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Most situations need a leader, such as the Governor in New Jersey through the recent typhoon. The Texas chief made selections that he thought will help better the people. Total the gran just wanted to protect and business lead the people of recent Jersey. One other example of leadership like what occurred in Hat was a basic man named John Oakhurst. John was also offer the test having to make decisions trying to support lead and protect the other people which were with him.

In Bret Harte’s brief story “The Outcasts of Poker Level,  Ruben Oakhurst was a respectful gentleman, a truly unselfish man, and the most of all a leader at heart all along.

Mr. John Oakhurst was a incredibly respectful lady in multiple situations. As the group was making their very own trek from the town, Steve made a strange decision. He previously a perfect using horse identity Five Area and he gave this to the Duchess so she’d have a better trip.

Along the trek leading to be able to nowhere Mr. Oakhurst did find a young man he once gained money coming from. “He then simply handed him his cash back, pushed him gently through the room, and thus made a devoted slave of Tom Simson (Harte 509). This demonstrates he was aiming to do be considered a nice gentleman and do the best thing.

There was plenty of items that John did to get the people that showed that he was truly unselfish. “When the body of Mom Shipton have been committed to the snow, Mister. Oakhurst required the Harmless aside, and showed him a pair of snowshoes, which he previously fashioned from an old bunch saddle (Harte 513). This was a action that probably took a great bit of period away from other needed duties. Mr. Oakhurst also knew that having been going to attempt to help get the boy away of generally there and that he didn’t be coming back. Since he knew that he more than likely be back this individual went about and got enough firewood to last a few days for the Duchess and Piney. He was just planning to do what any other unselfish and qualified man would do to help an individual.

John really made some options after they trigger on their trip from town, that most persons would be to uncertain to make. The moment Uncle Billy decided to set off on the race horses and keep everyone else to suffer. “He ran to the spot the place that the mules have been tethered”they had been no longer there (Harte 510). Instead of sharing with them the fact he happened to run, John advised them that Billy had just wandered off camp and stampeded the family pets. John told them this kind of so that everybody would stay calm and never worry. Mr. Oakhurst likewise ration the foodstuff supply to make it last as long as possible. John made sure to keep watch various other them to keep them safe. John Oakhurst really was an absolute leader at heart.

Many hardships were experienced during the brief story “The Outcasts of Poker Flat. Most situations need a leader like the persons in the tale did. David was presently there to help them in any respect he could. Mr. Oakhurst was there to protect and lead the fellow outcasts. John was trying to do the same thing while the Chief excutive of New Hat. They were both just looking to do the proper thing. Helping the people in any respect that they can was there prime matter, no matter if that hurt them in the end.


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