a man falls to his death by cirilo bautista

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A poem elicits the critical and creative work of the visitors. The poem, A man comes to his death by Cirilo Bautista, can be viewed as a suicide or like a murder. Both have a different which means, however , all their similarity is usually connected to the idea of death. After analyzing and understanding the text message, I figured the character with the poem determined suicide. In the poem, Cirilo Bautista produces: “He was, a day ago, threatened/ With dismissal for displeasing a superior” (22-23). The character, getting lower in list, got anxious, which sooner or later led to the concept of committing suicide. In connection to the resource of Bautista and the politics context in the poem, Bautista worked intended for Ferdinand Marcos and was familiar the Marcos’ administration marked a bloody and controversial period in the Philippine history. Why? Because he used his capacity to control the innocent lives of many Filipinos which can be the reason why arts and literature thrived at that time.

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Filipinos subjected the immorality of government officials, fought intended for freedom, and flourished their particular nationalism simply by arts and literature. Until today, we still have many immoral representatives in our country. Even our president is given that name since he started implementing Extra-Judicial Killings in the Philippines. There were recent disputes that have referred to as R. Duterte’s administration as the same as F. Marcos’ government, a weakling and questionable government. In connection with the composition, when an individual abuses his/her power or perhaps authority, the people around them would have a taste of hell. Filipinos may not make suicide, yet by the pure fact that a displeasing operations is running right now, it feels like we happen to be dead. One more quotation in the poem, Cirilo Bautista publishes articles: “a shadow traced the lines in the foot, whilst shooting/his human brain with firelights the money did” (7-8). The term “shadow”, can be described as metaphor for the character’s mental overall health (anxiety or depression). It explains that his mental health appreciated his entire being, bringing about a taking once life ideation.

The word “firelights”, also is a metaphor for what triggered or sparked him to commit suicide was the threat of his excellent. In addition , I concluded that Bautista wrote this poem to boost awareness on mental wellness because, in Japan, in which he was uncovered as a professor, the fatality rate of persons committing suicide is definitely high. This kind of poem can show a light for the mental wellness of Filipinos. Through the idea of math, Bautista tried to add a message that in reality, once we encounter emotionally ill people, we try to understand them but the company aims to invalidate their very own feelings and present up on these people. It’s the same on what happened when I browse the poem, I had developed a hard time understanding the poem and ultimately gave up. In relation to the diary article, the two article and poem have no a clear closing. However , in the poem, it can be up to the visitors to understand the stopping while in the article, the closing must be based on facts. Moreover, the poem drives an emotional and figurative monitor while the article is straight to the informative point.

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