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In the pathways “If We have to Die” simply by Claude McKay, the presenter set a courageous sculpt by using words like “brave”, “fighting”, and “honor” in sentences throughout the passage to demonstrate that the guys were not scared although they were outnumbered. This work of literature instructs the reader that if a group can come with each other as one they can be more powerful then the greater populace. In the literary work “A Lesson Ahead of Dying” by Ernest M. Gaines, Jefferson’s tone was cowardly/immature at first of the book, but as the book developed his develop changed to him being more spirited and content.

In “A Lesson Prior to Dying” we can learn from Jefferson that even though someone places you straight down, you should be capable of ignore that and go forward from that with some pride. The presenter and character in these works of materials used several tones over the passages. Inside the poem “If We Must Die” by Claude McKay, the speaker conveys a courageous tone over the passage.

Some examples in the speaker setting a brave tone are in the lines “If we must die, allow it not wind up as hogs” and “If we need to die, To let us nobly die” which means that no matter how any person treats these people, if that they die, they will die just like men with pride and dignity.

Also in the series “Though fat outnumbered i want to show courageous, and for generally there thousand produces deal a single death blow! ” this kind of line sets a brave tone mainly because although they is much outnumbered plus the enemies will be much stronger separately, they’re going to add up as one to attack with increased intensity then your enemies. The final line that creates a brave tone is “Pressed to the wall, declining, but preventing back” therefore they fought against to the second that they passed away, dying fearlessly and with pride. With this passage a courageous develop was collection because the loudspeaker talked about although the men knew they were extremely outnumbered and out run, they even now fought with pride to the death.

In the book “A Lessons Before Dying” by Ernest J. Bogues, Jefferson showed a cowardly and immature tone. Once Jefferson was called a hog by his defense legal professional in the beginning in the book this individual couldn’t conquer it. Whenever Grant will visit him and try to support, Jefferson would ignore Give. Even when Offer brought Jefferson food via Ms. Emma, Jefferson gets on his hands and legs and begins to eat the food as if having been actually a hog. Jefferson began to become obsessed with the simple fact that he might actually be a hog.

Scholarhip thought it was gonna be difficult to change his attitude, nevertheless Grant tells Jefferson that he his a role model to the black culture in the neighborhood and that Bayonne needs him to have pride. This is when Jefferson’s tone changed to a more spirited and adult tone. He started to mature and engage in conversations with other people. Scholarhip also bought him a radio, which in turn made him saner. Jefferson now started to become content with the truth that he was going to perish, and when he does pass away he’s going to die with dignity and using a positive atmosphere on the dark community.

Inside these two functions of materials there are hues, which are used to acquire a point across easier and put focus on certain details. There are also various similarities and differences between two works. Some commonalities are that in both of the pathways they desired to die just like men by the end. Also in “If We Must Die” and “A Lessons Before Dying” both Jefferson and the audio were remedied like hogs, as well as in both literatures unfortunate situations had been occurring throughout the stories. Some differences were that the speaker in “If We Must Die” had a brighter outlook about things when compared to Jefferson who was very unfavorable in the beginning. An additional difference would be that the speaker changed being called a hog planned to die with pride but Jefferson on the other hand was very sensitive about it and required it for the heart. These two works of literature experienced their comparison but for the most part these kinds of passages experienced similar effects and tones.


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