably not really based on the direct connection with the poet as Arna Bontemps had not work in farming field but academics.

Simply by calling back again the experience of diligence of the speaker who has develop the crops for his children although has been conned by others, this composition on the surface area seems to be simply a description of unfair activities. However , under the surface, the cultivation scene in this poem is used metaphorically to criticize inequality inside the society because white individuals are treating the black since the inferior to their contest. In other word, this poem serves as a social review.

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