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Even though the concept of style seems like the last theme with this story of murder and selfishness, it is really represented quite frequently and as a big part of the story line. “A Great Man is not easy to Find” focuses primarily on the personas and qualities of the two main heroes, grandma as well as the Misfit. These two seem like total opposites, which will creates for any very intriguing assessment when it comes to their intelligence and capacity for style in this brief story.

The Misfit exhibits a clear superiority in brains through his behavior and actions. The Misfit also has an obvious convenience of grace that exceeds the grandmother by simply analyzing his thoughts and conversations together with the grandmother.

Readers can infer that a number of the grandmother’s traits are getting close-minded and selfish. The girl lies with her grandchildren, complains about how this current times are unable to even beat the superiority from the past, and manipulates her son. The grandmother shows no self-awareness and is not really open to actuality and the current world around her.

During the discussion moments prior to grandmother was shot, her words demonstrate these prior points. Your woman portrays obvious ignorance once she attempts to convince the Misfit that he’d never do this and that getting rid of a lady is usually wrong. It is like your woman knows him and knows how he thinks and clearly she does not. The grandmother feels he will do what she says just because of her ideals and what she feels is right from this situation; Lack of knowledge at its greatest. While these kinds of points demonstrate weakness with the grandmother, additionally they prove the prevalence of the Misfits intelligence in comparison.

All along the Misfit hopes to eliminate the relatives. Although there could have been moments of grace,  the end result was inevitable. As a result of Misfit’s era, real-world encounter, and physical build as well as the arms this individual carries, he has a clear one- up in intelligence in this situation. The grandmother is just pleading on her behalf survival at this moment, while the Misfit is in control. He bears a tool that can determine life or death during these very occasions. The Misfit has a obvious strategy for setup of the condemned family. Initial the parents and children are wiped out in the timber and the grandmother is salvaged for previous. The Misfit has had to try out much more of real life than has got the family.

This individual has had numerous tough times and obstacles to overcome, even though the grandmother and her family have existed sheltered when compared with him. At this point, the grandma is placed in a very real scenario and does not learn how to handle that successfully that gives the Misfit a clear benefits for control. Almost all her existence, the grandma has positioned herself more than everyone else and is also now forced to do the contrary and her life depends on it. This intense signal of weakness is foreign to the granny and is what ultimately gets her slain when located against somebody of higher cleverness.

Capacity for grace is a continuing theme represented in trouble the Misfit and the grandma. The Misfit shows even more capacity for grace than does the grandmother. During the grandmother’s beg to keep her life, she is very constant in her argument and stays true to her thinking that the girl thinks he could be a good man and that he would not kill a woman, basically placing words in the mouth and thoughts in his head. She does not down again from her beliefs and keeps trying to persuade him not to get rid of her, which is the only thing crossing her head at that moment.

During her argument, she talks about Jesus and his actions and even though the Misfit puts on a difficult façade, we find that after in the book, his values change from originally proclaiming that “there is no enjoyment in life but meanness, ” transitioning to “there is not a pleasure in every area of your life at all. ” This displays a little mercy and capacity of change in the Misfit which is not present in the grandmother in any respect. These two characters were most unlikely recipients of any style, but the Misfit showed even more towards the grandma by not shooting her instantly and changing his values significantly.

“A Great Man is difficult to Find, ” shows the conflict among two incredibly different character types which creates a very interesting evaluation between them. The Misfit takes the business lead in both equally intelligence and capacity for style when put up against the grandma. He is more educated in real world scenarios while she is ignorant and unaware; also the Misfit shows even more willingness to change than will the grandmother via her older, close-minded methods. The Misfit is an unlikely prospect to fit these roles although his actions and thoughts prove in any other case throughout the story.

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