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Info and communication technology (ICT) has become a significant tool in all aspects of existence. With the development of technology, the introduction of ICT like a tool offers essentially helped bring tremendous revolution to the practices and procedures of nearly all forms of effort within business and governance during the past many years.

Consequently, the value of ICT project managing cannot be overemphasized since it is a catalyst pertaining to successfully undertaking the ICT project. A critical research within the factors influencing the efficiency of ICT has been done as well as the intro of different evaluation models or frameworks, that are used determine if a great ICT job is successfully implemented. The past but not the smallest amount of, a summary and a recommendation are given to provide evidence that the potential ideals and benefits will be brought by elaborately inspecting those related factors before implementation and regularly evaluation on the ICT project.

Desk of content material Just as the other job management is, there are various success/failure factors related to the ICT project management. Here we discuss the roles of attitudes plus the alignment among ICT and business, that are regarded as a pair of the most important essential factors in ICT project management. A corresponding books review is likewise preformed to be able to better understand the background.

The Roles of Attitudes The literature linked to the information and communication technology (ICT) demonstrated that alignment between ICT and business will certainly influence the company performance and effectiveness with the organization within a positive method. (Cumps, W., Viaene, S i9000., Dedene, G., & Vandenbulcke, J 2006) Furthermore, the alignment of business and ICT of your organization is among the fundamental sustainable factors, that may also be a plus for a company. In that case, the organizations should consider establishing particular ICT administration routines to be able to obtain better alignment overall performance scores.

Since the role of ICT may not be underestimated, more and more people want to know if the ICT seriously brings beliefs, whether the ICT substantially better the performance, or perhaps the ICT happens to be expected. Depending on the research, there are numerous more extensive ICT supervision capability maturity framework developed, such as the ICT management capability maturity construction and ICT Performance Guide Model. The differences between the two of these frameworks or models are the focus and the content. ICT management capability maturity structure ICT Overall performance Reference Version is a version using the reference point model principles in the area of ICT management.

Pertaining to better knowledge of the meaning of reference style, here the definition of the reference point model that Reference unit contains relevant structures and relationships among the model elements (process constructions, levels, record structures) plus the predefined expertise (best practice examples) currently included in these kinds of structures. is used. ICT Performance Reference Model combines the strengths of statistical and data modeling processes for its composition and understanding management concepts for its content; namely, it represents the best practices and knowledge in the formalized style structure, and so allows less difficult knowledge replication.

The construction of ICT Performance Research Model comes with ICT Management Process, ICT Performance managing Methodologies, ICT Performance Measurement Processes, ICT Performance Steps and ICT Performance managing Tools and Applications. The performance of ICT job is then become evaluated through these dimensions. With the implication of ICT Performance Reference point Model, it would be easier to address ICT supervision related problems including application functionality terme conseille, technology and knowledge heterogeneity, and constantly changing organization pressures. Summary From the dialogue part, we can see that there are diverse success/failure elements relate to the Information and Interaction Technology project management.

Every single factor can not be left out via consideration anytime applying a great ICT project, namely, the value of each element cannot be over rate, or presently there would possibly lead to an unpleasant outcome. On the other hand, it is also necessary to have the ICT project to be reviewed, or evaluated the related management ability maturity regularly. With the standard evaluation, the organization will have better understanding about the current express of the implementation of ICT project, the acceptance amount of related personnel, the procedure results when compared to expected effects, and the continuing alignment with organization’s tactics.

Recommendations As we both know that the administration of ICT in the enterprise has been elevating in importance and nowadays it is among the critical achievement factors of any type of business. To be able to ensure eco friendly growing associated with an organization, the usage of ICT cannot be avoidable. After the careful research, I recommend the business should take a look at every success/failure factors related with the ICT project prior to implementation, that will largely reduce the risk of conducting a project and ending in nothing. Concurrently, with mindful elaboration on each success/failure factors, the organization could have better understanding of its status quo, its advantages and weakness, which can be a great headstone for the design and execution of the ICT project.

In addition to the prior-art study, the ongoing analysis is also essential for an ICT project management. In that case, the corporation should select adequate analysis model or perhaps framework with a customized changes in order to match the requirements of the corporation. By doing the normal inspection, the business can spot the wrong tendencies in time and make certain modifications accordingly.

With no such secure monitor device, it may be too late when the organization realizes the mistakes happening.

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