a psychosocial approach to life development

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Evaluation of Erik Erickson’s Psychosocial Theory

Ayinde, Titus Adeboye wrote this article titled ‘An Understanding of the advantages of Psychosocial Support System amongst Children with Physical Disabilities: Linking Theory with Realities. ” This article focuses on the requirement to offer psychosocial help to people with disabilities like a pathway to acceptance and recovery. The psychological observations as developed the process of expression and considering involved in the article made the concepts shared to be suitable in the framework child development and growth. While executing the study, Ayinde (2013) stated how Erickson evolved through different parts of view and tried to exhibit human growth and development in totality. The appropriateness of the article can be seen in the procedures with the psychological advancement a child as categorized in the eight phases, the expression of the applicability of such stages, as well as the connection with the revelation of real-life good examples on every level.

The comprehension of the article has been a part of what appears like a broad assessment and evaluation of the notion of psychological expansion. Expressing the eight periods has started with an abroad analysis in the definition of mental development. This kind of development can make it very simple for the reader to understand everything little by little that Erickson expressed. In the article, Ayinde (2013) the close summary of the content while expressed inside the eight levels identifies a few unique materials that can help in expanding the content of the conversation and the understanding of various contexts when controlling issues associated with disability.

The unlimited expression of the 8-10 stages, because put forth simply by Erickson displays how Ayinde (2013) was specific in elucidating the void of disability. Your readers find it easy to begin to see the content in the article, the objectives, plus the supporting expressions that give it possible ways of knowing what internal development is. Besides, it can be seen the article provides highlighted what Erickson portrayed in his theory. The aspects of the article are but practical applications, almost all of which may not be ascertained for each and every individual. Emotional development is actually a multifaceted process and exceptional from one person to another just like is displayed in the article (Ayinde 2013).

As mentioned by the document, the 8 stages of psychological development are attached together and can be used in a means that is appropriate to human being life. A single stage that can be seen to obtain more affect is

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