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Moon Landing

In my ninth grade Astronomy class my teacher described his thoughts about the moon landing which made me question the landing every day seeing that. He is so sure that the moon landing never occurred. Having a teacher that is in all things space doubt the moon getting really put that conspiracy theory into point of view. A lot of my other teachers believed the celestial body overhead landing was a hoax too. I found some very interesting video tutorials online regarding the celestial satellite landing. One of many videos is definitely from a regular morning present on YouTube referred to as Good Mythological Morning. Both the hosts brought up facts that may make the celestial satellite landing faked. The video is known as “Did We Really Land on the Moon? inch A topic they discussed that seems one of the most logical is the fact that that the U. S just wanted to defeat Russia. Clinching on the moon was the method win the room race against Russia. Additionally they talked about how there are simply no stars in several photos, how the flag waves, and in a few photos there is the same background. They do mention facts to support that we would land on the moon. The other video can be from a lesser known YouTuber, but it still has some exciting information to it. The video is named “NASA Celestial body overhead Landing¦ Artificial or Fact¦. 2015. inches This video proved more points in why we did not arrive at the celestial satellite. Some facts are that when the astronauts went on the celestial body overhead the video was done in slow-motion. Also, our planet in the home window was almost all faked with perspective and manipulation of lights. What was a very interesting fact was that Neil Armstrong has never given an about camera interview. One would feel that someone who is that famous will tell his story over and over again to the community, but he did not. These kinds of facts are incredibly convincing and will change a person’s mindset.

The initially video’s tone was even more for comedy purposes. It was not planning to convince you of one way or another. The hosts just wanted to share another part of a story that we most had 1 certain posture on. We were holding also trying not to end up being biased and so they would not upset any one of their audiences. The second video was certainly trying to convince you to think that the celestial body overhead landing was faked. The video gave simply no other specifics to support NASA’s claim that we did land on the celestial satellite. It is a very good video to back up the conspiracy theory theory.

The government knows that if these were ever caught lying about the moon getting then the American people would not trust or perhaps support the federal government for a long time. They were taking a big risk in hoping that they would do well to defeat Russia. Also, at that time, President Kennedy had to have played a role in this as well. He knew that after he stated, “We tend to go to the celestial body overhead in this decade and do the other things, not really because they are easy, but because they are hard” was really pushing it for NASA. The government should have paid people, like the 3 astronauts, a lot of cash to keep quite. Probably issues that are not legal had to take place to make the imitation moon landing. The government likewise probably vulnerable people with their very own lives in the event that anything about the moon obtaining got out. For Many future I hope that the celestial body overhead landing was never faked because most hell might break loose.

I told my parents that a lot of my teachers think that the celestial satellite landing was faked and they have been educating us it turned out. They were mad and they kept telling me that it was not really a hoax. I believe that as it was such a historical moment within their lives they will wanted to think that it was authentic, no matter what. My father said, “I watched it on To. V. therefore i know it is real. inches If an celebration like the celestial body overhead landing was faked in that case that celebration in history would be so awkward to appearance back upon. Many Americans need it to be actual because we were holding alive for it, they want to say, “Yes, I recall when we got on the moon, ” certainly not “I keep in mind when we faked the celestial satellite landing. inch It is a very sensitive subject with many people and can stir up a lot of emotion of nostalgia and excitement. Choosing such an excellent memory from people is definitely cruel. No matter if the moon landing was faked or perhaps not we all Americans can say it was every day that was very historic.

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