“A person doesn’t gain knowledge by possessing an insatiable thirst for it, But by searching for the means to quench it” Essay

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Statement of goal My journey to attain the best goal of my life also goes something similar to what Ice says. This can be a continuous struggle to reach the shores of success and achievement.

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It is to attain fulfillment in the field I love the most, “Medicine-Social work”. Prior to I elaborate on that, let me introduce myself as a scholar of Undergrad Program in Dentistry from N. T. 3rd there�s r. University of Health Sciences, one of the top institutes in India. Article topics to achieve experience in Public Into the to be a part of the social work are the targets to my own Graduate Examine. It would support hone my personal skills, make proficiency and seek specialist exposure.

Although comprehensive in curriculum, the undergraduate course offers limited scope intended for specialization. A graduate program would pave way to earning hands-on experience and get specialization. MY OWN SCHOOLING: I used to be exposed to the field of drugs & interpersonal work at a really early age in school and became engaged.

I attained a solid grounding in Biological sciences at my early institution years and during preparation intended for Medical entrance examinations in India. My own schooling and additional study have got really molded my thought process and frame of mind towards education. I did my personal schooling in The K L R &J L Siddartha High School, an institute praised for high quality of education.

From my childhood I had developed a strong proclivity towards Neurological sciences. With this taken in the adjustable rate mortgage, I went on to do my own pre-university education at Sri Vivekananda Community college. Here I used to be exposed to eminent faculty, who have helped take me towards the academic level I are. I have made an appearance for the EAMCET, a standardized check conducted to get admission in to the undergraduate courses, where I came out with high marks by standing among the top five per cent of the 80, 000 college students who had came out for test.

MY AFFINITY FOR THE SUBJECT My personal interest in this kind of subject goes back to my college days. During college days. I had been wondered how a country offer all features to its population with resources being inversely proportionate.

This offered me a thought that every citizen of a nation should be associated with some sort of social work by at least providing the minimal features for a particular community in which he could be living-in. Further more, research in this field would definitely create wonders & would definitely contribute to get the country’s Economic position. It has been appropriately said that with proper adding nourishment to, one converts a captivation into a fantastic productive faculty. I strongly believe that a part of this transformation has already been damaged in myself. The years as a student of Undergraduate courses in the field of Medicine at Dr B. Ur.

K. L. Government Ayurveda Medical College or university, Hyderabad which can be affiliated to N. To. R. University of Overall health Sciences, one of the premier Schools of India has proven to be the most improving period of my life. During the course of my own Undergraduate studies, I have familiarized myself while using subject Sociable & Precautionary Medicine, and I am very interested in gaining a further insight into this kind of subject which will form the extremely backbone of Public Health.

Advanced schooling in United states would not just stand being a manifestation pertaining to my losing desire of educational achievement with professional skills, but can provide with the one of a kind chance to check my capacity to cope with the transition to a new setting, acquire new skills and improve my personal communicative competence. Higher Education in United States of America will also allow me to experience a real and individual benefit of an International potential in my course of studies. PURPOSE OF GRADUATE STUDY: During the undergraduate study, I decided to further my own acquired involvement in Public Health main.

My propensity for research and insatiable thirst intended for knowledge and my goal to lead substantially to the field of Public Health include installed in me a yearning to take up graduation. An undergrad course, even though comprehensive in its curriculum, provides limited opportunity for specialization. Much of the integration of advanced technologies in any demanding discipline takes place in a graduate program. Only in that case can one fathom the absolute depths of this requiring field. Then simply came the decision of collection of universities, I selected American universities which are recognized for their world-class study facilities.

I feel that graduate research at an American university is the foremost type of even more education only at that juncture as a result of flexibility integrated in its learning system, it is infrastructure, the intense interaction with the industry and exposure to the newest technology. SO WHY PIP I SELECT YOUR UNIVERSITY OR COLLEGE FURTHER LEADS In the modern times, the problem every single country facing is the increase in its Population growth. To cope up with this kind of increase, the time should also end up being increased. But the increase in the population growth and the increase in the country’s assets are inversely proportional. With this, people of the country are not utilizing the time properly presented to them.

In order to eliminate this problem, a Public well-being practitioner will need to asses the needs of your community in providing correct facilities inside the fields such as Medicine, Literacy etc and thereby producing its human population to think over the top of it. This is the discipline with a complete scope intended for Research.. Therefore i believe that my own master’s degree in a most respected institution will enhance my own job potential customer in this discipline.

I are fully aware that your company requires that we summon all my resources and i also aver that I have the required commitment, intelligence and stamina to look ahead to it. I am convinced that my study in your institution might be a meaningful and rewarding encounter. I anticipate have a rewarding association with your well-regarded institution. I would like to take with me at night, in addition to knowledge inside the relevant discipline, a network of solid and long lasting relationships with my instructors and fellow students. you hope that my background and qualifications are located suitable for a great MS level in Public Well being at ——————————————University. (RAVI KUMAR SIVVA)

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